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Better Fitness for You-Sports,Health & Fitness
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FitnessMagic Testimonials, the hottest Pill for Weight LossViews: 652
Aug 12, 2010 6:51 pmFitnessMagic Testimonials, the hottest Pill for Weight Loss#

Christel Agnes
FitnessMagic: Powerful Energy and Appetite Suppressant
= Accelerated Weight Loss

Here are some current results:

Pat Buchanan who has lost 19 lbs in a month!
Pat takes 1 FitnessMagic a day as needed.
There is so much more to her story
Including health benefits that are almost miraculous!

Linda Helton has lost 18lbs!!! She has also lost many
inches and is very happy!

Debra Catlett Deb has lost 13 lbs I asked her if she
was dieting she said NO just eating healthy when
I can but I already was doing that the pill just
Takes my appetite and I eat about half what I did!!

Jeanne Haiser has lost 15 lbs her husband Gary has
completed his program losing 30 lbsAnd only having to
maintain now! They both say it was easy and fun and
effortless! WOW!

Go Gary and Jeanne! Jeannie Beltz has lost 10 lbsJeannie said the is great
for her metabolism ! Jeannie just takes the pill
And eats less without making a big deal out of it!!
Good going Jeannie!

Roger Kuhl has lost 7 lbs and several inches Roger had
a heart attack last year so it is imperative for him
To lose and maintain a healthy weight! Keep it up Rog!

Connie Lewis has lost 7 lbs and looked great at the
last meeting! Now that girl has an appetite, so this is
Really working for her! She still eats plenty but just
Can't eat as much!

Reagan Davidson has lost 7 lbs and lots of inches!
He is so happy to get the weight back off as he enjoys
The gym and working out this works perfectly into his

Nancy Wiseman has lost 6 lbs BUT her clothes are
fitting much better therefore she is losing inches.
Remember everyone loses differently!
The idea is to be healthier and look better!
Nancy has just simply cut down with no effort!

Ila Sampson has lost about 5 lbs and more inches.

Karen Tandy lost 15 lbs and 7.5 inches

Paula Tyler lost 10 lbs

Muriel Drew lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks
Muriel is in her 70th and feels awesome and
So much younger

Diane D. A RN dropped so far from a 3X to a 1X
You go girl...

I am from India. I live in a city called Chennai.
Chennai is also called as the world capital for diabetes. I myself a diabetes with high blood sugar. Major chunk of the diabetes they have a combination of diabetes with obesity, high BP and heart disease Of course I do not have this combo but pure diabetes. When I studies the working of the fitness magic I was of the view that the pills may help the control of the diabetes. When I consulted my diabetologist he recommended the medicines and advised me to take the medicine. However I decided to subject myself to study the impact of fitness magic. Before taking the fitness magic capsules I first tested my blood sugar level. The test revealed that my blood sugar level was alarmingly high - showing sugar level of 333 before fasting and 393 after taking the food. Instead of taking the prescribed drugs I started taking one capsule two hours after taking my food. Daily I checked my blood sugar with the help of gluco meter. Within ten days I was able to bring my blood sugar to 250 points. After twenty days my blood sugar level stabilized to an average do 220. I was earlier feeling hungry and thirsty through out the day. After taking the capsule my hunger subsidized. According to the instructions while taking the capsule I took water frequently. The feeling of tiredness also disappeared. I used a software called diabetes manager and analyzed the sugar level sampled during different time periods and created a profile. During the period I took the fitness magic capsule my blood sugar level was in the range of 180-240. I am sure that the fitness magic will be a good product for the control of diabetes and manage the blood sugar level to remain stable. The capsule will be a sure remedy for the high blood sugar level combined with obesity. Thanks.

And myself I've lost 10 lbs and 2 inches having the
same weight I had when I was in my twenties
You save money by eating less
No Cravings at all and lots of energy.
The CellMagic Plus is the perfect Organic Super Food
our body needs to renew our cells on a daily basis.
You feel great you're healthy & you look younger
Also NOT ONE Mosquito bite !!!!
~Nothing Compares~

In case you need more info or you have questions
Feel free to contact me and check out my Ryze-Page.

Health & Blessings

Private Reply to Christel Agnes

Aug 17, 2010 9:13 pmre: FitnessMagic Testimonials, the hottest Pill for Weight Loss#

Christel Agnes
Please join us live tonight at 9pm ET
Dial 507-726-3420 pin 21265#

For more info:Click Here For ALL The Details!

Private Reply to Christel Agnes

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