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The Simplest things are the Best things in Life.Views: 1365
Jan 29, 2009 7:03 pmThe Simplest things are the Best things in Life.#

Minerva Paniagua
My name is Minerva, I am a California Realtor and I am writing this with all my sincerity and gratitude. I have been working with Marilyns Prosperity lessons, and wanted to share the wonderful results I have seen, all within weeks of applying the work.

I have experienced amazing results, different than what I had imagined, and I believe it is because of the simplicity of our very first affirmations. I have closed 3 transactions, opened 2 new ones, and brought about many BPO orders from banks, as well as an opportunity to attend a specific training to begin marketing their foreclosure properties! That's not all...I have aquired 4 approved ready to buy buyers too! All this since I started these lessons!

I was a little concerned at first, I wanted more income, but did not want to take time away from my beautiful 2 year old. Well guess what, since using the affirmations from the first lesson I have manifested what I affirmed. I always thought of success, as the quote I saw once...\"Success, is being able to spend your time, in your own way.\"-Robert Morley

Since all this income has been coming in, and my business is attracting perfect business effortlessly, , I have been able to spend 2 whole days out of the week strictly for my son! I have taken him to the park 2 days a week, and created so many wonderful memories, thouroughly enjoyed the simple moments, and best of all, my entire mind was there with him! It's incredible, and everything I ever wanted!!!The best manifestation of all! Thank You Marilyn! I have a new outlook on life.

Happy & Grateful,
Minerva Paniagua
Century 21 M&M and Associates
Real Estate Consultant
Manteca, CA

Private Reply to Minerva Paniagua

Jan 30, 2009 12:16 amre: The Simplest things are the Best things in Life.#

Marilyn Jenett


Thank you for posting this and sharing your results.

As you mentioned, you began the Manifesters Audio Program just weeks ago, and my opinion is that you are a brilliant manifester!

Why? Because with the right knowledge and techniques, people can manifest prosperity and financial increase in life.

But when we manifest prosperity "on our own terms" - then to me, that takes on another dimension and adds brilliance to the equation. We truly become free to prosper. :-)

When we become aligned with our Universal Source that knows exactly how to orchestrate our perfect results - we become brilliant indeed. I also like to call it "spiritual intelligence."

Congratulations, Minerva. As I have told you, not only are you creating prosperity for yourself, but you are giving your young son the greatest gift - he will acquire your prosperity consciousness.

I can't wait to see what happens for you next.


Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Feb 01, 2009 6:20 pmre: re: The Simplest things are the Best things in Life.#

Minerva Paniagua
Ok, so with all the prosperity coming my way, I had great clients left and right. I was working full days, and my mind was full of things to do. I loved it, but I noticed by the time I got home I was tired and had little patience for my little guy. I immediately noticed, I commented to my significant other, and I changed the course. I told the universe, I want success, and I want to keep this balance that offers enjoyable quality time with my son. Well after finishing early at the office that evening I picked him up from my moms. We went to the store, had a great time. I had to show properties the day after, so I enjoyed every bit of time with him. Well, the day after my client who I was expecting to spend 4 hours with that day, emailed me telling me he won't be in town this weekend after all. That meant not only a whole day for my little love bug, but during nap time, I was even able to sneak off to shop for myself!! I haven't shopped in months! Balance. aaahhhh! And all we have to do is ask, and trust.

Ok, One more thing. With learning to trust the Universe will provide, peace tends to come alog with it. I have been so happy, that I wanted to share the happiness. Out of the Blue I had the urge to share this with strangers! I bought 3 Starbucks gift cards, and wrote a nice note, expressing my abundant wishes for them. I addressed these three cards to 3 compete strangers I picked out of the phone book. I hope it made someones day, and I hope my feelings and happines, and faith transferred through that card. Now the key thing here is that It all came from the bottom of my heart, with no feeling whatsoever of thinking I didnt have the money to blatanly spend $20.00. I trust that abundace is mine to claim, and just imagine that $20.00 immediately returning to my bank account through one of the many sources of income.

Oh so Happy,

Minerva Paniagua

Private Reply to Minerva Paniagua

Feb 02, 2009 12:01 amre: re: re: The Simplest things are the Best things in Life.#

Judy Anne P.
Hi Minerva,

I enjoyed reading your post and was inspired by your random act of kindness and gratitude, sending Starbucks gift cards to strangers! What a wonderful idea. I am going to do the same this week. ;-))


Judy Anne

Private Reply to Judy Anne P.

Feb 02, 2009 1:16 pmre: re: re: re: The Simplest things are the Best things in Life.#

Marilyn Jenett

Now is the time to enlarge your "container" and envision giving hundreds, eventually even thousands of dollars to a favorite cause. Tithing to the source of spiritual inspiration is also another powerful prosperity secret. (Tithing is Lesson Five which is covered after a student is grounded in the initial understanding of the laws).

You see, wealthy people do not spend their time thinking about how they will get money. They are thinking about what they will do with their money. And to become wealthy, we must think like the wealthy. (Of course, the term "wealthy" is relative, so this applies to any state of financial abundance you wish to create).

Minerva and Judy Anne, it is time for you to go to Lesson Three, "Accept It Now" - in my opinion, the most powerful lesson on manifesting. However, the mind can only process that information after it has absorbed the first two lessons. That's why Feel Free to Prosper is a step by step process and why it works! We till the soil of the mind according to the laws of nature to prepare for the planting and the harvest. A perfect analogy.

Manifesters - Month Two includes:

Lesson Three, "Accept It Now"
Lesson Four, "Release Is Magnetic"

and two bonus lessons:

Lesson Five, "Tithing Sets Your Free"
Lesson Six, "Delete Those Words"

It's all explained in detail here:


Don't stop midstream. It is important to keep the momentum going and continue your studies and increase your knowledge. If you want a larger container (consciousness) then you must acquire the wisdom to stretch it. Like so many other students of my program, both of you have already proven your ability to respond to my teachings, so I am confident in nudging you to expand.


Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Feb 02, 2009 4:07 pmre: re: re: re: re: The Simplest things are the Best things in Life.#

Minerva Paniagua
Thanks Marilyn,

I can't wait to give thousands...tens of thousands...hundreds of thousands..... as if it were what $5.00 is to me now. I can't wait! I will be in Training in Arizona until end of week, but will definetely be ready to accept it now when I am back home! I am hoping to come home with new business from these asset managers. Oh and did I forget to mention? The inspections for my cients house came back clean! All is well to continue to close, this sale is exciting because it not ony offers 1/2 percent more than usual, but also a $2,500.00 bonus.

Have a Great Day!

Private Reply to Minerva Paniagua

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