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Dedicated, Co-Location and Shared Hosting ServicesViews: 585
Jan 07, 2009 9:50 pmDedicated, Co-Location and Shared Hosting Services#

Dawne Morris
Happy New Year everyone, I hope everyone is finding this year off to a good start with many wishes for us all to have a prosperious year!!

With That being said, I wanted to ask what some of you are currently doing for your business services hosting needs? My company, PIXELED has been in business for over 13 years and we recently have noticed a surge in our business growth along the arena's off Dedicated, Shared and Co-located services over the last two years.

My question is, what matters most to many of you in this area? Cost over bandwidth speed? The ability to have 24/7 tech support and reach a live person? A person who is not outsourced vs. who is outsourced?

I know we have recently heard that our company (from referrals and new clients) is a rar breed, being priced right, high tier bandwidth and also providing 24/7 tech support? Is this truly a rare thing?

Also, do you find that you as a business are more interested in business to business deals?

Thank you for all your anticipated responses I am truly looking forward to reading them. We are venturing into the realm of actual marketing and it is territory we have not been in before for ourselves and want to make sure we target the right items to the right base.

Thank you,
Dawne Morris

Private Reply to Dawne Morris

Feb 08, 2009 6:47 pmre: Dedicated, Co-Location and Shared Hosting Services#

Reg Charie
HI Dawne,

Both bandwidth and server space are greatly overrated.
Having supplied hosting for about a decade, I can state with authority that rarely does a site come anywhere near the advertised limits on shared hosting packages.
More important is processor strength and speed, especially in light of today's highly intensive database use.

What IS also important is timely and inclusive support and instruction. While we cannot offer 24x7 service, we do go the extra mile in offering personal support through instant messenger.

Also important is whether you are getting your server package from a reseller or a principal.

Even though the reseller seems like they can offer you more individualized service, you are still under the host company's rules and policies.
You are also more likely to be just one of hundreds or thousands of co-hosted domains and if you step outside of their often unwritten bandwidth boundaries, can find yourself without a functioning website, despite the good intentions of the reseller.
This can often happen when your site captures the interest of the media and the BURST traffic exceeds the contract's fine print limitations.

Another important factor is the control panel that the customer uses to manage their site. We offer cPanel which is considered among the top systems. Also included with cPanel is Fantastico which offers 'one click' installs of over 50 of the major website building and accessory packages.

For business to business deals we work hand in hand with other developers, offering them cost effective packages which they can mark up for resale to their clients.

Reg - NEW DEMO!! Turn photos into paintings http://FantasticMachines.com
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0Grief http://0grief.com/special_hosting_accounts_for_my_ryze_friends.htm
CRELoaded websites http://RegCharie.com - SBTT http://thinktank-network.ryze.com

Private Reply to Reg Charie

Feb 10, 2009 8:27 pmre: re: Dedicated, Co-Location and Shared Hosting Services#

Dawne Morris

Thank you for your response, even if it was the only one.

The reason i asked the question i did, mainly was to get information from other designers who were resellers to hosts like Pixeled.

Pixeled OWNS all of it's servers, hardware and actually one of the few facilities that can offer Tier N quality bandwidth at greater prices then the average.

Yes I agree, when you get into the area of renting a dedicated server from "rackspace" or the like and then rent out the bandwidth and hosting for $4.95 a month you will obviously get into the area of not really having unlimited bandwidth and unlimited data transfer.

I always found it silly that companies offered or over-stated the "Unlimited" word. At the end of the day, if every client used the "unlimited" portion they pay for, or so they think, the company would be put out of business and the website "poof" gone.

Our business model has been very consistant and precise for the last 13 years and we are firm believers that you get what you pay for. So we never offer the fabled "unlimited" and we definately aren't cheap or exspensive either. Our prices are fair and honest, with the back-bone and support to boot :)

The reason i asked my previous question was to gain knowledge from the people and companies that resell the hosting or referr out and what they looked for in a company? Also, did they in fact, get sucked into the all free, all unlimited for $3.95 a month deals.

We offer cPanel but when cost is an issue we use plesk for the clients, same thing just less monthly cost to the client.

I guess what was lost in the original list, was we are a host, we were looking to extend a helping hand for more revenue to designers/developers who may not want to manage the site.

Feel free to check out both of my company sites:

But it looks like we are similar to some extent.

Thanks for the response, it is so appreciated!

Private Reply to Dawne Morris

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