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Olympic Champion Manifests with Feel Free to Prosper - Update on "Cat"Views: 3080
Jun 01, 2009 12:10 pmOlympic Champion Manifests with Feel Free to Prosper - Update on "Cat"#

Marilyn Jenett
Olympian and Feel Free to Prosper

The Feel Free to Prosper Program


Marilyn Jenett

Olympic Champion Manifests with Feel Free to Prosper
Catherine Garceau is 30 years old, beautiful, an Olympic Medalist (Sydney in 2000), and is devoting her life to bring health and healing to others.
You would think that she would be on top of the world, right? Certainly appears that way on her website: www.catherinegarceau.com
Well, think again. The truth is that even someone with the drive and discipline to reach such an achievement in life can be just as vulnerable to the issues and "dark nights of the soul" as the rest of us - and sometimes more so.
I met "Cat" just over a month ago through a fluke online ad and there is no doubt that it was just another example of "divine appointment" which has become such a way of life for me. Cat's intelligence, vision and desire to help humanity were obvious. Her challenge to climb out of her own tailspin with regard to her health, body and financial lack also became obvious. There is no doubt in my mind that our meeting was indeed part of the synchronicity that I believe in so much. It was no surprise that the word "synchronicity" was a part of her own vocabulary and appears often in her own writings.
And wouldn't you know - Cat won her Olympic Medal in Synchronized Swimming :)
When the Student is Ready...
So I took Catherine as my student and had her begin the Manifesters Audio Program. I was thrilled, but of course not really surprised, when just two weeks later, her life changed - with a manifestation completely out of the blue. Two weeks is right on schedule for most Feel Free to Prosper students. So exactly two weeks after starting the lessons, Cat manifested a dream opportunity that is in perfect alignment with her visions of many years, including the perfect environment to promote her own healthand progress and the opportunity to create and develop special healing programs for others - her life mission.
Cat is so excited about her results that she asked if she could promote the same Feel Free to Prosper program to all her friends and contacts. I agreed to a special offer for her contacts which you'll see below. She has now graciously allowed me to send this offer out to my subscribers and members. So read on...
Cat wants to continue to share her experience of the Feel Free to Prosper programs. We also feel that my I Create My Body program is a perfect fit for her work with women and health. She plans to include it in her online summits, her retreats and even in a future documentary.
What can I say? I am very proud that my teachings are helping this woman fulfill her destiny and get back "in the swim of things" (couldn't resist). Too cool :-)
In Her Own Words...
Below are Cat's own words in excerpts from her first newsletter, "Catscapades" (love that name) that she sent out recently....
Welcome to the "Catscapades" - Cat's adventures of synchronicity, discovery and manifestation

Ooof!...It sure has been awhile since my last update...and I promise (if you are interested of course) to keep you much more informed from now on, as this is the first of my free weekly Catscapades newsletters.

For those of you who might be wondering..."Where is Cat now? Chicago, California, Toronto, Montreal, Mexico?"
Well...believe it or not, 'sun lover' me has actually left sunny California to move to green Washington State. Saying YES! to an amazing opportunity to work with Cedar Springs Retreat Center, www.cedarsprings.org, where I will help create a fresh new wave of healing and empowering retreat programs for women.
Coming up for Cat

This summer, I will be launching an Online Expert Summit to Unlock the Brain-Gut Connections behind Eating Disorders, during which I will interview over 15 of the top health experts in their field, as well as many gifted healers and specialists who will add tremendous value to this educational program. I will also be leading Body and Mind Lifestyle Retreats for select groups of motivated individuals who are ready to learn new Body and Mind practices that are, in my experience, the most transformative.
Wow! I really am excited to start this new wave of education and inspiration for women.

Treasure for the WEEK

Something I want to share with you NOW so you can join me in a dance with prosperity!

Treasure: Marilyn and FEEL FREE TO PROSPER

As many of you might know, my journey has been one of following my passion and interest to find the underlying causes behind dis-ease. During this search, challenges have ALWAYS provided me with insight or new important information. That said, going against the wind often left me in a place of financial insecurity and scarcity...

Recently, I have been standing in a state of wonder about how I was still living in this place of lackwhen I had so many potential channels for abundant income to flow in. I just couldn't get my mind around the fact that I had the knowledge and passion to create so much value for myself and others, but instead of results, there was confusion and doubt about where to start.

Just as I was reaching deep within, a woman named Marilyn Jenett found me through unusual synchronicity. One conversation and I knew I had found the mentor/teacher I was looking for...

Marilyn's wisdom of the laws of the Universe and her own striking successes she attributes to synchronicity and guidance resonated with me very deeply so I have since become a student of her Feel Free to Prosper program. Her approach is like no other I have studied before (and yes, I've gone through a few of them! :)

As I was listening to the first recorded class of her audio program, I realized how amazing it would be if I could be sharing this with my friends, family and colleagues - all of you passionate souls who would love her teachings and the incredibly fast results they produce. And I mean fast....

In only two short weeks, I have manifested my dream home, job and opportunity that will bring both my health goals and my spiritual quest and outreach into action. I've shared a little bit about where I am and what I am up to, but as I continue to share how it all happens, you will see the magic in it all...and in the lesson :)

Since doing the prosperity work with Marilyn, my moods have shifted to a much more positive light considering my (past) situation. My zest for life, resourcefulness and intuition have augmented and keep doing so daily. I am much more creative and financial avenues are opening in my life again.
I have often read and heard that prosperity in your bank account is nothing more than a reflection of your conscious and subconscious programming around money and prosperity. Change your mind, change your life. Easier said than done with the stubborn subconscious mind...unless, like Marilyn, you understand how to gently work with the subconscious so that it doesn't put up resistance, and allows for a peaceful shift into prosperity.

Read for yourself about Marilyn's work and her countless testimonials. Her own story of prosperity is one of synchronicity and guidance and mastering universal laws which prepared her to teach others to prosper...you'll find it all on her website:

Feel Free to Prosper

Here is the program I have been applying:
Manifesters Audio Program

Last words - Cat's latest insight
As I leave you, I would like to remind you of the incredible power of Gratitude and Trust. These last months have truly been the most inspiring and life changing times of my life so far. Magnetizing so much abundance in my life literally happened as I chose to change my perspective from feeling lost, poor and confused to one of complete Gratitude for what I did/do have and Trust in the Universe's plan for me.
God, Spirit, Universe or Source (whatever we choose to call it) is ALWAYS there waiting to be received into our lives, guide us, nurture us...and lead us in just the right direction, in the right place or to the right people, no matter what is going on in our present reality.
Two years ago I started dreaming of horses and especially of a white one. It wasn't clear why as I have never been on a horse. Here at Cedar Springs (also a horse ranch), I will be riding tomorrow for the first time! A beautiful white horse will be my guide...Synchronicity? Or just another sign from the Universe assuring me that I am at the right place...
I invite you to take some time to re-tap into this unconditionally giving source of insight, energy, love and manifestation that is ALWAYS at the tips of our fingers...
May we all prosper now!
Until next time,

Cat :)
Catherine Garceau
Olympic Medalist- Author-Speaker-Health Coach

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Copyright 2009 Marilyn Jenett, Feel Free to Prosper
All rights reserved

Marilyn Jenett, an accomplished business owner in the corporate arena, founded the Feel Free to Prosper program to mentor and teach others to become aligned with Universal laws and accept their right to prosper. For more information, visit

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