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Is there a PRINTER with BUILT-IN PAPER RECYCLER?Views: 496
Aug 04, 2009 6:51 amIs there a PRINTER with BUILT-IN PAPER RECYCLER?#

Cerindus Ventures

Has any one made a PRINTER with BUILT-IN PAPER RECYCLER?


Mir Mazhar Hussain
Cerindus Ventures

Private Reply to Cerindus Ventures

Aug 04, 2009 9:18 amre: Is there a PRINTER with BUILT-IN PAPER RECYCLER?#

John Stephen Veitch
I need one of those Mir.

But seriously, not many people do. In the research I recently did I discovered that people don't print. Especially they don't print stuff they find in web sites.

That's a big blow to me because I've been building web sites with printer friendly pages for many years.

The big need is for reliable and low cost printing. 25% of the households I visited don't have a working printer. Sometime because they can't afford ink or paper, but often because the printer is broken.

John Stephen Veitch
Open Future Limited - http://www.openfuture.biz/
Innovation Network - http://veech-network.ryze.com/
Building an Open Future - http://openfuture-network.ryze.com/

Private Reply to John Stephen Veitch

Aug 04, 2009 7:42 pmre: re: Is there a PRINTER with BUILT-IN PAPER RECYCLER?#

Cerindus Ventures
Thank you John for some thoughtful remarks as always...

My reasons for looking for such a printer are...

1) Whenever I see a ream of printing paper it reminds
me of a "save paper to save trees to save forests to
save elephants" campaign.

2) The city where I live (Hyderabad) is famous for two types
of cafe`s. The Irani Cafe`s (restaurants) and The Cyber
Cafe`s. The latter present a good business opportunity as

I have one more similar requirement... posting it on Veech now.


Mir Mazhar Hussain
Cerindus Ventures

Private Reply to Cerindus Ventures

Aug 05, 2009 1:51 pmre: re: re: Is there a PRINTER with BUILT-IN PAPER RECYCLER?#

Ken Hilving
I am having a hard time envisioning a printer with built in paper recycling capability.

If the goal is to reduce paper usage, the first step is in understanding how the paper is currently used and then finding better approaches to meet those needs. For example, if the printing is for a longer term image that is portable away from the Internet cafe, then an electronic reader might be suitable. These can offer the flat surface and "page turn" functions of paper.

If the paper remains at the cafe, an old technology might be worth reviving - microform. Cafe tables/counters could have built in readers, and print reduction could be as high as 160/1.

The paper itself does not have to be from wood pulp. Simply changing the cellulose fiber source to alternatives such as herbivore manures, woody weeds, bamboo, and straw might make a significant impact. A change in ink might also be appropriate to keep hazardous chemicals off the paper, allowing such paper to become valuable compost once its paper life has run its course.

Recycling of the paper involves shredding, pulping, pressing, and drying. It is much the same as making paper initially, without the chipping step but with an added step to remove impurities. Off the shelf items are available for this on a small scale, but the costs make the paper best suited for high end specialty papers (do a search on "poo" paper) rather than bulk production. The solution might be an industrial production with the cafe's serving both as market and raw material sources.

Paper of any type typically absorbs the ink during printing. What if a film was used in place of paper, and the ink was designed to lay on top of the film (like the transparencies which were so common back in the 80's and 90's), but the ink was also designed to be removed with a solvent like water? Instead of transparent film, the film would be white. The solvent might be nothing more exotic than water (white board pen ink). This would make the printed sheet as permanent or as reusable as the individual needed. Ideally, the film sheets would be neither wood or petroleum based.

Private Reply to Ken Hilving

Aug 05, 2009 5:12 pmre: re: re: re: Is there a PRINTER with BUILT-IN PAPER RECYCLER?#

Ron Sam
Here are two articles from Xerox that are in this regard.

Going Green - green office practices

Erasable paper - The ability to re-image a sheet of paper has enormous environmental implications ...

(@ Xerox Engineering - 23 years)

Private Reply to Ron Sam

Aug 05, 2009 5:45 pmre: re: re: re: re: Is there a PRINTER with BUILT-IN PAPER RECYCLER?#

Scott Wolpow
You should make the pilgrimage to Astora where Xerox began.

Private Reply to Scott Wolpow

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