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May 20, 2004 2:55 am Mentors Steer Grads to Success
Noah Cirincione

Hi, I wrote this article on Mentoring.  Mentoring is especially important for those just graduating, but sometimes, we can all use some advice from an expert in your field.  Read below to see how to find a Mentor or to contribute as a Mentor yourself.  Good luck and let me know if I can answer any questions.


 By Noah Cirincione

 In The Graduate, a 1967 classic film, Dustin Hoffman plays a college graduate who returns home to Southern California and finds he is unable to commit himself to anything.  He floats in his parent’s pool staring into space.  Many who will be graduating this spring find themselves on the same crossroads—having spent an enormous amount of money for their education, yet feeling lost and unprepared for the current job market.  The reality is that the unemployment rate still hovers at 5.6% (Tella) and corporations are still not in a hiring mode.  During these trying times, a mentor giving career advice can give a fresh slant on the situation and direct a graduate to a successful career path.

These are difficult times: positions which were eliminated in the last two years have not be re-filled, as companies have been able to achieve higher worker productivity: increasing 3.5% in the first quarter of 2004 which followed an amazing 9.5% increase in 2003 (CNN.com).

Graduation caps will be flying in the air soon. The new alumni will be laughing and going out to nice dinners. But when the party stops, those who have gone out of their way to solicit career advice will not be left standing alone on the floor.

Dara Amboy, a manager at Cedars-Sinai Medical Network and member of Advance Mentoring, states, “My Mentors had a profound effect on my career choice. They helped by providing me with career choice guidance and the opportunity to network within my specific field. From someone who has benefited greatly from my Mentors, I can only hope to provide that type of benefit to someone else.”

 Mentors can help provide an experienced view of what a graduate is going through and can suggest areas to focus such as choosing the right position or company and learning a hands-on view of the industry. This extra insight will give any graduate the leg-up on the competition.

Mentors vary considerably: some can help with a specific job function or skill (i.e. working on one’s public speaking), while others can provide industry tips (i.e. looking to get the inside scoop on the accounting business?). If you can find a mentor that is the right fit, he or she can add tremendous value to a career plan. For someone looking to become a marketing analyst, imagine the help of having a marketing executive as a mentor. The executive can provide real-life examples of what the job is like, suggestions of top marketing firms to target, contacts in the industry, and tips to thrive.

You may be asking yourself, “Yes, all that seems great, but how can I find a mentor?” Good question. Traditionally, mentors were found through family friends and contacts at peers and family’s work. So, chances are slim you will find one through your own means. But, now you can turn to: Advance Mentoring (http://www.advancementoring.com). Advance Mentoring revolutionizes the process of finding a mentor by creating an online web portal where mentors and mentees (those looking for a mentor) can meet. Basically, a mentor steers your life towards success.

Some of the major benefits of this innovative site allow one to search for a mentor in specific industries and professions while also providing a vast array of resources to help through the process of finding a mentor. Searches can also be based on company, school, degree, location, and professional/charity affiliation. Advance Mentoring is an online community where all can interact in the forum, online chat, and special “Ask the Expert Mentor” sessions where a business leader answers questions on specific topics.

Through Advance Mentoring, one can find a mentor to get any graduate, as well as those looking to get ahead, the skills and insight to succeed in a career. Having someone who has been in that entry-stage before to help make business decisions is truly an invaluable resource. Advance Mentoring also provides mentoring for those in advanced degree programs also, such as masters and doctorate in law, medicine, business, science, and the arts. Currently, they have mentors in over 40 countries and in more than 45 industries.

For those who are more seasoned in their careers, or even with just a few years of experience, joining as a mentor is a compelling option. Mentoring is incredibly rewarding: giving back to the community to truly benefit the career of another. Also, mentors are able to broaden their professional networks and practice management skills as they advise their mentees. One can even mentor someone from the same alma mater or charity for more of a connection. Advance Mentoring also recognizes that some people feel they can offer help to others as a mentor but would also like some advice for themselves so the company allows members to be both mentors and mentees.

So if you are a new graduate, young in your career, or a seasoned professional: now you have one place to turn for all your mentoring needs: Advance Mentoring (http://www.advancementoring.com).

Advance Mentoring can be contacted at info@AdvanceMentoring.com or (206) 202-4654

Tella, Alfred. “Whither U.S. unemployment?” The Washington Times.

CNN.com. “Productivity, worker costs rise.”

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