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Organization Tuesday: "Ruffled By Small Obstacles"--Help Me Help YouViews: 372
Jan 28, 2009 3:38 amOrganization Tuesday: "Ruffled By Small Obstacles"--Help Me Help You#

Julie Bestry
"But it must be remembered, that life consists not of a series of illustrious actions,
or elegant enjoyments; the greater part of our time passes in compliance with necessities,
in the performance of daily duties, in the removal of small inconveniences, in the
procurement of petty pleasures; and we are well or ill at ease, as the main stream of life
glides on smoothly, or is ruffled by small obstacles and frequent interruption.
The true state of every nation is the state of common life."

~Samuel Johnson

For the better part of the last year and a half, these Organization Tuesday installments have
been about creating systems that are efficient and effective, for helping you organize
your possessions and surroundings, your schedules and your thoughts.  
I've tried to anticipate what questions you might have, in order to remove the small inconveniences,
keep you unruffled by small (and large) obstacles and help you forestall frequent (human and electronic)

I've loved writing these posts every week, and on many occasions the work I do with my business
clients and issues in the news help guide me towards anticipating the issues that can help you
with your businesses.  But, unfortunately, I'm not a mind-reader, and without feedback, it's hard to
know what issues are popping in up in your lives.  So, if these posts (lengthy as they tend to be) have helped, great.  
But if you have obstacles in your worklife, please share them here.  

I admit, as much as I'd like to believe otherwise, organizing can't help every single situation.  
(When you have a hammer,  everything else looks like a nail!)  But as Samuel Johnson said, life doesn't
consist of illustrious actions but the little daily duties, and if I can help you jettison the inconveniences,
obstacles and interruptions, I'm eager to do so.

Please write in and share your questions about organizing your office and managing your schedule, about getting
the jump on procrastination or writer's block, keeping track of all the tasks or finding the pencil sharpener when you need it.  
If anyone has a question they're unwilling to ask to the group, please feel free to email me directly...
my address is in my signature line.

So, my friends in the Business Consortium, help me help you.  

Julie Bestry, Certified Professional Organizer®
Best Results Organizing
"Don't apologize.  Organize!"
Visit http://www.juliebestry.com to sign up for Best Results For Busy People:  Organizing Your Modern World, a newsletter to help you save time and money, reduce stress and increase your productivity

Private Reply to Julie Bestry

Jan 29, 2009 4:32 pmre: Organization Tuesday: "Ruffled By Small Obstacles"--Help Me Help You#

The Eagle: Motivating Champions Around The World
Love reading your Tuesday Posts Julie. They are a big help and inspiration to me.

Maybe some new techniques or equipment to help organize better.

Have a Great Organizing week.Keep up the Great Work Julie.

Richard "The Eagle" Motivator
Live and Act Like a Champion Today!!

Private Reply to The Eagle: Motivating Champions Around The World

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