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ABHP - A Bit of Humble Pie
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Bing Replaces Yahoo! as #2 S.E.Views: 1845
Nov 11, 2010 3:38 amBing Replaces Yahoo! as #2 S.E.#

Eileen Brown

You may have already hear this but just in case... 

From the SE Newsletter

Bing Replaces Yahoo! as Number Two Search Engine
Microsoft Bing reached a major milestone for usage in August, the same month it officially became the technology which powers the Yahoo! search engine. According to PC Magazine, the latest statistics from The Nielsen Company show that Bing surpassed Yahoo! for the first time in August to become the second most-used search engine in the United States.

Bing represented 13.9 percent of all domestic Internet searches in August, placing it ahead of Yahoo!'s 13.1 percent. Bing still is a distant second to industry leader Google, which represented a whopping 65.1 percent of all American Internet searches in August. However, the combined number of user-generated searches performed by Bing and Yahoo! in August would be 26 percent, according to a Nielsen blog post.

Bing is also showing tremendous growth. According to Nielsen, while Google's searches have grown by just one percent in the United States since August 2009, searches on Bing in the same time frame have risen by 30 percent.

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Private Reply to Eileen Brown

Nov 11, 2010 3:17 pmre: Bing Replaces Yahoo! as #2 S.E.#

James P Reardon Sr.
A while ago Bing was used as a search in my toolbar, I didn't even know what it was or how it got there. I changed it back to Google though.

My wife has it on hers too. She said she never knew there was a difference. LOL.

James P Reardon Sr.
http://www.bettermember.net (BetterMember Services)
http://www.jamespreardonsr.com (My personal website)

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Nov 11, 2010 3:37 pmre: re: Bing Replaces Yahoo! as #2 S.E.#

Eileen Brown
Hi James.

Uh, Bing pretty much replaces MSN search.
It's supposed to be Microsoft's answer to Google.
Suppposedly a better search engine.

Webmasters ( riding the beam [staying updated] ) have been
looking at Bing since day one, some time ago and learning
to add optimaztion of this search engine to their skill-


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Private Reply to Eileen Brown

Nov 11, 2010 3:41 pmre: re: re: Bing Replaces Yahoo! as #2 S.E.#

Eileen Brown
I guess I should say web developers and web designer instead
of webmasters, in general.


Tweet ME @SuperEB - http://twitter.com/SuperEB
Web Development - http://www.bekansas.com/
Web Site Graphics - http://www.buddywebgraphics.com/
ABHP http://abhp-network.ryze.com/ ~~~ JOKE http://todaysjoke-network.ryze.com/

Private Reply to Eileen Brown

Nov 11, 2010 3:47 pmre: re: re: re: Bing Replaces Yahoo! as #2 S.E.#

Bobbi Jo Woods
There are only a few features of Bing that I like, only time I use it is when I'm using Internet Explorer (and that's pretty rare) just too lazy to switch it back to Google, I guess.

I have not been doing any SEO for Bing. What's the difference? Any?

Private Reply to Bobbi Jo Woods

Nov 13, 2010 6:38 pmre: Bing Replaces Yahoo! as #2 S.E.#

Eileen Brown

There doesn't seem to be TOO much of a difference however, if you have compared Bing with some others since the beginning, you know it has come a long way since those first few days and weeks.

Bing sould be easier to optimize (for) than Yahoo, in my OH-pinion as Yahoo has some tag quirks that don't exist in Bing.  Bing's priorities are enormously different than other search engines in that incoming links DO NOT MATTER.  If you are optimizing for Bing (rather than Google) you should concentrate on clean code, and use anchor text with attributes commonly used in a word processing program.  Keyword density is also different for Bing, to a certain extent...

Not gonna give any more real tips here but since you asked I will post this from an email...


Every major search engine provides hints and tips about how to optimize your pages for improved rankings on their sites. But when you read these guidelines you quickly see that most of it is just their own wish list. Things like 'Write for humans not search engine bots - or - do not hide keywords with a font matching the background color.' It is all good advice but kind of general and already well known (for the past decade.)

But there are always things a search engine will not tell you. And, of course, these are the things that make all the difference in your SEO efforts and results. That said; here are eight things that Bing does not want you to know (or you can skip to the Magic Formula section at the end):

1.) Your Domain Name Matters - A Lot

Search for just about anything on MSN / Bing and at least three of the top five matches will have some version of that keyword as the domain name. For example if you wanted to optimize for the keyword 'my domain' you should try to get the domain name 'mydomain.com.' If that is taken, opt for 'my-domain.com.' If that's taken try for a name starting with 'mydomain' and ending with a word that is commonly associated. This is called LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing. A good example would be 'mydomainname.com' or 'my-domain-name.com.' BTW, Bing treats dashes as a space so as long as long as the dashes merely separate words, they are treated much like the non dash version.

2.) There is No Sandbox

Here's some great news for anyone just getting started. Bing does not seem to care about the age of your domain name. There is no 'sandbox' like Google has. Many people, myself included, have registered brand new domains and had them ranking in a matter of days.

3.) DotCom Trumps DotNet

Today some search engines like Google will often give .net and .com virtually the same value, and possibly higher value for a .org that is for a recognized non-profit organization. Bing however appears to prefer the .com version. You can even see instances where a '.co.uk' site gets high rankings simply because it uses the exact keyword in the domain name and .co is close enough to .com.

4.) We Like Sub Domains

Most web hosts will let you add sub domains to your website. On Bing, if you have the sub domain mydomain.mydomain.com you are in for some potentially great rankings. The same is true if you have my.domain.com, but to a slightly lesser degree.

5.) Less is More - Part One

We have been trained by Google to try to have hundreds of pages of quality content on every website. Bing adheres to the old policy that they are indexing web 'pages' not web 'sites' (like Google says they do, but Bing appears to really mean it.) This means each page is treated on its own merit so a site with one page has the same chances of being ranked as a site with 100 pages, because each page is genuinely treated individually.

6.) Less is More - Part Two

The same rule as above goes for on-page text. Pages with 800 to 1,200 words seem to do best on Google but on Bing the reverse is true, with 250 to 500 words being the magic number. Just do not overuse your keyword.

7.) Links are Nice But Not Required

Forget about spending your life building an ever growing number of inbound links for Bing. They do not need them. Your site, for now at least, is judged by its own merits, page by page.

8.) Be Bold not Strong

The original SEO method dating back to 1996 was using the H1 or 'strong' heading tags in your HTML. Forget them for now. Bing gives higher priority to how you would express importance in a word processor document; larger font and bolded text as the main markers.

Summary: I build hundreds of Bing (formerly MSN) targeted mini sites every year using the information above (as it has evolved) and the results have been consistent top ten rankings. You can do it too!

Here's my magic formula for a one hour top ranking:

A.) Get the .com version of a three to four word keyword as the domain name (dashes are fine.)

B.) Use the domain name as the page heading in a bolded font, slightly larger than the paragraph text.

C.) Write 400 words of natural sounding text using the keyword up to five times.

D.) Mention the keyword once in the first sentence and once in the final sentence of the page - then up to three times scattered throughout the remainder.

E.) Bold one instance of the keyword. Italicize one instance of the keyword. Use one instance of the keyword as a link back to the same page.

F.) Always fill in your Title, Description and Keywords META tags. That's it.

Good luck and take care!

PS: This works for Yahoo too.

About The Author...
Mike Small is the president of DotCom Pirates,a different kind of SEO company dedicated to helping website owners optimize for pennies on the dollar.


Mike is a pretty savvy fellow.

Eileen :D

Tweet ME @SuperEB - http://twitter.com/SuperEB
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Private Reply to Eileen Brown

Nov 24, 2010 10:33 pmre: re: Bing Replaces Yahoo! as #2 S.E.#

Ron Sam
I have used Bing Droid on my HTC G2 cell phone with TMOB. It works very good but I still use Google. BingDroid makes it easier to find images and save them on my sd card.

The R&D at Google is far superior. Android apps are free and the google shopping tool is a must. When you are at a store you just scan the bar code of a product you want pricing info and boom, you have the low to high price in seconds.

They have another tool, I feel it like a beta tool, called goggles that takes a scan of an object and finds info and comparisons. Sometime it works, some it can't recognize the object or pattern.

Private Reply to Ron Sam

Dec 15, 2010 10:56 pmre: re: re: Bing Replaces Yahoo! as #2 S.E.#

Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901

Does it matter at all what browser you pair with your choice of a search engine? I mean, is Firefox better than Internet Explorer? Is Google Chrome better than Firefox? Is an open source creation going to be better or worse than a proprietary software product?

Lamar Morgan

Private Reply to Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901

Dec 29, 2010 7:46 pmre: re: re: re: Bing Replaces Yahoo! as #2 S.E.#

Bobbi Jo Woods
I guess I prefer Google simply because I know the intricacies of it best, of all the others. Such as cached links, etc. plus it works with my Firefox Google Cache Continue extension for when I want to access an old page for some reason (it happens often enough that I needed that extension).

As for what browser is best, that is subjective to the user. I myself prefer Chrome for everything (browsing, email, daily work tasks like invoicing, web design work, etc.), and only use IE for testing out designs or for when an application requires it. Firefox was my main go-to browser up until Chrome came into infancy, because I could tweak the crap out of it to get it to do what I wanted. Still really can't do that too much with IE. I also use Firefox for certain games I like to play, such as on Facebook. But so far, Chrome is more able to allow me to tweak it farther than I could with Firefox back in the day.

I don't know if you'd heard of it, but Rockmelt and Flock are supposedly the best browser for social networking/social connecting. I haven't tried either one, because I'm happy with the way I do social stuff in Chrome. I prefer to limit my social activities because I tend to get way too distracted and not get much else done. Perhaps I would try one or the other soon, to see if they could help me get social networking/marketing done and keep up with all social things in a more efficient manner, though.

-Bobbi Jo

Bobbi Jo Woods, Owner, B. Woods Design
Professional Websites for Small Business
877-996-9932 Toll-free

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