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Legal Needs
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terrorismViews: 827
Jan 08, 2009 7:15 amterrorism#

Chandra Shekar Moosad
Hi All,
Since terrorism is the gripping issue now how can our Laws be a deterrence to it since it is no criminal issue?

Private Reply to Chandra Shekar Moosad

Jan 08, 2009 1:55 pmre: terrorism#


Dear Mr. Moosad,
I have a name Hasan, and I do not believe in God or religion. The laws cannot educate anybody. Laws are like mosquito curtains or antibiotics. Education and knowledge are like antivirus vaccination. They have to be rectified time and again with better knowledge. Destroy all religions! It cannot be done with guns, the terrorism will go.

Private Reply to charuhasan

Jan 09, 2009 11:28 amre: re: terrorism#

rani shweta
MAYBE instead of DESTROYING all religions we honour all faiths and believe in humanity.........anger ,frustration,hatred are all human instincts which can crop up due to any form of dissatisfaction may be religious ,political,economical and the list may not end here ,we cannot destroy each and every cause of terrorism but we can surely put a vigilance on the source from where it comes and the direction it is heading towards.......

Private Reply to rani shweta

Jan 13, 2009 5:50 amre: re: terrorism#

Chandra Shekar Moosad
Fear is the key and all terror revolves around it. maybe there were the rationals who did denounce that religion was the root cause, and with time came knoledge and the weaker and the unacceptable laws and ideas were intentionally left out of public perview.

Religion is too complex an issue to embark upon. Fair enough shweta your resoning is close enough as it is heading towards just one thing Darwin's Law of survival. liklyhood of of terror emnating from the barrel of the gun isrn't going to change in the near future. I know what it is to be in front of the barrel as I have faced bullets that when in contact can remove the shoulder or any part of the body. But luckily there were none with my name on it unlike the not so luckey ones around me then.

Yes, Charu, religion is not the only cause and yes the less informed are more liable to take up arms on very flimsy grounds with very easy resoning leverage.

But your arguments never come close to the fact that Laws may be mosquito curtains or then antibiotics but what of the killer mosquitoes that are already in?

Private Reply to Chandra Shekar Moosad

Jan 13, 2009 12:44 pmre: re: re: terrorism#

rani shweta
i think hatred would be more appropriate word ......there are warriors and saviors and there are dr.jekyll and hyde type of leaders who selflessly /selfishly fuel the feud and then there is the silent sufferer who just prays for a miracle to happen .....and till that miracle happens to restore the faith in the system why not just wait and watch ........after all this is how india acquired its freedom in 1947....

Private Reply to rani shweta

Jan 15, 2009 7:01 amre: re: re: re: terrorism#

Chandra Shekar Moosad
Fair enough shweta, but,
The Al-Qaida boss says that he does not recognize any demarcation lines on the ground and when he speaks the World listens. He had long sent cold jitters done the spine of Uncle Sam and long since his enterprise has never slept in peace without waking up in sweat in the middle of the night.

In our context we are in the firing line now and no matter how much the Japanese are going to holler on top of their voice the Button will be depressed as the repeat of 1971 with a hundred thousand soldiers with all the necessary Weapons for offence and defense going down on their knees seeking Mercy would be too much to bear for an Islamic Nation in the present circumstances when the World was watching, particularly the Islamic World.

In other terms India has been cornered by the Media exposure for not repeating the Parakram exercise when a million soldiers were made to look like coward fools when they returned on orders defying the logic of their training and going to the War front in the first place.

Thus, when the gun points at you and you have words being mouthed like State actors and Non-State actors, which makes very less sense, and when the intentions are very clear what do you do?

Perhaps, shweta, here your argument can and will be seen as weakness as the luxury of time is non existent as in this context the blowing of the trumpet does not end the fight for Geetha upadesh in the evening.

But then my question still stands when the intentions are very clear of the motives of a well organized group how does the Law deter them?

Private Reply to Chandra Shekar Moosad

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