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Legal Needs
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Need guidanceViews: 1205
Jan 08, 2009 7:15 amNeed guidance#

Deeptha D
Hello Ryzians,

I am a resident of Hyderabad and memeber of Ryzerabad forum on Ryze.

I need some guidance from you all on how to deal with a Travel Agent who has cheated me.

We had paid Rs 9000 (online transfer) to "MASSIMO HOLIDAYS" based in Thrissur, Kerala to book a weekend cruise package to Lakshwadeep.

The person from MASSIMO HOLIDAYS who interacted with me was one Ajit Verma.

A few days later Ajit Verma mailed me saying that the cruise has been cancelled and another cruise would depart in December. I asked him to transfer my money back as I would not be able to travel in December.

He agreed to send the money back.

Days went by and the money wasnt transferred. I made several calls and emailed them. And every time they would have the same answer - We will do it - today or tomorrow.

Its now more than 2 months and those guys have not returned my money.

The address of the travel operator is

Contact Person Ajit Verma
A2, Athira Apartments
Naikanal, Thrissur
Kerala- 680 001
Ph:+91 0487-3269996,3265545,3265556
Mobile: +91 9388925506

Any suggestions on what I should do?
I have posted reviews about the travel agent on some travel sites. But would like to take stricter action.

Thanks in advance
Mrs Doshi

Private Reply to Deeptha D

Jan 08, 2009 8:05 amre: Need guidance#

Jayant Tewari, OutSourced CFO
Step 1 - Stop using the phone and use email instead so you have records of communications. Further, if you're using phone, use a mobile phone with detailed billing so that you have out-going call records to show follow up. When sending emails, check both Delivery Receipt Required as well as Read Receipt Required so that he cannot deny the communication.
Step 2 - Send him a Letter by Registered Post including copies of Bank Transfer acknowledgement as well as copies of communications - so that he knows you have all documentation.
Step 3 - Approach the District Consumer Forum in Thrissur with copies of the Registered Letter and Acknowldgement Due.
Beyond that .... pray to God !!!!

Private Reply to Jayant Tewari, OutSourced CFO

Jan 08, 2009 8:38 amre: re: Need guidance#

Deeptha D
Thanks Jayant.
I do have all his emails in my mailbox.
I can also get the letter from the bank.

The problem is that guy is no longer contacting me.

I had given him a time frame to transfer my money back. But he seems to be so casual.

Lets see how it works out.

Private Reply to Deeptha D

Jan 08, 2009 1:41 pmre: re: re: Need guidance#

rani shweta

it is really bad to have your vacation ruined in such a manner accompanied with monetary loss but new year brings new hopes..
you can try giving him the option of making part payments within a time frame it is better to recieve some then loose all of it,it is quite possible that person might not be having the money with him so he is avoiding the contact , if, there was an intention to decieve or harass he wouldn't have possibly dragged you on for so long,i would suggest you to take a soft stand before taking any coercive action there could be a genuine problem on his side too.......

Private Reply to rani shweta

Jan 08, 2009 2:42 pmre: Need guidance#

7 Th Thinking Hat
It may be a bona fide business default and not cheating. However if you suspect cheating you can try filing a complaint with Kerala POlice through email. Pls have a look at the following websites. Before filing a police complaint keep record of correspondence as suggested by Shri Tiwari.

Not that we can believe police really help! But you need to go through the motions anyway. If the police does not act you can use Right To information Act.

Perhaps a threat of going to the police itself may work.

Best of luck.



Private Reply to 7 Th Thinking Hat

Jan 08, 2009 3:01 pmre: Need guidance#

7 Th Thinking Hat
If you are convinced that he is cheating you, then try this chain mail trick.

Mail to all your friends and relatives the same message you posted here and mark a copy to the travel agent.

Request all the people whom you sent the message to relay the message likewise to their friends and contacts,of course with a copy to the travel agent.

If you can organise this bad publicity successfully, at least you can settle scores,if not recover the money.

But before executing this trick send him a threat that this is one of the ways you will use to ruin his business and many more tricks will follow. I checked up their website. It looks like they are in genuine business and bad publicity will hurt them.

Good luck to you.


Private Reply to 7 Th Thinking Hat

Jan 09, 2009 5:08 amre: Need guidance#

Deeptha D
Thanks Rani and Mohan.

From his converstaions it doesnt seem like they have an intention to return the money. They have stopped contacting me.

I will try to take my case to the media.
Hoping for the best

Private Reply to Deeptha D

Jan 09, 2009 6:10 amre: re: Need guidance#

before rushing to the media -

please seek advice and build up all your official documentation - seek advice from -


cross refer to advice from different quarters and seek verification on the same from Consumer Guidance Society of India (cgsiindia.org)

avoid this site - http://www.consumercourt.netfirms.com -
it has malware that can enter your computer -

Private Reply to SOEB FATEHI

Jan 09, 2009 11:23 amre: re: re: Need guidance#

Deeptha D
Hi Soeb,

I have already posted my case on all the sites you have mentioned including consumercourts.netfirms.com

Thanks for yuor suggestions.


Private Reply to Deeptha D

Jan 21, 2009 3:56 amre: re: re: re: Need guidance#

Deeptha D

Some good news.
Due to the intervention of the Kerala Tourism Minister and the IGP's office Thrissur, the travel agent has transferred my money back :)

Thanks for all your suggestions


Private Reply to Deeptha D

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