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My InterviewViews: 1243
Nov 10, 2008 6:29 pmMy Interview#

Hi Marilyn, I am posting this a bit after the fact :)

I had an interview for a job I really wanted at 9 am on Monday the 27th of October. I was quite nervous in the beginning and my voice was breaking a bit - I did tell the interviewers that I was a bit nervous. (Inside, I kept thinking "What matters is, I tried,").

They asked me this question; "What are your expectations of your two new bosses?" My reply; "The wisdom of Solomon and the intelligence of Einstein." The human resources manager chuckled and said "Don't push it!"

I knew all the answers to their questions. I was engaging. I felt good about how I presented in the interview. When they asked me if I had any questions for them I said "When can I start?!!" (haha).

At 4:04 pm I was called into the interview room again and I thought my goodness, another round of questions, yikes my brain's on overload!! Well, they sat me down and told me how impressed they were with my knowledge of the company (I had studied all weekend with my hubby) and how I conducted myself in the interview, and how keen I seemed on getting the job. Then they offered it to me. Well, my eyes teared up and I said I was very grateful and that of course I accept. When I got up to leave (after shaking hands and hugging them) I said that I felt they had picked the right candidate! (Talk about self-confidence - thanks Marilyn)!!

I started writing the first affirmation from lesson 1 on the 11th of October and the second affirmation from lesson 1 on the 22nd of October. I started to feel very deserving of a change in my work and felt that the time was right for the change to take place. So I am going up either one or two paygrades from my former position and my new job will involve travelling around the area assisting with the promotions of the new department I will be working with.

So anything can happen - I just had to believe it!!

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Nov 10, 2008 9:35 pmre: My Interview#

Rasheed Hooda
Wow! Ulrika,

Congrats, and way to go.


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Nov 11, 2008 7:38 amre: My Interview#

Marilyn Jenett


Welcome back!

"The wisdom of Solomon and the intelligence of Einstein."

How could they NOT hire you with that comeback? :-)

Of course they didn't know that Lesson One gave YOU the wisdom of Solomon and the intelligence of Einstein.

Y'all think I'm kidding, right? Heh, heh.

Whenever you have returned to the lesson material, you start to manifest all over again. Thank you for keeping your faith in the process.

Congratulations on this achievement and knowing you deserve it!



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Nov 14, 2008 3:13 amre: re: My Interview#

All I can say is that your lessons are the magic in my life. I keep returning to them over and over because they work so well.

Thanks for the congrats, Rasheed! Looks like you're doing great also :)

Thank you both for your support.
Ulrika :-)

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