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Feb 06, 2010 8:51 pm re: re: Welcome!!

Patrica Strong
Thank you for your entry as it is in accord with my own Entrepenur philosophy."One lesson I've learnt from being an entrepreneur is to aim BIG. When you think about achieving something really really Big that you know you cannot achieve but still think and try to achieve it. Even if you do not achieve it 100%, making 80% to 90% of it will help you feel better, infact GREAT. And the next time, you try to do something even BIGGER than the previous one which will make you go higher and higher than before".........

I also beleive that the Universe also delivers to assist you as you so beleive........ so by all means beleive in all of who you desire to be and work hard at being so. Im a practioner of LOA"Law Of Atrraction" it has be the core power that has raised my successful productions in my own quest to produce the fruits of my labor. I recently selectively entered into a join venture and have thus far set my quest higher than ever before challenging myself to be all that I so desired to beleive and I started to be provided resources from others that have attained such level of repore though their own trial and efforts. I recently obtained a professional status as an Medical Massage Therapist in the year 2007,It was quite an undertaking for me with so many challenges and yet and still I have prevailed such an undertaking.
The Healer part of me has also extended itself in grander areas of who I am. Im a far reaching healer and beleive that healing must accomodate not only the body but also the mind,spirit and the physical status of economics of the person, after all one must be profienct in all areas of themselves to be a total being.

I live in Naples,Florida USA Ive live a comfortable lifestyle as a result of seeking my wellbeing and good fortune... However it has always come to me at a price, Ive never have been able to take the easy way at acquiring my fortunes, Ive always had a hard working efforts and it has done well for me along my path however, there has been trials and tribulations that have add to a very non dull lifestyle,at times it was just enough to keep my head aboue the crunch was all that I could do. It was however, the recent wisdom of allowing someones eles wealth of experience,and knowledge to add on to my own that had assisted my efforts to gain greater leverage in the overall gain of impoved lifestyle. I was most fortuante to meet with MORE INC... which allowed me to joint efforts of going in the same destination to maximize our potentials. Im here to share that with members of the community in hopes that we can all come together to share the wealth as the Earth is incurrently well endowned with such resources.

Please allow me to share such resources with you and seek my network as this is what I desire to do is share the wealth with all who are in desire need. It is what I do best is to add to the healing efforts to others. Ive always been a person who enjoyed sharing the positive that life has to offer. I assist others in reaching their fullest potential of who they are. Find these resources here on my network http://www.ebookdivision.com/50/patriciastrong


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