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Alert-Everyone Please Read!Views: 610
Oct 11, 2010 12:31 amAlert-Everyone Please Read!#

John Snyder
Craigslist-Wide Open Porn Site?

Let me ask you a few important questions. Do your children have access to a computer and the internet? Do you really know all there is to know about Craigslist? Have you ever really explored all sections of it? Go ahead, for your own enlightenment, just open the Personal Section, from any nearby City Site (Best to enter Rants & Raves, Then access all Personals) and click on the ads that have PIC on them. Did you notice how easy it was to get in here, so have your Kids! In fact it was my thirteen year old Niece
Who showed it to me.

Craigslist is a Nationwide wide open site with absolutely no security measures to prevent our kids from gaining access to the Pornography posted there. You will be shocked as to the perversions you find there, sex acts of all diversions are in full color, graphic in detail, and of actual real persons. They are disgusting to say the least. This is like someone flashing your kids, something you certainly would not stand for.

Politicians please take note. If you want a Cause that will push your campaign to the forefront, this is it. This is not only a local problem but is Nationwide as Craigslist has the same format in every major City. They are Headquartered in California but a local cry for clean-up here may have Nationwide implications. They have disclaimers on the site that no one under 18 may view the material there, but that is the extent of their Security. That is like posting a “Keep Out” sign on an old barn, did it keep you out as a kid? Of course not, you went in because it was forbidden. Do you think that it is any different for kids today? Just because an Adult says, “Do Not Go In”, they will go. Craigslist does not monitor its sites and readily admit when you post anything that they do not screen the content and that you are solely responsible for the content.

Many Adults are oblivious as to what is going on here because they have never even seen this section of Craigslist, but it is well known to middle-schoolers and younger. They print out and share these photos on the school bus on their cell phones and laptops.

Everyone needs to contact their Congressman or Senator right now and demand that action be taken to protect our kids.

Private Reply to John Snyder

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