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which has a better art scene?Views: 1063
Oct 22, 2009 9:09 pmwhich has a better art scene?#

Priyanka Gupta
I wanted to know your thoughts on which city do you think has better art scene and opportunities.
I am in the middle of a transition from USA to India and been having lots of these questions in mind.

any information would help.

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Oct 23, 2009 9:03 amre: which has a better art scene?#

Mehul Patel
Bombay and Delhi......very Imp Arty cities!

Mehul Patel
http://www.KIPL.Net - New Media Solutions
http://IndyChai.com - India's first Web 2.0 Hyper Aggregated

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Oct 23, 2009 8:33 pmre: which has a better art scene?#

Rama R
Hi Priyanka

I would say the art scene in India is still at a nascent stage, although growing fast. This makes the market more exciting with new promoters,galleries artists, all being creative to attract collectors.

To add to what Mehul suggested in the south; Bangalore has a very active art scene .

All the best with the transition.


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Oct 26, 2009 6:29 amre: re: which has a better art scene?#

KISHORE M SALI Fine Arts n Photography
Hi all,

I was more into Advertising Photography for last many years but now I am wanting to make more inroads in the Painting market. I stay in Mumbai and can talk about Mumbai only at this stage. I went around many Art Galleries in Mumbai & found out that -
1) Jehangir Art Gallery has a waiting list of atleast 8 years.
2 Nehru Centre Gallery has a waiting list of 2 years Approx.
3) Most other galleries which are available on rental basis have atleast 1 and half year waiting period.
4) Galleries which are reputed & more known in Art world for example - Tao, Bombay Art Gallery, Museum Art Gallery, Cymroza, Studio Napeon etc take Artists only with a background of good number of one man shows & painting sales to their credit.
5) I have seen abroad lot of 'Call for Artists' organized by even established galleries. Here except for 'Monsoon Show'(when the market is low) & annual shows by couple of galleries I haven't heard of anything like this. In these shows one can submit only not more than 2 paintings. If one goes thru this link in Toronto one will find call for group, one man shows at respected galleries - http://www.slateartguide.com/indexes.php?index=Calls%20for%20Artists
(recession is actually much more intense in Toronto than in India, inspite of that this)
I do not know why such 'calls' are not there & why any such website is not there in Mumbai. I do not know if it happens in Delhi, Bengalure or Chennai.

Point I want to make here is it takes atleast 2 years to just start exhibiting in Mumbai. After that real good sales one can only hope for only after appearing in costly Page 3 with good(again costly) PR & inviting movers & shakers in the society for the opening bash. I do not know why we can't judge a good painting more by the Artists talent & Artistic merits of the Artwork; why people HERE look at paintings more as a commodity & an instrument for investing money. Yes Art is looked for investing in a big way abroad as well, agreed BUT THERE IS A HUGE CLASS THERE WHICH BUYS PAINTINGS FOR THE LOVE OF PAINTINGS & BECAUSE THEY BRING PEACE & HAPPINESS TO MINDS OF THE BUYERS APART FROM RAISING THE BEAUTY OF THE INTERIORS. THIS CLASS IS OF A NEGLIGABLE SIZE HERE...UNFORTUNATELY.

I would like to put this in BOLD -
This is my knowledge & experience, however I would love to be proved wrong & would want to know more opportunites if they exists for upcoming Artists.

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Oct 27, 2009 2:57 amre: re: re: which has a better art scene?#

Nalini Malaviya
@ Kishore, you've raised v pertinent qns. It is not easy for a new artist to get 'noticed'.

In B'lore too a few galleries allow newer artists to participate in their annual shows - but yes these are obviously just once a year.

In Jehangir, there are many cancellations which an artist can utilise, but again that's not a solution.

In B'lore & Delhi, artists are increasing experimenting with alternate spaces for exhibn. And, although, it is imp where u exhibit, sometimes the choice maybe between not exhibiting at all!

Another factor, which I come across a lot is that many people have turned artists for the sake of it & exhibit their works because they have the means/contacts to do so. This in fact makes the media wary of unknown names, and rightly so. Why don't such artists get prof critique of their work done?

PR & Page 3 culture is here to stay, whether we like it or not!

Still, the fact remains that it is not easy for an upcoming artist. Maybe, others who've been there and succeeded can throw some light on this.


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Oct 27, 2009 5:27 amre: re: re: re: which has a better art scene?#

Priyanka Gupta
I appreciate all your replies and the time you all took out for it.
I do agree with lots of things Kishore has said. Infact its quite shocking for me when I am doing so well in the USA and when in India galleries don't want to show me. I have won 3 awards recently but when I emailed galleries for a show in december since I was visiting, got no response. I sometimes think maybe an artist needs to be involved in some kind of scandal or have a very strong backing to be able to make it anywhere.In USA I have had a very different experience. Galleries want to represent me here and in India its crazy! I actually feel like its a huge herd in which one is struggling to find place.

I submitted my form to jehangir 4 years back and haven't heard from them and frankly don' think I will too. In Bangalore I had thankfully gotten a show with Gallery G 2 yrs back so atleast one exists.

I had a show at the India habitat this Jan and all everyone told me was hire a PR thats the only way. I was shocked at the rocketing prices too.

I wish there was an easier way or a path one could follow.


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Nov 04, 2009 8:13 amre: re: re: re: re: which has a better art scene?#

KISHORE M SALI Fine Arts n Photography

Sorry Priyanka & Nalini for returning back late on this topic. Thanks to both of you for seconding my thoughts & concerns.

Nalini, I am not against PR at all! In fact I was in Advertising Industry all these years, so I do realize the importance of marketing oneself in this competitive climate. Only I hate the Page 3 kind of PR where the article talks about ONLY who had come & who was with whom & who was wearing what at the inaugural party. Its weird that they don't write about the Art at all!! The problem is that to very few the Art makes any sense what makes sense is how famous is the Artist? & How much the painting may cost after some x years or how much it raises my status by having that 'piece' on the wall.

Priyanka I guess getting together / grouping up & then splitting the gallery & PR costs seem to be the only solution in the start.When are you planning to remigrate back to India? Have you finalized any city? Please get in touch with me. May be we can work out something together. I am making my website right now. Will post the link in this forum once it is ready.

Till then you may view some of my work at -


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