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Quiz-Vision Competitions _____________ QQ # 65.Views: 434
Dec 13, 2010 6:52 amQuiz-Vision Competitions _____________ QQ # 65.#

Manohar Bhatia
Here is your next quiz___________

opening date::::: Monday,13thDec.2010
closing date::::: Monday,27th Dec,2010(IST Noon)
Solutions:::::::: Monday,27th Dec.2010

416)The best medicine for intemperate grief is Compassion; the keenest rebuke for RIBALDRY/ADULTARY, contempt.

417)It is WRONG/ILL to wrench passages of the Bible out of their context.

418)The foolish and the ignorant are led astray by the idea of CONTINGENCY/CONFORMITY.

419)All salaries are reckoned on PROBABILITY/CONTINGENT, as well as on actual services.

420)External life in heaven is plainly about a continuation and development of INTERNAL/EXTERNAL life on earth.

421)Space and time are SCARCE/CONTINUOUS.

422)When a woman is not contradicted, she has no CAUSE/MOTIVE for obstinancy in her absurdities.

423)Contrast withour CONTRARIETY/COMPARISION is one of the great laws of Nature.

a)Of 2 CAPITAL words,knock out the wrong word according to you.
b)Use your best skill,knowledge to solve.
c)Do consult your dictionaries.
d)Form groups in your neighbourhood for discussions.
e)Please do not give out the sources of the quotation, at the risk of your entry rejected.
f)Any person can give their answers on my e-mail at::::: manoharbhatia2@gmail.com by checking out on my World Viision blog::::http://www.manoharbhatia.blogspot.com


*** Prize settings_____________

For those getting an all 8 quotes correct, a book prize titled..."Taming Your Dragons" by David Samuel.The book will be sent to the winners address by speed post(priority mail)
Happy quizzing!

Manohar Bhatia.

Private Reply to Manohar Bhatia

Dec 27, 2010 1:30 pmre: Quiz-Vision Competitions _____________ QQ # 65.:::::::::::::::::: Solutions.#

Manohar Bhatia
These are your solutions for QQ # 65_____________

416)R I B A L D R Y
Name of book::::"United States"
vol.i, p.257
Name of author:: Bancroft [L.B.& Co.1874]

417)I L L
Name of book:::: "Sermon Notes"
vol.iii, p.275
Name of author:: Spurgeon [W & F 1855]

418)C O N T I N G E N C Y
Name of book:::: "Short Studies,Spinoza"
P. 313.
Name of author:: Froude. [S.1872]

419)C O N T I N G E N T
Name of book::::"Cond. of Life"
Name of author:: Emerson [H.M. & Co.1888]

420)E X T E R N A L
Name of book:::: "Presence of Christ"
ch.6, p.232.
Name of author:: A.W.Thobold [RAN & AS]

421)C O N T I N U O U S
Name of book:::: "Intitutions"
Name of author:: McCosh [C & Bros.1809]

422)M O T I V E
Name of book:::: "Middlemarch"
Name of author:: George Elliot [H.1873]

423)C O N T R A R I E T Y
Name of book:::: "Brave Lady Epilogue"
Name of author:: Diwah.M.Clarke. [H.]

Notes: These are all your solutions for QQ # 65, kindly check your answers.Thanks to all those who went through these wonderful of some great writers of the past era.

Manohar Bhatia.

Private Reply to Manohar Bhatia

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