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Slumdog of Indian Industries - Agriculture! When will it become a millionaire??Views: 833
Feb 28, 2009 6:18 amSlumdog of Indian Industries - Agriculture! When will it become a millionaire??#

Srivalli Krishnan
Slumdog Millionaire is all over the media, print and conversations.... it took a British filmmaker to make an India based film -to exhibit Indian talent to the world. So Danny, messiah for India cinema? Is AR Rehman's best composition Jai Ho? So many question so many answers... so many well-wishers. Wow!!

We have talent and time to celebrate, it is the euphoria of the day, it will last a week, recorded in history, read by zillions to be born... what next?

We are going to be hungry, importing from other countries, giving larger subsidies to dying breed called farmers; this too will be recorded in the history of Hunger!! But no reason to celebrate or sing Jai ho Indian AgricultureL

I am not a party pooper, but today India has the reason to cry. Like the ever-increasing slum dwellers in India, Agriculture also has become one big slumdog of Indian Industry. Every body is screaming IT, Telecom, Reality, Bullions; but nobody is bringing out any bail-out plans for the bankrupt Agriculture sector. No Ramalinga Raju is taking onus of fraud for the state of today's Agriculture, no SEBI investigations, No Q&A answers as to why a Green Revolution country is now largest Agriculture produce importer.

All-in-all everybody is blaming each other for the poor performance of Indian Agriculture. 70% of Indian farmers are looking up for this multibillionaire dollar question to find the right answer- Why is India who cultivable land is the second highest in the world now begging for food crops from other countries? What happened to the Green Revolutions of the 1960's?

The answers are within us as Indians,

Nobody wants to associate with agriculture, everybody is aiming for IT or something else, and nobody actually wants to partner with the India largest Industry....

Lets change all this, Indian Agriculture Industry needs all of us to make it a success again. Lets make our own success story Slumdog to millionaire story. An Indian Story - Lets sing Jai ho Indian Agriculture one day on the Global stage and help our other poorer countries with food...

No Oscars, just song of hope...will you guys compose the music for this story?

Read on at www dot efarm dot in.

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