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Jan 31, 2004 9:16 pm About Professional Mentoring
Lucas Hrabovsky
From the Advance Mentoring Webiste Resources: About Professional Mentoring

Noah Cirincione

(I will try and make this a regular to thing as we continue to add to our resources section.)

About Professional Mentoring

Professional Mentoring is Mentoring between an experienced person, the Mentor, and a less experienced one, the Mentee, for the main purpose of developing the Mentee professionally in his or her chosen profession. This includes Mentoring for and from those in school for advanced degrees such as masters and doctorate in law, medicine, business, science and the arts.

This also includes those in school: for example a college senior looking for direction of selecting and applying to Med School would be helped by a current Med School student. A Mentor will be able to bring a more tested view of the business world, often several years working in an industry, learning all the features and intricacies that make it work.

Professional Mentoring spans all professions and industries, allowing you to find someone who fits your needs. Although the relationship is directed at helping the Mentee succeed in his/her career through goal setting and business enrichment from the Mentor, the learning often goes both ways. For example, a Mentor who has been a lawyer for 30 years and is an expert at litigation might not also be proficient at database or spreadsheet creation, something the Mentee may be able to help with.

It is important for both parties in a Mentoring relationship to have a clear understanding of what each feels would work best. Advance Mentoring creates the arena for Mentoring relationships to be made, but the decision is up to both parties how to interact. Some will feel that phone relationships are optimal: it isnít necessary for both parties to live in the same location as a Mentee can still get tremendous value from speaking with a senior leader in the same industry.

Some may want to meet in person while for others, phone calls or emails back and forth can serve the need. Whichever way the parties decide to operate, we advise that they should both be comfortable with the decision and time commitment.

Frequency of contact is important in the relationship to keep the learning process moving forward. Each new discussion with the Mentor should include updates from the Mentee on items the Mentor recommended in the previous talk. As the Mentee develops and refines his/her career, new issues and decisions will arise: which job to take, is getting an advanced degree wise, or is a sideways opportunity move helpful to move up the corporate ladder, are all important topics.

In a Mentoring relationship, working together to set the Menteeís goals can be pivotal. Not only should the Mentor/Mentee talk about current issues, they should also focus on short and long term goals.

Proper planning and execution of goals will lead to life-long success. Steps need to be discussed of how to accomplish the goals and tasks along the way that will require additional attention in reaching them. With the Mentorís increased experience he/she will be able to advise the best ways to succeed in that industry: invaluable help for a Mentee just starting out in a career or trying to become established in one.

Strengths, weaknesses, and skills of both parties can be be discussed. We encourage the Mentor/Mentee Team to work together to help both sides of the relationship develop professionally. Advance Mentoring is always available to help.

Advance Mentoringís goal is to provide Professional Mentoring opportunities for both Mentors and Mentees. The site is set up to allow for the best possible match when searching for a Mentor or Mentee by allowing one to search by industry, company, professional organization/charity affiliation, location, school, degree, and interest. We strive to create the best possible experience in creating lasting Mentoring relationships.

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