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I am Blown away!Views: 1163
Nov 10, 2008 10:53 pmI am Blown away!#

Joseph Lynders
Is there anyone else out there in cyberland who finds it hard to imagine that the worlds large auto manufacturers did not have designs completed and tools made and at the ready for when the market for large cars evapoated and the demand for more human scale and more efficient cars happened?

Is there anyone on this earth that didn't know that it was absolutly going to happen sooner or later and it would happen suddenly?

Who was the guy that said that the Lord has placed obvious limitations on our inteligence but none what-so-ever on our stupidity.

Have a good IDea today,

11/10/08 Joseph F. Lynders FTg/M/T

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Nov 10, 2008 11:36 pmre: I am Blown away!#

Kurt Schweitzer
The financial guys at Big Auto really don't like change, of any sort, because change costs money and entails risk. Existing designs are known quantities - manufacturing costs are known, quality factors are known, recall rates are known, and you know how well they've sold in the past. Since the objective of any business is to make money, they'd much rather crank harder on their existing money machine than design a new one.

Until that money machine breaks. Then there's a mad scramble to fix it (preferred) or come up with a new one (scary).

Well guess what? Big Auto's money broke this past summer. Which do you think they'll do - try to convince people to buy the trucks they have in inventory, or develop an American-made Smart Car?

Personally I'm sticking to selling scooters!

Kurt Schweitzer
Urban Village Scooters

P.S. You should see my SUV (Scooter Utility Vehicle)!

Private Reply to Kurt Schweitzer

Nov 11, 2008 4:36 amre: re: I am Blown away!#

Fred Keller
Well said, Kurt!
Unfortunately it's all too human a condition.
Jump off the treadmill at any point....the views the same.
(kinda like if you don't happen to be the lead dog)

PS: Great perspectives: http://v-retirees.first411.com

Private Reply to Fred Keller

Nov 19, 2008 6:01 amre: re: re: I am Blown away!#

Tim Flowers
The Big 3 have mis-managed their business for decades. They've really behaved like sociopaths. Despite obvious threats from foreign companies, slipping sales, and declining fortunes, they've continued to operate as if they were the top dogs who could do as they pleased. They figured we'd buy their junk anyway, no matter what.

The day of reckoning has arrived! Unfortunately, the only way out seems to be at the expense of all taxpayers.

What is the alternative? Let them go out of business and risk massive unemployment nationwide? I hate the idea of giving Detroit a penny, but right now the house is on fire and rationing the water to the firehose seems shortsighted, at best.

Let's hope our elected leaders make the right decisions.

Tim Flowers


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