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The 1 Stop Biz Resource Network is not currently active and cannot accept new posts
======> Updated: Daily Topic Posting InfoViews: 1067
May 24, 2010 3:40 pm======> Updated: Daily Topic Posting Info#

T.E.A.M. Mom!



  • Periodically the board will be updated and broken, inactive and outdated links and posts will be removed. I strongly suggest you => DO NOT <= book mark or save original network posting links. ====> INSTEAD ==> Bookmark the original website URL in your files! Once a post is deleted, the information is gone.
  • Many have been clicking on the Topic break =====DAY==== link's. This Topic Break Link is to --> separate the daily topics posted each day, as some search for information based on this format and not from the board archives. There will never be anything posted, except the Topic Title of that day.
  • RYZE Members: You will be able to access specific information, by hitting the board archives here. VISITORS: Unfortunately you will not be able to access the board archives and a = general search = by topic or day break will be necessary.


  • Sticky Post's (Found above the main posts) are specifically for information that per to Ryze and the network itself, that I will continue to update, edit, add to, etc. SOME information will be listed as a --> Title Topic Only <-- and will redirect over to our new blog here.
  • PLEASE NOTE: From 4/24/04 to 10/3/05, information was posted by Title and or abbreviated for specific topic's. A -> MANUAL -> search would be best when looking for information prior to the new format change!
  • FYI: Some of the topics listed below (New Topic Details Section) will be posted (same topic description applies), but a wider selection of information, resources, etc will be found after 10/3/05.


* Beginning 10/4/05, the original board format was changed to a daily topic posting format. The below chart will help assist you when skimming through the board.

MONDAYS (General)...

  • Advertising will encompass as many different areas of both FREE/PAID and OFF/ONLINE areas of promotion.
  • * Articles and Tips will cover many different subjects that per to running, owning, operating of a business and may include information on Marketing, Networking, Parties and more.

TUESDAYS (Education)...

  • Blogs (Business) will only be posted if again, the information discussed per to any topic covered on our board. NO BLOGS at any time will be posted to help solicit, promote, advertise a specific business, entity, etc.
  • Chats, Classes, Events, Seminars and so forth again, will related to any topic posted here on the board and will encompass as many different topics, cultures, countries as permitted by research and time.
  • Ryze Help, will consist of general information, links, posts, guides and so forth that will help everyone, especially new members better navigate and access their Ryze membership.

WEDNESDAYS (Networking)...

  • Networking Groups, Forums, Ryze networks, etc, will be posted and cover a wide range of different types of groups/organizations, both locally and internationally. Please note that some may have a membership fee. I will do my best to post as many FREE sites as I can.

THURSDAYS (Resources)...

  • Blogs - resources, tools and more will be posted to help those of you who are involved with Blogging further promote out your sites. AT NO TIME will I EVER POST personal or private BLOGS, UNLESS there is sufficient information that would further help those of this network.
  • General - this information will cover all spectrums of business and will be of general use. Whenever possible I will try to post only FREE tools, resources and so forth, but will not limit the content posted here to just this.
  • HMTL - [a form of text coding called Hyper Mark Up Text Link] various tutorials, sites, help, resources, tools and more will be posted for those who are just starting out with learning this form. *This script is used with the HTML editor on Ryze.
  • Newsletter - any information that per to helping those of you who run or want to learn "how to" run/create your own newsletter covering, Opt in Lists, Set Up, Services, Tools and much more. A wide variety of information will be posted whenever I have research material available. >
  • Web Design - this is for those of you who are more educated beyond basic HTML or for those who want to venture to this next step. Information will cover a variety of topics, tutorials, tools, resources and so forth.

FRIDAYS (Reading)...

  • Books, E books, E zines and so forth will be posted again, on a wide variety of subjects per to business, marketing, networking and the many topics covered on the network.


  • Titled: Special or Off Topic Posting = Any information that does not fit the regular posting topic schedule during the week, will fall into this section of posting.

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