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Seeds Of Excellence Motivational Message~InnovationViews: 341
Apr 26, 2010 1:19 pmSeeds Of Excellence Motivational Message~Innovation#

The Eagle: Motivating Champions Around The World
"Change cannot be avoided... change provides the opportunity for innovation. It gives you the chance to demonstrate your creativity."

Felice Jones

The Eagle

Private Reply to The Eagle: Motivating Champions Around The World

Apr 26, 2010 6:00 pmre: Seeds Of Excellence Motivational Message~Innovation#

Thomas Holford
> "change provides the opportunity for innovation"

I agree. Innovation is tied to change. Even more specifically, change is tied to DISRUPTIVE innovation.

Also tied to innovation is risk. Innovation requires risk and, therefore, change requires risk.

Paradoxically, progressive politics which hypes "change" is actually anti-change. Progressivism ALWAYS promises to REDUCE the personal risks faced by people, and the changes that people need to accept, through some plausible, but unsustainable COLLECTIVE scheme that transfers the costs and risks to some external group.

The template for progressive politics {"progressive-ism") associates common elements irregardless of the purported issue:

1. ignorant, unsophisticated, or desperate people;
2. an overwhelming, fear-based problem;
3. a plausible, optimistic, and costless promise;
4. an unsustainable solution
5. power gainers
6. power losers.

Progressivism has promised to solve the problem of old-age income insecurity through Social Security. The Social Security system is unsustainable and hurtling toward insolvency, and most people today will NEVER receive the benefits they were promised.

Progressivism has promised to solve the problem of unemployment lost income through government unemployment benefits. In a job-shedding economy, unemployment benefits are unsustainable. At some point, the people receiving the benefits exhaust the resources of the benefit funds.

Progressivism has promised to solve the problem of health care through government provided healthcare schemes. The demand for healthcare is essentially unlimited. Providing ALL the healthcare the people want is economically unsustainable, even for a government.

Progressivism has promised to solve the problem of "global warming" through government orchestrated "cap and trade" schemes. The government has made the "problem" of global warming sound overwhelming and scary, yet cannot show any workable, sustainable solution that will reduce the earth's temperatures by the supposedly necessary amount within anyone's lifespan.

> "change provides the opportunity for innovation"

"Progressivism" tells people that they can be insulated from change, if they surrender power over their lives to those who claim to have plausible answers to ultimately insoluble problems.

The ultimate price for "progressivism" is no change and no innovation.

T. Holford

Private Reply to Thomas Holford

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