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What are your favorite affirmations?Views: 4469
Dec 31, 2009 5:27 amWhat are your favorite affirmations?#

rina woods
The spoken word is so powerful. What are some of your favorite affirmations and how have they helped you?

Rina (New)

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Dec 31, 2009 6:48 pmre: What are your favorite affirmations?#

Marilyn Jenett

Welcome to the Feel Free to Prosper Network, Rina, and happy New Year's Eve Day :-)

About affirmations...

My students and those who have been following me for some time know that I do not teach about affirmations at the beginning of Feel Free to Prosper. There is a good reason for this. In the next post I will share a chapter from my eBook (and upcoming book). It explains why I believe the majority of people who use affirmations do not really understand them and do not get results or do not get them consistently...


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Dec 31, 2009 6:52 pmre: What are your favorite affirmations?#

Marilyn Jenett


My students do not learn about affirmations in the beginning of the Feel Free to Prosper program and there is a very good reason. The first lesson does include two affirmations that I have specifically composed to speed the learning process and the results, but there is no detailed study of affirmations and the students do not compose their own affirmations.

Later, in the second lesson, there is much to learn about the different types of affirmations, how to compose them, how to use them, when to use them, and why they may not bring results.

My knowledge about affirmations is based on decades of study of the subtleties of the subconscious mind, taught by some of the most brilliant minds in the area of mental and spiritual science and clinical hypnosis. Many of these subtleties are not addressed by today's modern teachers.
I was fortunate enough to be drawn to specific knowledge that allows us to bypass our analytical mind and influence the subconscious through what I have labeled "friendly persuasion" — specific techniques that do not create resistance in the subconscious and allow it to accept the new idea of wealth and abundance. These techniques bridge the gap between belief in the principles and subconscious acceptance of them.


It is my intuitive guess that 80% or more of the people who use affirmations don't get results. That's because they are not aware of those important nuances of the mind that would allow them to overcome its resistance. Let me explain what I mean by resistance…

Let's say your subconscious mind has an established pattern of lack. You might apply the type of present-tense affirmations that are generally recommended, such as "I am wealthy" or "I am prosperous."

Do you know what happens? Your subconscious mind does not accept this and knows you are lying, your entire being feels like you are lying, you look around at appearances and you say, "Yeah, right. Who am I kidding?" So now, what are you thinking about? What are you focused on? You are now focused more on lack! And because you are now focused on lack, your undesirable circumstances will continue to exist or may even get worse. This reminds me of, "Don't think of a white elephant!"

You have learned that the subconscious mind does not like change. That part of the mind does not reason — it just accepts input as an order. Once it accepts a thought pattern, it will resist any effort to change it. So the answer lies in not creating an argument or resistance in the subconscious. Remember what we discussed about the agreement of the conscious and subconscious minds? The key to heaven is to create that agreement.

In Lesson One of Feel Free to Prosper, you will learn techniques that gently coerce the subconscious to accept the new prosperous idea. You will use "friendly persuasion" to create the shift without creating resistance. The affirmations in the lesson are worded specifically to "till" the soil of the subconscious and prepare it for the planting and acceptance of more specific prosperity seed thoughts.

Mental Gardening

Once the subconscious is prepared, it will accept the seeds that you plant. Otherwise, it will not. That is why we don't study about affirmations until later in the program. By that time, you have learned other powerful techniques to prepare your mind to accept your personal affirmations and you will learn to compose them in a way that will produce the results you want. You have done your mental gardening.

You should be aware that affirmations are not one breed. There are many types of affirmations and different ways to use them. As I mentioned, if you don't use them correctly, you may very well create the opposite of what you want. Even the way you were raised — whether you accepted parental authority or not as a child — may determine whether certain types of affirmations will work for you — whether your subconscious will accept affirmations worded grammatically in the first person ("I") or second person ("you"). It's a fascinating study.

I truly believe that much of the success of the Feel Free to Prosper program has been based on these missing links in applying affirmative suggestion.

So, you have learned that your subconscious mind cannot take a joke and that it will resist any change that you wish to make, even for the better. The good news — let's make that the fabulous news — is that there are ways to make your subconscious mind your best friend so that it will support you and help you — even compel you — to create what you want. Knowledge is indeed power.

Marilyn Jenett, from the upcoming book, "Feel Free to Prosper: Two Weeks to Unexpected Income with the Simplest Prosperity Laws Available."

Copyright © 2003-2010 Marilyn Jenett, Feel Free to Prosper
All rights reserved

Marilyn Jenett
In the Media: http://www.feelfreetoprosper.com/MediaRelease.pdf

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Dec 31, 2009 10:17 pmre: What are your favorite affirmations?#

carol weaver

hi and many thanks for starting this great thread....

one of my most favourite teachings (not really an affirmation but has kind of become one for me) comes from
dr wayne dyer..

i think why i like it so much is that it keeps me in the moment of keeping my thoughts and feelings in check...

here it is.. i'm sure you've all read it...

"change the way you look at things and the things you look at change."...

blessings, weaver (((o)))

thoughtful visual communication...
with carol weaver creative
- illustration, logo identity, graphic design, useful resources...

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Jan 08, 2010 6:29 amre: re: What are your favorite affirmations?#

Marilyn Jenett

Hi Carol,

I responded to your post the other day, but I see it didn't show up, so I'll post again.

Here are a couple of favorite affirmations that I give to students and that I share in my writings. They are especially effective for urgent situations or when one is experiencing a setback.

When it seems like the sky is falling, turn your attention to these wonderful thoughts instead:

"I can't wait to see what good comes from this."

or "Only good can come from this."

"My TRUST fund is enormous!"

And then watch what happens...


Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Jan 12, 2010 1:26 pmre: re: re: What are your favorite affirmations?#

Mohini Gupte
Hi Marilyn,

I have used the affirmations ever since you mentioned them a few months ago and things have changed subtly but surely and slowly ever since then.

I had it on my desktop and kept looking at it and mentally saying it and all good things started happening.

Just had to add this here.

Thanks Marilyn.

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