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You are such a good moderator, I quit!Views: 445
Jun 04, 2004 8:01 pm You are such a good moderator, I quit!

Dave Hamilton
You're not going to "spar" with me because you can't. There is and was no "bait." Again, since you seem learning-impaired, Scott, I refer you to my post where I answered a question simply, honestly, and in good taste. Frankly, I was shocked to see that you would consider the post in any other way. Keep reading, you might learn something:

>"Your opinion is yours and you are entitled to it, just as I am to mine. You should learn that lesson." is insulting to me.

That's whiny, Scott, and you are as sensitive as Jennifer Turner, it seems. Try maturing a bit or growing thicker skin. Not everyone in life is going to share your opinion, no maztter how many "networks" you have.

>"For someone who prides himself on network knowledge and how to address others, I think your post below and tone are extremely course and, to use your expression, WAY out of line." That's "coarse", not "course", and I find this insulting as well.

You are correct in the spelling..I must have been disturbed and typing fast after reading your incredibly insulting e-mail to me.

>And you're being incredibly insulting to Sue.

Sue, the ultimate victim of everything? Give her your crying towel. Better yet, both of you use it and grow up in the meantime.

>Dave, I have received multiple private complaints about you and your attitude on this network, including the particular post in question. I found it improper, and at least three other people did, as well.

Three others? That would be about right..the same cyber-stalkers who try to takke issue with anything I post and who allow anything to be posted by anyone else without remark, unless it is by Dave Hamilton.

That's why I chose to delete it and posted the message I did.

No, you chose to delete the post because you know there was nothing whatsoever wrong with it, and by killing it, you can now lie to your heart's content about it...drive on, son, it's YOUR network as you say.
>This is MY virtual home on the web, and you are a guest in it. You are offending me, and my guests.

Do you honestly believe you haven't insulted and offended me????

I'm spelling it out for you as clearly as I possibly can. If you insult me or the other guests in my home again -- and it is ENTIRELY up to me to decide what is insulting

My, aren't you the righteous and correct one!

Surely the fact that this has occurred to you on several networks now should tell you that maybe you have a part in this, and that it's really not something wrong with "everybody else".

On several networks at the urging of the same people, and a handful of moderators, including you, who lack the moral courage, to be fair.

>Last warning.
No need to warn me, sonny, I want no part of you or your "home." You are disgusting.



Private Reply to Dave Hamilton (new win)

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