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Meet Mike Fesler - Profile ReviewViews: 775
Dec 03, 2009 12:21 pmMeet Mike Fesler - Profile Review#

Paul Finkelstein

Most Distinguished Virtual Handshake members,

MEET Mike.

1. Give two reviews. (Go to ABOVE link and review Mike's profile and REPLY in this topic ONLY about what you like about Mike's profile. Doing this is called finding a compliment for Mike. It's a technique that might get someone to like you. Call it stroking, brown nosing or whatever, being NICE to someone is a great thing. Try it with this profile review. It might make your profile more noticed.

2. Get 1 review back for yourself.
(Sign up to get your review on the appropriate topic thread)

Enjoy this weeks profile review.

kindest regards,

Cool: network effortlessly here/if it is to be it is up to me/10 power words
http://www.ryze.com/posttopic.php?topicid=1685&confid=94 whatUlearned here
http://www.ryze.com/posttopic.php?topicid=1020690&confid=94 your hobbies here
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Private Reply to Paul Finkelstein

Dec 03, 2009 1:55 pmre: Meet Mike Fesler - Profile Review#

WOW! It's been a long time since I've seen a Ryze page so completely filled with information, history and connection possibilities. I am impressed.

Mike, you have taken your Ryze page to a new level including not only your entire work history, a complete bio, descriptions of everything your hands have touched as well as the longest lists of virtual connections I've ever seen.

WTG Mike on making sure that everyone has a way to get connected to you, help you continue to expand your business, knowledge and know how plus there is no doubt about your abilities, areas of strength and knowledge.

Now to get more people to do the same. BRAVO! Take care and God bless.
Gazelle Simmons, Virtual Assistant/Owner of Admin Services, http://www.admnsrvcs.com
How to become a VA - http://vatools.frugaladnetwork.com/index.php/book-intro
Free Book Preview - http://gazelle.simmons.googlepages.com/twdnkpreview
BABY BOOMER BABES - http://babes-network.ryze.com/

Private Reply to gazellems

Dec 03, 2009 2:36 pmre: Meet Mike Fesler - Profile Review#

Donald Smith
Mike's Profile is one to be admired for the breadth of its content and focus on presenting himself as a knowledgable fund-raiser. We should all emulate his style.

Private Reply to Donald Smith

Dec 03, 2009 3:08 pmre: Meet Mike Fesler - Profile Review from the point of an image consultant#

Marielena Alvarez
I would suggest a photo where your body is facing forward. This pose looks awkward, you are facing sideways and twisting your head sharply to your right. This is a slimming pose for women but does not work here.

Since Paul is introducing you, he is not going to be the first to comment. But he will likely reflect a similar view of the areas I am commenting on because he is a photographer who does head shots. Both Photographers and Image Consultants can help you put your best foot forward, even if it is not visible in your head shot! A good photograph is important as it is the first thing most people see and it says a lot, this was done by an amateur or you have altered the shot in some way.

Before you say, I don't meed an Image Consultant (wardrobe consultant, cosmetologist, photographer or personal shopper), please remember:

The first Lady is either very savvy or she consults with an image consultant as did Sarah Palin while on the campaign trail. These ladies represent the country (or might have) and they way they look may influence women to vote for their candidate or party, husband, etc. Politicians want to look trustworthy, honest and represent the American people when abroad.

You have a high wide forehead and the slicked back hair is not flattering (makes you look like you have a square head). A fuller hairstyle would be better. Facial hair and sideburns do for men what blush and contour do for women. If I saw other photos of you or a full length shot, perhaps I might make other recommendations in addition to those below.

The lenses of your glasses appear to be tinted, which is not flattering to your skin tone. If you were facing sideways, the frames seem close to your hair color, which I recommend. Perhaps gold tone metal frames might be better, since your hair is not gray (silver frames flatter those with gray hair, especially men). Frameless lenses are very flattering. Plastic frames reflect on the skin tone, not always flatteringly, as in this case (and perhaps you were trying to save money by reusing the frames rather than paying for a new more modern looking frame).

Nothing wrong with posing in front of the flag, it is usually done by politicians and military personnel, while in uniform. Were you in the military? With the colors of the flag, the best colors of suits are white, navy blue and black (military dress uniforms), it does not really work well with a camel colored suit/jacket. With your coloring the suit/jacket color flatters your skin tone and hair color, perhaps a different background would work better (I will leave that to Paul). If your shirt is white rather than beige, change to beige, as it is more flattering for your skin tone, especially with the camel suit/jacket, for a more pulled together look. Paul looks great in navy and a crisp white shirt, because his coloring is different than yours.

If I am paying so much attention to your photo (because I find it disconcerting) I am not reading your website or seeing what you want me to focus on about you, your business or the services you provide, that might be of interest to me. A good photo should make me say - he looks like a nice guy, what can he do for me? Which will lead me to read further to find out if we should connect because of a shared interest, similar fields or you provide a service I need.

Hope you find these suggestions helpful.

Private Reply to Marielena Alvarez

Dec 18, 2009 1:25 amre: Meet Mike Fesler - Profile Review#

Warren Contreras
Plenty here to compose a resume and information is what most people want. I do think it could be formatted for easier reading. As is, it's like getting a drink from a firehose.

Private Reply to Warren Contreras

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