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Outlook Magazine features 'US' (sushi & Krishnamoorthi) in their issue dt: 4th Oct., 2010Views: 441
Oct 07, 2010 4:08 pmOutlook Magazine features 'US' (sushi & Krishnamoorthi) in their issue dt: 4th Oct., 2010#

sushi krishnamoorthi
Friends, long time no see. Have been busy and now it is time for me to share the news of 'Outlook Magazine featuring 'US" (sushi & Krishnamoorthy) in their latest issue dated 4th October, 2010. Topic of the article is Enter’, All Ye Web Fuchchas" However I am giving a gyst of the article for your ready reference which features our pic too. _______ Their day begins with GM, goes on to ASLP and ends with ttfn. If your internet lingo is rusty, you may be unable to decipher that as Good Morning, Age/Sex/Language/Place (ASLP) and Bye Bye for Now (BBFN). But quiz a few senior citizens, and pat come their replies. For an increasing number of them, this is becoming their lingua franca, as they determinedly banish their deep-seated awkwardness with technology, and learn to lead a different, far more engaged life, turning every cliche about “retirement” into a thing of the past. Sushi Krishnamoorthy, 62, member of every social networking site from Verdurez to Facebook to Twitter, also likes chatting with younger members on the Ryze online network for a fresh perspective. “Age doesn’t play much of a role in the virtual world, the way it does in the real world,” she says.

Net Gain: For Sushi Krishnamoorthy and husband, ten hours a day online is not enough (Photograph by R.A. Chandroo) However, this new adventure doesn’t just end on the walls of Facebook, Twitter or on Skype. Older Indians, taking to the net at 60, 70 and even 80, are connecting not just with their grandchildren, some many continents away, but digging far deeper. For Chennai-based Sushi Krishnamoorthy, ten hours a day online isn’t nearly enough. Face-to-face, she might not have been daring enough to declare to friends that “Marriage is like a public toilet. The people outside are desperate to go inside and the people inside are desperate to get out,” given that, in her own words, “senior citizens are supposed to go to temples, do social service, and talk about moralistic things”. But on an online platform, she felt liberated enough to post this comment, and deal with the brickbats that predictably followed. On other occasions on the net, Krishnamoorthy has played matchmaker to two classmates she rediscovered online. More recently, she recounts in excited whispers, she even donned the avatar of another woman by creating a fake ID on an online messenger service, to solve an internet friend’s crisis. So much in love with the net is Krishnamoothy that she likes to communicate with her husband on Yahoo messenger—even while they are both in the same room. “He updates me on how the markets are doing and I tell him about things to be done in the house. And honestly, this way I have proof of what I’ve said to him and he can’t say that I never told him!” she chuckles. ********* Link for the full article : http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?267213

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