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"By George, She's Got It!" - A Legendary Broadway Play and Film Reveals the Real SecretViews: 1342
Feb 01, 2009 4:01 am"By George, She's Got It!" - A Legendary Broadway Play and Film Reveals the Real Secret#

Marilyn Jenett
By George

The Feel Free to Prosper Program

Marilyn Jenett

"By George, She's Got It!"
A Legendary Broadway Play and Film Reveals the Real Secret
Dear FFTP Network Members, 

"By George, she's got it!"
In the legendary Broadway play, and then hit movie, My Fair Lady, Professor Higgins (played by the amazing Rex Harrison), took on a bet that he could turn the scruffy, foul-mouthed uneducated street urchin, Eliza Doolittle (played by the equally amazing Audrey Hepburn), into a real lady. 

There was the clean up, the wardrobe, etiquette and posture lessons, all of the exterior changes necessary for Eliza's appearance to resemble a lady.

But it wasn't until Eliza learned to change her words that she became the lady. A change in her words (and how she pronounced them) produced a change in her thoughts, then a change in her consciousness, and before long Eliza was a true lady.

The words merely voiced and memorized did not do the trick. At first she committed the words to memory, but it was when those words were repeated over and over that they were accepted in consciousness. It was then that Eliza's subconscious mind took over, produced the feeling, and made her into the lady that was potentially within her, but had never manifested before Professor Higgins showed her the way.

During Eliza's practice work, the Professor made her repeat over and over, "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain," until her diction was correct. And finally, after exhaustive practice, Eliza said it correctly and the Professor announced, "By George, she's got it!"
Eliza learned that to become a real lady, she had to talk and think like a lady.
I was reminded of the above story and inspired to write this lesson from an e-mail conversation with one of my students one evening. 
In almost every conversation with students when they are beginning the lessons, I notice certain words that they tend to repeat, almost unconsciously. These are negative words that I notice as they are speaking, and often when I make the student aware of it, they comment that they don't even realize they are saying the words or how often they repeat them. 

One student's word may be "doubt" or "doubted." With another, it might be "stress" or "stressed." "Struggle" and "hard" are common. The words are spoken habitually, with no real thought behind them. These are common, everyday words, but they are words that are not conducive to prosperity thinking, words that only serve to create the very things we do not want and negate the prosperity work we are doing.
A friend's "word" was very interesting. She was divorced after raising a family and being absent from the working world for twenty years. While giving thought to what she wanted to do as a career, opportunities arose where she was able to help out friends in their businesses on a temporary basis. My friend would call me and tell me that she was helping out so-and-so at their business, and she would casually say that it was keeping her busy and she was "making a little money." I realized that every time my friend mentioned the word money, she attached the word "little" to it. When I told her about this, she seemed stunned. She didn't even realize she was saying that word. She was completely unaware of it. When she eliminated the phrase, she was well on her way to increased income.

I tell each of these students that they must eliminate these words from their vocabulary, especially during this delicate time of shifting the subconscious thought patterns. It is necessary to break the habit of mindlessly and casually repeating these words, because as we have learned, it is often the words in casual conversation that drop easily into the subconscious mind and are accepted.

Once the habit is broken, the new positive words and affirmations that you are learning now have the opportunity to take hold and become substance in the mind. If you are repeating these casual negative words, then, in essence, you are "denying what you affirm" and giving your mind two directions, which we have learned will get you to no destination or the wrong one.

You must saturate your speech and thoughts with the idea of what you want and by doing so, the idea will drop into the subconscious and take permanent residence.
 That is why I have labeled these words "delete" words. You must delete them from your vocabulary and make them history.
Now, Will You Get It?
The foundation of my teachings in my prosperity program is the powerful impact that our words--thought and spoken, and especially written--have on our subconscious mind and Universal Mind. 

Words have more power than you realize. Our words set off forces that create their vibratory equivalents and produce circumstances in our lives that correspondence to our words.

We manifest according to our "dominant" words and thoughts in our subconscious. Repetition imprints our words in the subconscious mind. Writing words has an even more powerful effect and makes those very claims on the Universal Mind Substance, which will return our words to us in correlating physical circumstances.

The subconscious mind does not reason, does not know what you are intending. It merely accepts these words as a suggestion and thinks that is what you want. So you must learn to monitor your language and eliminate those words that will sooner or later come back to haunt and do their damage.

The reason my students get those amazing results and testimonials? One reason is that I have them eliminate culprit words like this from their vocabulary entirely.

Here is an excerpt from my article, Metaphysical Marketing:

Watch Your Speech. The above [success] can be accomplished only through the use of positive and life-affirming language. Do not doubt it for a minute. The words you think, speak, (and hear) are recorded in your subconscious mind and will produce circumstances that correspond to your thoughts and speech. If you want a successful business or career, you MUST resist the habit and temptation of speaking about the lack of business or clients or jobs. I tell my students, "If you don't want it, don't say it." Even if you feel like you are lying to yourself (or others), continue to speak in positive terms about your business and affairs. As you persist in speaking successful words, your subconscious will accept the new ideas and you will discover that the "lies" are becoming a new and very tangible reality. But it always first begins in mind. Never forget this.
So always remember that your words are tremendously powerful. And don't forget the words you write. The subconscious mind responds to repetition, so any words that you say or write or view over and over will impact your mind. But on the other hand, as mentioned, often our most casual words will drop into the subconscious and produce results.

The Subconscious Cannot Take a Joke
That's right. The subconscious mind accepts our words literally. Again, it cannot reason or think. Therefore, the subconscious mind cannot take a joke. I am certainly not saying we shouldn't have a sense of humor. But the creative quality of that humor puts a lot at stake and we should pay attention.

And I'm really not referring to actual "Ha Ha" jokes as much as I am to the words that you use in everyday life.

A joke to illustrate...
There was a man who had the good fortune to be visited by a genie. The genie told him that she would grant him three wishes only. So he was to think this over carefully before making his decision.

For his first wish, the man asked the genie to make him thirty years younger. Poof! The genie granted his wish, and the man was thrilled to find that he was young again.

The man's second wish was for a brand new convertible sports car (well, what else did you expect a young man to ask for?). And poof! Suddenly he found himself driving a beautiful sleek and shiny new sports car.

Now the genie told the man to take his time and give much thought to his third and final wish.

So he was driving along the coastal highway with the top down, singing along with the radio when a commercial came on and he continued to sing...

 "I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner..."

Lesson One will get you to "delete those words." I promise...


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You have permission to publish the included article electronically or in print as long as the following text is included and the article appears in its entirety and unchanged.

© Copyright 2003-2009 Marilyn Jenett, Feel Free to Prosper
All rights reserved
Marilyn Jenett, an accomplished business owner in the corporate arena, founded the Feel Free to Prosper program to mentor and teach others to become aligned with Universal laws and accept their right to prosper. For more information, visit  www.FeelFreetoProsper.com.




Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Feb 01, 2009 11:00 amAnd, By George...This FFTP Student Really Got It!#

Marilyn Jenett
Felicia Testimonial

In response to my newsletter issue above, "By George, She's Got It!"...I received an email that was so exciting to me. I told the woman who wrote that this is why I just love this business - so I can get stories of victory just like this!
I thanked her for taking the time to write and share this - and validating the effectiveness of my material. "Falling off the wagon" is really just those old patterns that die hard and sneak up unexpectedly. Many of my students - even if they don't fall off - do periodically return to Lesson One and start manifesting all over again. It's like car maintenance (I just had my car serviced and picked it up today so that was fresh on my mind) - we service our engine so that it runs smoothly. Shouldn't we do that with our consciousness?

Here's her message of victory posted with her approval. I felt it should be posted anonymously for business privacy.

Dear Marilyn, 

I just had to let you know.

I’m sure over the years you’ve had many of your students “fall off the wagon” as it were with the prosperity lessons and end up dealing with many of the same problems they had before.

Well, that was me. 

We had loads of money pouring in.  I made more money last year in my business than I had as a part-time college professor or in almost all of my full-time corporate jobs.  My husband’s business was also doing quite well.  I got busy; I got complacent and I stopped doing the lessons for the most part.  Then one thing after another started happening: unexpected medical bills, credit card issues, etc.  And a few weeks ago when we suddenly found out we’d have to pay a very big chunk of taxes – we found ourselves in a place where I wasn’t sure how I’d pay this month’s bills.

Enough was enough. 

Last Sunday I decided to get back on the prosperity wagon.  I pulled out my written affirmations from your Lesson One and got to work in my gratitude journal, saying the Prayer of Jabez, writing your lesson phrases and affirming them on my way to sleep, and being more aware of my language.

THE VERY NEXT MORNING after I started writing the affirmations I had an in studio radio show interview.  There were 4 people in the studio.  All 4 said they wanted to work with me or take my class.  I already have made $525 from one of them (in the bank now!).  The next day “out of the blue” I got an order for a $97 product that I had not promoted AT ALL.  Two days after that, I had a Teleseminar where I converted about 30% of the audience making me $235 during a 90-minute call and that will be residual income for month after month because it is a monthly program. All week long I have been manifesting other amazing things as well, including free expert help & advice which will make me even more money very soon.   All that is good.  But I still needed a way to pay both the bills and the hefty $2000 mortgage.  

Then the mail came yesterday. 

In the mail was a check for $3500.  The mortgage is due payable online by tomorrow.  So 2 days before I needed it, the money arrived, literally and completely OUT OF THE BLUE.  We had no idea it was coming.

So when I saw your email come in today, I thought you were talking about me.  Because, by George, I’ve got it.

Thanks for the lessons & tell your folks if any of them fall off the wagon, they can just jump right back into the flow.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

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