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FearViews: 776
Apr 03, 2009 5:47 pmFear#

Raj Sukheja
Stray exciting-happy moments put together into a collage - Life!

The attempt to survive routine lifeless moments scattered in the midst of life is called existing. We probably exist in order to ride the wave of the exciting-happy moments which keep us alive and going in our daily life. That is all there is to it.

An individual lives for his happiness. That is the nature and that is the root. I probably think I should justify this statement since it will involve a lot of hot debate between my blogger friends who will misconstrue the nature of this statement. An apt example would be that if a mother feeds her hungry infant while remaining hungry herself, she is doing it because of her happiness. Satiating the hunger of her child gives her immense happiness. Any person taking care of his family at the cost of sacrificing his personal desires does so because it gives him happiness. In this manner, no one is obligated to another and so goes the cycle. Whatever you do - you do for yourself, so donít blame another for the things you have agreed to do for the other and expect the same return.

I am not straying from the topic but rather making a foundation towards the blog topic - fear. It is when your outlook changes to inner and you are able to understand that whatever you do, you do for yourself. Your expectations simply drop. Once there are no expectations from the outside world - you are free. With freedom comes responsibility. In fact freedom asks for the greatest responsibility.

Freedom also translates into lack of fear. The chains - Golden (Golden Chains are Chains set by yourself - Limitations to your freedom) or Otherwise are broken. So there is no fear of failing, doing, acting (for the sake of otherís) and no fear to be anyone but yourself. A analogy I like to use is that Ďone becomes waterí and welcomes everyone to share from its essence and be blessed. Water niether uses and nor is used. It just is.

Fear is what causes us most misery in our lives. We pre-determine our failure by believing we cannot succeed. Nature clearly states that the impossible is possible. I call it the ompossible phenomenon. Ompossible - anything is possible (check out www.yetworld.com/chapter1.asp). Look all around you. If anything, failure is a difficult thing to achieve. It takes a lot of hard work to fail and failure usually happens because you didnít believe that you would succeed anyway.

So let go of the fear. The earlier paraís of this blog are meant for you to understand the root of fear. Fear is not something you have to fight as most ask you to do, it is rather the result of a lot of hard work from your end in believing that you will fail since you believe you are dependent on the environment, other individuals, other individuals opinions or something else.

Fear not Fear for Fear Only Exists if You Allow it to Exist! Richard Branson, CEO Virgin Group has published a book called - Screw it, letís do it! There is no scope for fear in that situation. Action negates fear whereas worrying enhances it and creates an environment where failing becomes a viable option to get rid of the suspense of your intent.

So Act (Action). Just Do. Fear will wither away. Be the free spirit - you already are!

Raj Sukheja

Raj Sukheja

Private Reply to Raj Sukheja

Nov 18, 2009 11:22 amre: Fear#

Subhash Bakshi
Paramhansa Yogananda says " look into the face of fear and fear will go away"
I fully agree with you if we can take fear out of our life our life will be a pleasant experience3.

Private Reply to Subhash Bakshi

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