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A Unique and Wonderful "Miracle"Views: 2107
Nov 24, 2008 1:12 amA Unique and Wonderful "Miracle"#

Marilyn Jenett
Feel Free to Prosper Introduction - Marilyn Jenett, world renowned prosperity teacher

The Feel Free to Prosper Program

Marilyn Jenett

A Unique and Wonderful "Miracle"
....May I tell you about JiaLing?

JiaLing was a teacher in Hong Kong for 25 years. She is now (a youthful) 58 years and has always been self supporting, even during a past marriage. She moved to the US eight years ago and her mother (now in her 80s) told her that she should get a job or remain a teacher and not consider going into the business arena as she wouldn't be able to make money in America. Of course her mother was only concerned for her security.
But JiaLing would not buy into that traditional female mindset and decided she would enter a field of business that would allow her to truly help people and also achieve great financial success for herself. She currently lives in Palm Desert. Her older daughter lives and works in New Zealand and her younger daughter is in college in San Diego. Although she is paying for that daughter's education, she is teaching her daughters to be independent and self sufficient women and to transcend cultural background.
JiaLing sold property she owned in New Zealand in order to finance her stay in America while she pursued her new life and desire to succeed in business. She chose to be in the financial field, although she had no prior background. For the past five years she studied full time in order to receive the various licenses she would need to pursue her goal. She first got the basic license that would allow her to become an insurance agent but she had no intention of selling regular insurance. She had her sights set on a higher, more lucrative goal - she wanted to become a financial advisor to help clients to keep, protect and grow their financial assets. In order to do that, there were two more exams she would need to pass - and the final one was the very difficult S63 exam that would get her the certification and variable license she needed to become a financial advisor for the brokerage she chose in San Diego.
This past year, JiaLing studied diligently and took the S63 exam twice. She failed both times. But she also would not give up. She has been living off her reserve funds and knew that she would HAVE to pass that exam somehow. No, she would not give up.

Late August 2008...

JiaLing was one of the listeners on the call when I was interviewed by marketing guru Adam Urbanksi in late August. Although she was on Adam Urbanski's mailing list, she had never attended any of his calls before. But when he announced he would be interviewing me, something within told her that she had to attend. She knew she had to hear me speak. She contacted me a couple of weeks later. She told me that I was the mentor she had been looking for all her life. I agreed to take her on as a private student and she was very generous. We now know that the Universe brought us together through synchroncity and guidance.
I asked JiaLing what the most important goal in her life was at this time, that I could help her achieve. She didn't skip a beat when she said she had to pass that SEC exam. She was convinced that she could find her success in that field helping others if she could just get her certification. But that exam is considered the most brutal exam in the U.S. - a test that is hard to pass and that more people fail than any other exam. In fact, those in the financial field say that this exam is designed for failure, not for passing, to keep the number of financial advisors limited and requirements strict.
The next exam date was scheduled for November 19th. I had two months to prepare her. If she didn't pass this next time, she could not take the test again for another 6 months. And I wanted this as much as she did. Her success would be my success. I felt that this was a challenge and "test" for my growth as well.
I knew this would require a "miracle." Why? Because JiaLing is Chinese and English is her second language. As she says, she speaks "Chinglish." :-) And the S63 exam is an exam that even those whose first language is English don't pass easily. She explained to me that in the Chinese language (Mandarin) there is no conjugation so English is not an easy language for the Chinese to learn. Unless they have had prior background in finance or stocks, for someone whose native tongue is Mandarin to take one of the most difficult exams in the business world is...well, I guess we can safely say that this little powerhouse of a woman needs challenge in her life :-)

My work was cut out for me. A miracle indeed. But I know that miracles are nothing more than alignment with universal laws. And I have absolute faith in those laws.
I became determined that JiaLing would pass the exam - not only from study, she had gone that route and would continue - but she would pass using the mental and spiritual prosperity laws. I felt that the Universe had brought her to me for that reason. She had been searching for years to understand the universal laws (what she sometimes refers to as the "natural" laws). She was like a sponge - almost childlike (childlike, not childish) - in absorbing what I gave her - my written lessons, my mentoring, the audios. If she didn't understand something, I would do my best to explain. And if she still couldn't grasp it completely - she accepted it anyway. In essence, JiaLing put her complete trust and faith in me and never questioned a principle of the teaching, even if it wasn't totally understood. She embraced and accepted what I gave her. She followed every instruction. She devoted herself to our work together. Her continuous gratitude for our association has touched me deeply.
On my part? JiaLing truly became my mission. I can honestly say I used every "trick" in my metaphysical toolbox to prepare her for that exam. I felt guided as I taught and used every principle I knew to ensure her success. And with those tricks I conditioned her to accept that she had already passed the exam. Before she met me she was getting 50s on the home trial tests. As we worked together, she began to get 80s on the home tests and a couple of weeks ago she hit 90%. I knew our miracle was happening and that all things are possible if we can convince our deeper mind that the miracle already exists.
At the start, I conditioned her to believe that she would attract everything she needed to pass the exam. At one point she had to go to Chicago to take the legal seminar from a professor who taught it. That professor offered to create a special program to help her to study at home and he did. She was indeed attracting what she needed. But...there is a base of about 50,000 questions from which the computer will randomly choose the 65 questions someone would get when they take the state exam. So I not only conditioned JiaLing to accept that she had already passed the exam. I explained to her that once her subconscious mind and Universal Mind accepts that she has already passed the exam - mountains will move and cyberspace will move and all the elements will come together to make sure that she passes because that is the LAW. Once we accept the belief consciously and unconsciously - the nature of the law is compulsive and MUST fulfill our vision. We don't have to know how it will happen. But it must happen. That is the law.
Therefore I told JiaLing that based on her deeper belief we are establishing in her mind, the computer will give her the questions that she can answer correctly to pass the exam. And further, even if she didn't know the answers and had to guess - she would automatically guess the right answers. She was stunned and completely fascinated by this statement as it seemed so unbelievable to the rational mind - but she believed in me and knew I would only tell her the truth and she accepted it. She believed me when I explained that our success is not based on the rational. She was very excited about this.
We also established a mental vision of JiaLing jumping up and down outside of the test center after she passed her exam. She felt the joy of her answered prayer whenever she thought about it and prior to sleep. I even sent her a beautiful card congratulating her on passing the exam and we often spoke as if she had passed it. All of this was prior to her taking the actual exam.

This past Wednesday, November 19th, JiaLing took the S63 exam...

Passing score is 70%. Jialing passed with a score of 71%. I often say that "One with God is a majority." And God - the Universe - was indeed smiling on us that day. I say "us" because I felt like I had also passed a very intricate test of my own. JiaLing has caused me to stretch my abilities as a mentor. She has helped me grow as a teacher of these laws.
When we talked on her cell phone she was screaming with excitement. And yes, she had jumped up and down outside the test center. Even took a photo of herself with her cell phone :-)
And do you want to know the best part?
She said that the most unbelievable thing had happened. She said in the years she had taken the exams this has never happened before: the computer actually gave her a couple of questions in duplicate!! And some of the questions were simple. Also, there is a timer that let's you know when you only have five minutes left on the test. When that happened, she didn't have time to read the rest of the questions, so she had to guess the rest of the answers.
Ah, Infinite Intelligence knows just what to do to fulfill our vision.
JiaLing, LiChyin CHU now has her certification and she can start immediately to attract and help clients secure their assets as a fully licensed financial advisor.. And she is determined to make her first million in America - for a start.
Which reminds me.... She said that I will be mentoring her forever. So my work with her has just begun :-)
~ Marilyn

P.S. JiaLing says she is preparing her own statement for me to share with you. But she says it must be a composition - and I can't wait to see it. She writes well, intelligently and from the heart, even with her Chinglish. Stay tuned...
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Copyright 2008 Marilyn Jenett, Feel Free to Prosper
All rights reserved

Marilyn Jenett, an accomplished business owner in the corporate arena, founded the Feel Free to Prosper program to mentor and teach others to become aligned with Universal laws and accept their right to prosper. For more information, visit

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Nov 24, 2008 11:31 amre: A Unique and Wonderful "Miracle"#

Pam Smith
Hey - great pic Marilyn.

GREAT story. Thanks for sharing!

Pam - Ohio

Private Reply to Pam Smith

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