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Fit Entrepreneurs - other networks do this - but this is for us Entrepreneurs!!!Views: 405
Sep 07, 2007 10:10 pm re: re: fit

Kevin Barrett
Hey Paul,

I took 3 weeks off to be part of my youngest daughters wedding in July… I did not run, bike or swim for 3 weeks… a good break but…. I also gained 14 pounds during that time….

The weight is finally come off again…

I stopped doing Marathons a little over 3 years ago…. Running and basketball were my main means for keeping fit… I rarely lifted weights, only swam when returning to the surf board…. And zero cycling….

The last marathon I did my weight was a little heavier than normal…. Around 150 lbs… I finished.. but it was the first time I hit the wall…. And the first time I did not break 3 hours…. I finished injury free… but 4 months later on a leisurely run along the beach in Australia… I felt a twinge in my left knee…. No problem…. Several weeks later it really swelled up…

I returned to the States and gained weight.. as I got older I found that I had to start off a Marathon at a weight less and less each time…. My fitness was one dimensional…


Last year, I started doing Triathlons… I started lifting weights… (Marilyn, mentioned to me that she did that, and she is correct it is imperative as we get older to do some weight lifting, it helps build bone density) the down side of increased bone density is that it make you work much harder when you swim…. Weight lifting also continues burning calories for around 24 hours after you stop…..

I used to suffer from lower back pain… I believe now that is was from overuse…. Doing the same exercise day in and day out…. I think Cross Training is the key to staying injury free… and helping to become stronger and more fluid, when doing endurance training.. also we must blend in “Interval Training” or “Speed Training”….

Proper food intake…. (I do not use the word diet, although that is what it is, the word diet has taken on a negative connotation) and also Hydration…..

When in balance everything moves along quite well… operative word… BALANCE…

I have a very busy work schedule…..

And I am training for a Sprint Triathlon October 27th…… ½ mile ocean swim, 10 mile Bike and 3 mile run…. Last year I did 5 Triathlons.. this year the upcoming one will be my first….
I had other priorities this year…. But still trained…. It is part of my life….

It helps me do… everything else I want to do in life…

A very old saying Paul….. in a different context but still very relevant…

“Know they Self”…. And “To your own self be true”….. this hold true for training…

Work within your limits….. gradually push your limits (intervals) and compete only against yourself…. I must admit I am competitive… but the word competition means working with others…. So preparation is important.. the measure of how well you have prepared is on the field with others…

I have augmented my training with the use of Elliptical 3.5 miles 3 times a week….

I run 5 miles a day 4 times a week…

Spin class for one hour 3 times a week

Cycle on my bike…. 3 or 4 times a week for 20 to 50 miles…

And I swim 5 times a week for .5 to 1.5 miles….

Plus I have my fun time playing competitive basketball twice a week for 1 to 2 hours…

And I still have time to for fun and family…. Did I forget work?

No… my work is also FUN….

So Paul.. all of the information you have received up to this point… is good… CROSS TRAIN…. And you will stay free from over use stress… and above all LISTEN to what your body is saying….

And if you take 3 weeks off… and gain 14 lbs… So What….. that is also part of the fun….


P.S. Thanks for the thread Paul… I am impressed with your… thought stimulations…. Even though you are the “Master of the One Liners” , it keep things moving…. I call that exceptional “Time Management”


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