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pens, pencils, umbrellas, calendars...how about selling these items...Views: 1020
Jul 19, 2010 3:33 pmpens, pencils, umbrellas, calendars...how about selling these items...#

Judy Nowakowski
We now adding personalized gifts to go along with our customized items... your business can be personalized!
Business opportunities with Specialized Gifts and Promotions.

Advertising specialty business offer....

If you seen my ads you seen my pens. Every business that alive needs to stay alive...in these troubling times promotions are the best way to stay alive. Introducing Kaeser-Blair Corporation been in business over 115 years they only have around 3500 dealers. That really is not alot of dealers for a business that been around over a 100 years. Plus the internet business with Kaeser is very new. Most of Kaeser dealers go door to door to businesses but you can market your business any way you choose. The internet position is a ground floor opportunity. Advertising specialties work great for every business. You go in the bank and see the pens at the counter with the bank name? Go in the store and see the grocery bags that have the stores name? Or perhaps the local bank or store offers you a calendar for the holidays? You could be selling these items! Even your local florist wants customized items!

Can't afford $85 to sign up with Kaeser Blair! No worry...you can have your own website with Nowa's Advertising Specialties for $10 membership. You get a .info site like mine with media tags for search engines. You get invite to our group so you can market with others in the same business. Plus you earn 15% on all sales you don't have to worry about collecting money or sending out products the company does all that for us! You receive your orders through me and earn 15% commission in your paypal or if you don't want paypal I can send your commission by money order. Your personal orders for yourself I give you 20% commission so you can promote your own businesses! No quota of when to sell if you want just sell at holiday times.

If you prefer to have the full kit we have that option you get full kit plus website for $88. You can place your own orders and earn 20-30%. Plus you receive company deals. With this kit you can hire others to work under you. You do need to have one sale every 3 months to stay active with your own account. If you worry about quotas you can sell with me and have no quotas.

Check out the website we now have calendars! http://www.nowasadspecialties.info You can get this copy of website with no additional fees for $10!

Sign up now for as little as $10>>>> http://nowasadspecialties.info/bizopportunity.htm

Personalized Gifts make great sales! Business offer....

Every person has a name and most people like seeing their name on cups, frames, bags etc. Do you have the desire to own your own business or add a line of in-demand personalized products to your existing business? Would you like to provide people with thoughtful products that will encourage, inspire and in general touch them in a positive way? No printer needed we dropship for you! All you have to do is sell the great products and make a commission. A very good commission rate of 30%
We have personalized mugs, frames, and names. Soon we will have bridal gifts, going green items, and more! We will have new items often. Get started now and be ready for holiday sales!

You can sign up for both businesses for a limited offer....both businesses you can choose one website or two for $25.00

See all the business offers we have to offer here >>>> http://www.nowasnetwork.info/workfromhomewithspecializeditems.htm

Don't need a business maybe you need a website for existing business? Check out os C Max http://www.nowasbudgetwebdesign.info/webdesign.htm os C Max has affiliate, wholesale, and retail capability. Great ecommerce website!

Facebook ads is where its at sign up now for $10! Get facebook ad and ryze ad!
Don't delay get the ad that will get you noticed! One time fee $10.00 you can stay linked as long as you like.
get listed here>>> http://www.nowasnetwork.info/summeradspecial/index.html

Judy Nowakowski

Our gifts and goods http://www.nowasmarketplace.info

summertime gardens

Time to Cello! http://www.nowascellobiz.info


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