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This is the one everyone has been waiting for. Views: 557
Jan 24, 2010 10:50 pmThis is the one everyone has been waiting for. #

j higgins
http://www.8kaweek.com My ID is 83433054

Please make sure that it says Julie Higgins in your sponser. #83433054 Write this down then go to http://www.8kaweek.com
This is going to be huge. Do not drag your feet.

Dave will launch a new program, "8K a week" on Febuary 1st. I have top placement in the company as a Founding Ambassador, and have several Ambassadorships to fill. I'm looking for key people, what I need from them is a commitment to get behind our program, and agree to reach out and offer the three Ambassadorships they are given to people of the highest potential, as a result we all win big.

On a personal note I know that you have many irons in the fire. I also believe, just like me you have a vested emotional interest in the success of others. I believe that this is a rare opportunity

The model is one of simplicity and appears as follows in a 3x6 forced stagger filled matrix with our proprietary algorithm and bonus structure fully deployed.

Zero Enrollees up to = $42 per week
1 Enrollee up to = $123 per week
2 Enrollees up to = $366 per week
3 Enrollees up to = $1824 per week
3 who have 3 up to = $8007 per week
3 or more who 3 = Unlimited

All earnings are based on a full Matrix, which is less than 1100 participants. This could occur in hours if you choose your Ambassadors as carefully, as we are. These are weekly earnings.

The cost, all chosen Ambassadors should have 60.00 in their Alert pay account, 36.95 for week one, 18.50 for week two by Monday, after that earnings will be revealed and there will be no further need for your personal funding.

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Jan 24, 2010 11:45 pmre: This is the one everyone has been waiting for. #

Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901


Why can't you come out and state what this new program really is in your inital post? It's a web design program. Correct?

Lamar Morgan
Network Moderator

Private Reply to Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901

Jan 25, 2010 2:53 amre: This is the one everyone has been waiting for. #

Chuck Bartok
At least you were up front enough to mention it is a matrix,.
So no need to go look further.

If these specious programs were so lucrative you
would think the President of US would be praising
them as a way to help him out of the Huge Hole
he intends to throw my Grandchildren
and great children.

I am amazed there are still persons interested in these
things with all of the historical information available.

each to his own I guess....

We create wealth old fashioned way..
1. Find out what people want
2. Apply Massive Action
3. Always deliver More Real value than
received in Cash Value
4. Repeat the process daily
5. Sustain on 50% of after tax Income and invest the rest back into Viable Businesses

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