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My First Film - Please need your feedbackViews: 1101
Jul 09, 2010 12:38 amMy First Film - Please need your feedback#

Thyagarajan S
I have done a short film using friends, family and neighbors as actors; handy cam to shoot the same and used trial version software on my PC to edit and finish this Short film. I suppose it is not a bad effort if not a great piece of work.

The film is on the emotions a boy born in a “super-achieved-family” passes through when he has scored 91% in his 12th class exams; commendable but not enough to get into top colleges. He feels he has let down his folks, feels suicidal and almost decides to commit suicide. He is not ready to accept the consoling words and advices thrown at him by his uncle. When he overhears his father, he gets a new perspective and drops his idea of suicide.

It starts with a Tirukkural which roughly means “Be born with Praise/Fame , else it is better to be not born at all” giving the premise/ question

And ends with another Tirukkural which can have two interpretations

a) The decision to work hard/ put ones’ efforts in his job/ Karma yogam is the highest praise/ has no equivalent fame

b) The effort one puts to protect and prosper one’s own family has no equivalent praise/ fame.

The first interpretation directed to the son’s final decision and second interpretation to signify the father’s role in changing the decision

This will have its own flaws- technical (in shooting and editing the piece) and in narration. Being my first effort, I had lot of learning ,but your feedback and inspiration is more important for future endeavors


Private Reply to Thyagarajan S

Jul 09, 2010 1:04 amre: My First Film - Please need your feedback- on Youtube#

Thyagarajan S
Sorry guys forgot to post the youtube link


Private Reply to Thyagarajan S

Jul 09, 2010 9:25 amre: re: My First Film - Please need your feedback- on Youtube#

Lavanya Karalkar
Thyagarajan, that was a good one. Your way of handling the climax was too good but dialogue rendering is not very clear especially of the boy i.e the hero..

But some dialogues eg." life na passiaon venumda life na life venumda" and ' kudule irukkara puli ' etc.

But too much of english usage . may be you want to depict a south indian brahmin family..

Finally the climax getting to be the anticlimax..there you have achieved thyagarajan.

why don't you send this clip to 'Madhan' where they are seeking young directors.

Good one ..Keep it up

I will give 3 *s since it is your first directorial venture.

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Jul 09, 2010 11:16 amre: re: re: My First Film - Please need your feedback- on Youtube#

Ganesh Ram
I liked it. I liked the english usage as well. The very reason being that many of the Tamil vernacular families have taken english mix as their first language.

The mother saying go to boston was hilarious. A Typical chennai brahmin family mom's attitude. That in US one should stay only in places where their own known families are there.

Little do they know that many of the first generation indian families here have become very nuclear that the relationships are more plastic than elastic. Something that mimics the locals here.

I have watched only till the the skull on the desk. So far a very nice attempt.

The only irk I have is the bgM, I wish Thiagarajan had got original scores than that of the maestro. We have great talents in the kids in India.

Private Reply to Ganesh Ram

Jul 09, 2010 2:03 pmre: re: re: re: My First Film - Please need your feedback- on Youtube#

Thyagarajan S
Thanks a ton for the reviews. Actually now I am getting some confidence in sending work to Madan.
Me being a working professional ( I work for Dabur) and having only the weekends to do the film ( and all by myself and No production budget) I had my limitations.
a) Though i have acceptable taste for music; I am not a composer, neither do i have any instruments/ equipment to create and add music[ need to buy ] with due respect to maestros there are 5 pieces of background score pieces
----- First one is a part of one of Vikku Vinayakaram's album
----- The woman's sound and 2 other very subtle pieces which run throughout the film are from my world music collections only
-----The Last part is a part of Ilaiyaraja sir's How to Name it.
b)For past few months I had to shift to East Delhi and both the actors are non Tamil speakers and there was a limit to which i could strain them on dialogues and as u said there is a growing culture of Tanglish speaking.
I hope my love for Tirukkural and placing the right ones make up for my sin of introducing too much of English.
Please give more feedbacks and show to more people

Private Reply to Thyagarajan S

Jul 09, 2010 2:31 pmre: re: re: re: re: My First Film - Please need your feedback- on Youtube#

Lavanya Karalkar
Thyag's please remove that 'thatha' to get a review.

When he is writing letters to young lady wishing he was 45 years younger and please don't spoil his mood yaar. We want Charu growing younger and younger to give us more youthful posts.

Private Reply to Lavanya Karalkar

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