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Is there More effective way to spend advertizing dollar?Views: 91
May 03, 2004 3:27 pm re: re: re: Is there More effective way to spend advertizing dollar?
Robert Potter Roger!

Get out of the bitter barn and play in hay! (Just kidding) (LOL!). There is really no evidence that online, or offline marketing does not work. If it didn't why are so many people doing it! However, not all types of approaches to advertising works. There are plenty of variables that can make your campaign take a turn for the worse..

Also, here is a brief overview from of marketing from the SBA. Not "riveting" information, but some good advice just the same:


Also, the general rule for most advertising (providing that you have good copy, and a good advertisting campaign) is that you expose your message to your target audience about five to seven times. Only then will people start to take notice of your product or service..

You mention that "local" contacts are the only way to go. I would assume that you have a business that appeals to customers in your county or region? If you have not tried it already, I would suggest the following approach to advertising in your local area..

1) Local cable spots. They are cheap, and you can cover just the counties that you want, and also, you can hitch your wagon to some highly viewed programs like ESPN, CNN, etc. Your local cable provider can give you the demographics you wish to target, and it is a cheap way to get local "brand recognition".

2) We have a classified paper entitled: "I Wanna". This publication has nothing but classified offers and display ads. Many people use it to promote their stores, auctions, or whatever they have for sale. A one time full page insertion, just a few years ago, was only 200 dollars.

The "I Wanna" is distributed througout Western North Carolina, and upstate South Carolina. People go through this publication like it's the lastest Harry Potter novel. Find a similar publication in your area. Most cities and towns have these types of publication...If you don't have one of these papers, then you local news publication will do.

3) Hitch your wagon to mail outs like ValPack. http://www.valpak.com/index.jsp If you have ever received one of those packs of coupons from local businesses, than you know what I am talking about. You could "co-op" with other businesses in your area, and send out your offers within that stack of offers.

Also, some other websites that might help with local promotion:

Four Simple Strategies For Local Business

Local Business Success Secrets.This is a PDF file. I have not read it yet, but it looks interesting. It is only 29 pages long. http://1stopaffordabledesign.com/lbss.pdf

If you have an online business, or want to learn more about why you should be online, and some advice on how to market, then you might want to take a look at some of these sites.

20 Reasons To Put Your Business On The Web

Internet Marketing For Local Small Businesses.

Since I really don't what type of product you are selling, or how you are selling, it I hope that I covered at least part of the bases..Let us know the type of product you are selling, and what you have done in the past which lead to your conclusion that certain forms of marketing doesn't work.


Robert C. Potter..
Creator Of The "Insider Deals" Newsletter And
"The Ultimate Guide To Products For Resale"
Over 300 Wholesale & Surplus Supply Sources For
Ebay Auction Sellers, E-Commerce Websites, Flea
Market Vendors, and Retail Store Owners!

Gary Kraeger wrote:

I have to disagree, we have made a lot of money from online advertising. We do very little regular advertising, if we can't track it we don't advertise. You do have to know what your doing when it comes to online ad's, it's not like throwing up a bill board.

I also agree PR is a great way to go, it has been very good to us.


Ken Scheinblum wrote:

Based on personal experience, I would highly recommend getting a professional PR person/agency before I would spend a dime on advertising. Definitely more bang for the buck, but don't expect overnight results. An effective PR campaign should last 6 to 12 months at a minimum.

Getting your name/company name in the media carries far more weight than advertising
Just my $.02

Good luck,

Roger Martin wrote
I've come to the conclusion that advertizing on line is not vary effective, but for that matter off line doesn't seem to be much better either.

Except for the personal business contacts in local community.

Does any one have any effective ways to improve on or off line marketing -- so it more cost effective?

Roger L. Martin


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