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Resolutions NO, Divine Intentions YES!Views: 329
Jan 18, 2009 11:53 pmResolutions NO, Divine Intentions YES!#

Diana Kennedy
Hello everyone!

I am "Aligning with the Divine in 2009." I steer away from resolutions, and focus on my heart's deepest desires. the helps me (and my clients) get to the essence of what Spirit has behind and beyond what a "goal" or resolution.

For self care and relaxation, allow yourself to rethink all the goals and resolutions that you've set. As the host for self care and relaxation I thought you would get a lot out of this...

Here is what I published to Ezine Articles, feel free to reprint it:

Resolutions NO, Divine Intentions YES!

Been watching too much news? Do you feel disconcerted when there is talk about the economy? Do you get depressed when thinking about your future? Do you work because you have to or because you love what you do?

Regardless of what is going on in the world around us we can turn within and utilize our inner wisdom and creativity. Spirit guides each one of us perfectly. We are empowered when instead of turning without to "advice" from scared people around us, we turn within to that peaceful presence, that lights our path.

Again, we are empowered and can co-create a divine destiny for ourselves. Divine ideas are the building blocks of a successful life. Did you set New Year's resolutions this year? Most people do... And within just a few weeks, most people "fail" at them as well! It is time to drop the resolutions, the ones that say, "I promise to

lose weight...
save money...
be nicer to others...
get organized...
get out of debt..."

One of the reasons we don't succeed at accomplishing our resolutions is because they become "have to's", no fun, no exciting energy around them and we let them fall by the wayside. Whether your resolutions are big or small, you can achieve them by shifting your perception. First of all, stop calling them resolutions and see them as dreams, intentions, as a general direction that you would like to head. Secondly, add some energy to them, through using a vision board, wish book, and themesongs, designed just for you!

The theme I am using this year is "Healthy, Happy, Wealthy, and Wise." It has a lot of energy around it and it truly moving me forward. Another way I support myself through the process of positive change is to use a coach and mentors to guide me along my way, it makes the whole process a lot more fun!

See your divine intentions as fulfilling your heart's deepest desires, tap into the feeling that you will have when you accomplish your goals. Know that the Universe is on your side, supporting you in getting them met!

Your dreams may be big ones that will change the world in positive ways or small and just support your own personal healthy lifestyle. Your intentions may inspire others to greatness or assist you in living a more simple life. The size of your intentions is not what matters, but the positive energy behind them does!

So, are you ready to fulfill your heart's desires? Are you ready to get started?

I've deemed 2009 the year to align with the Divine. Let's let Spirit guide us to new heights!

Diana Kennedy is a Divine Life Coach and Massage Therapist. She has been speaking at Unity Churches and offering spiritual playshops for over ten years. Diana helps people create more dynamic lives through inspirational teleclasses, e-courses, and articles. Diana enlightens and empowers you to experience greater passion and prosperity, to connect with your intuition, and to have joyful relationships.

Check out her site at http://www.dianakennedy.com and receive a free gift for subscribing to her newsletter Dynamic Living with Diana Kennedy.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Diana_Kennedy

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