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A business planViews: 138
Dec 30, 2008 12:25 pm re: A business plan

James Possible
Since I've recently been putting together a business plan for 2009 and looking back at what got me to this point and my results up to this point. This brings me to this post.

Opinions are great, yet, like Marilyn said it's the "RESULTS" that tell the truth.

T. Harv Eker says it like this "If you've lived it, you know it!" Everything else is just an opinion.

As I read this thread, from top to bottom, I did in fact take time to browse the many links as posted. Some are no longer active...RESULTS!

I know the thing that got me into technology was more about what Marilyn calls intuitive guidance, others might call inner wisdom. Either way doesn't really matter, the fact is once I acted on my intuition I jumped in with everything I was and went deep fast.

The results, well, I ended up with my own technology business. A business that actually paid the bills and then some.

One focus, technology. I studied everything I could, I practiced, I accepted the biggest challenges and because of it I have a background the most "techs" will never have.

Was there a plan, yes...

1. Master the skill, the craft
2. Learn how to apply the skill
3. Grow my career
4. Build my own business

Nothing fancy, yet it's what powered me.

Between steps 1 to 4 there was no other thing that could distract me. I had one vision.

One focus!

What happened once I got number 4? The focus was lost, no clear vision, no real goals.

Having a direction was "HUGE"!

Here we are 1 1/2 years later and I wonder if the million dollar possibilities happened or if there's a new million dollar possibility in the works.

Plans are not confining, rather they are freeing. This is what I see as the biggest misunderstanding about having a plan. It doesn't limit you, rather it frees you up to focus on "WHAT REALLY MATTERS".

Opportunity isn't opportunity if it's not aligned with your vision or values, rather it is distraction. A resource drain. Is this an opinion, hell no, it's based on my observations and my personal experience.

I use to chase everything that had even a hint of potential, even if it took me in a completely different direction. Even within this thread I see it, the idea that the home run is the goal.

I'm curious...

Who among the original posters in this thread would be willing to share how having a plan worked or not or how not having a plan worked or not?

Anyone interested?

No blah, blah, blah, just the results and what worked and what didn't...

Talk soon,


Possibility is not an accident, it's a choice!


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