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Power Of Love____ An Experimnt (Play)Views: 443
Dec 18, 2010 9:44 amPower Of Love____ An Experimnt (Play)#

Manohar Bhatia
"Power Of Love--------------An Experiment."

What love can do to an individual's health and personlity?The writer wants to know exactly what 'love'is all about.He wants to go deeper into this aspect called love and understand it totally.

Love,as is understood by a vast majority of people is an abstract phenomenon;but the writer wants to probe further.To succeed in his mission,the writer uses different protoganists for his stories for unique and interesting situations.Sometimes,the story is in a club,sometimes in a dancing school or at other times,just in London.The protoganists have only one aim in life..........to look at love more closely.For many folks,love is a passion,for others a lust or for some, a study.

This may be just a fictional account of the writer;but the writer has to really fall in love to know its authencity.Feedback from the readers and critics will be welcomed to make this novel go further into the power of love.

Manohar Bhatia.


1)Susan O'hara.................... The House maid
2)Tom O'hara...................... Susan's little brother.
3)John Smith...................... The Protoganist
4)Loveena......................... The Dance teacher
5)Mark Anthony.................... The Protoganist's Loveena's Student.

POWER OF LOVE------ AN EXPERIMENT (1 St.Experiment)

Loveena At The Dance Academy........First Experiment.

Tucked away in the lush green locality of Little Gibbs Road is Fine Arts Academy Dance School.This dome shaped structue is a real show piece in Bombay(India)

Built in the year 1900,it has a historical significance.Many famous personalities had learnt dance at this academy over the past decades.Many of the Hollywood and Bollywood actors had learnt this art in the years gone by.

One day,Mark Anthony was browsing through a book titled:"How To Learn Dancing",enjoying his afternoon siesta with the book in his hand,half awake and half asleep.Mark was reading slowly through the pages,when he came across a page having a photo of this Fine Arts Dance School,situated at Malabar Hill on Litle Gibbs Road.It was an impressive photograph of the dance school,very posh and modern.There were many pages devoted to great teachers of this school,who have either passed away or too old to continue to teach.

Mark's friends had always made fun of him,because of his limitation to this form of art.Now, this book has come his way as a great inspiration to learn dance in its many forms.Mark thought to himself..............
"Will I able to dance?Will my legs move in the right direction?And,will I be appreciated in my efforts?These thoughts posed a great challenge and a determination in his heart to succeed.And,Mark made his decision.He will enroll himself at this academy and learn dances in all its forms.

So,next day,Mark Anthony,all dressed up entered the academy and faced the receptionist at the front desk..............
"Yes Sir,What can I do for you?"
Mark was hesitant..........
"Err,err,you see madam,I am here to learn dance."The girl just blanked his face.Mark was nervous and made a poker face,trying to be brave.
Then, she quipped.............
"We enroll only students,who has passion and interest."
"But,I am eager to learn,passion will come later."
After much persuasion,the girl took his word and enrolled him at the academy.

Mark's first day at the school...............
He was sitting on a chair with a group of freshers,when a girl called Loveena announced Mark's name.He stood up and Loveena took him to a small room for a chat.
"My name is Loveena and I will be your teacher from to-day."
"Thank you,maa'm for being so kind and considerate in taking me as your student."

Now,unknown to Loveena,Mark Anthony,the protoganist is on a dangerous mission in experimenting power of love.He has to show Loveena that he has really fallen in love with her and should experience this love himself.

"What do know about dance?"
"Nothing!Loveena,I like to see anybody dancing on the floor;from that perspective,I love dance,that's all."
"What about the attitude?"........asks Loveena.
"Now, what's that?".......questions Mark.
"Attitude is your take on dancing."
"What's take?"
"Means,what do you personally think about dancing?"
"I think,dance is a form of exercise.And, there is a lot of sweating after a session of dance."
"And what else?"
"Well,Loveena,dance also changes the mood of a person."
"Elaborate further,Mark,you are doing good."
"I mean, a person begins to feel better in health and spirits."
"So,there you are,Mark,you have given me a lot of inputs on dance."....says Loveena.
"Now,keep those inputs in your mind,Mark."
"Why,what will happen next?".........Mark.
"All these will form an attitude."..........Loveena

All this while,I was looking straight into the eyes of Loveena,expecting from her to get some sort of a response.Then she held my right hand and led me out of the room on to the dance floor.I was very nervous...............
Then,Loveena said...........
"Hold me by my waist with your left hand and just waltz me accross the dance floor."
I did that with both our bodies fused into each other.This was my first experience of getting intimate with a girl in my life.Of course, at the back of my mind,I had to write a book through this experiment of power of love on Loveena,the consequences notwithstanding!

After a session of 10 minutes of waltzing,Loveena asked...........
"Are your tired Mark?"
"Good, then let's have one more session."
Again,we danced to-gather for 10 more minutes.This time,I saw a marked difference in Loveena's body language.I noticed that she was coming quite close to me emotionally.Her eye contact was quite deep and I could sense the power of love working on her.Suddenly she asked...........
"Mark, why don't we go down for a cup of coffee?"
Pleasantly surprised,I responded..........
"Yeah,why not?"
Mark was scared, although his plan was working in the right direction.Soon,they were sitting in a coffee day bar,which was just a stone's throw from the Dance Academy.The coffee bar as very cosy place for couples.Mark saw many couples sitting comfortably and drinking coffee and chatting intimately,saying sweet nothings into each other's ears!
Loveena walked straight in the corner of the bar,where there was a huge sofa.She elbowed herself beside the table and sank into a corner,with Mark sitting next to her.The bar was dim lighted,creating an atmosphere of intrigue and romance.Mark was sitting on her right hand side with the left side of his body almost touching her.Mark felt the chemistry was working and the sparks began to fly!
Then,Lovena began...........
"Lovely place to be in,Mark;don't you think so?"
Mark nodded,putting on a big smile,trying to be romantic.
"Yes,Loveena,its quite nice and comfortable and........." Mark said,looking straight into her face with his killer eyes doing all the signals.
"Shall we order coffee,now?"
"Would you like to eat anything?"
"Only sandwiches."........Loveena.

Now, Mark was in a very dangerous state with Loveena and was indeed in a dilemma.On the one side,Mark was on a mission to write a book and to understand exactly what love is all about;on the other hand,Mark was anxious so as not to fall in a trap with a real romance with this dance teacher.Mark was feeling guilty on one side and victorious on the other way.Mark did not know how to go further;he was feeling miserable for Loveena.How to tell her that he was only conducting an experiment on Power of Love.If Mark were to tell her everything from the begining,then his story will turn into a faisco!
Mark thought to himself..............
"All experiments have a price.If I don't invest,I will not have returns.I will be bold and execute this experiment right till the end;I will face the cosequences whatever the cost."

The waiter brought the coffee along with the sandwiches.They were drinking the coffee slowly,when Loveena came up with a very dangerous question......
"Mark, what do you think of love?"
Taken aback suddenly by this imposing question,Mark gathered his wit and courage facing her flatly and smiling.
"Well,Loveena,love is the most powerful emotion in a human being."
"So,tell me further,what you know about love?"
Looking at her apologitically.........
"This emotion is also developed fully in animals too,especially amongst its tribe.That is why,you will never see a lion kiling a lioness or a goat killing a sheep..And then, there is a great love amongst their own family members.Don't you see,how the cubs and their mother bond and love ach other in the animal kingdom.How the mother eagle hunts food for its new borns and feed them in the process of their growing up."
"Mark,that is o.k.but I am talking about human love."
"Well,human love is very complex,because of their intellect.I would say,there is very rare pure love in a human."
"Why is it so?".........Loveena
"There are many forces,circumstances,conditions coming into play in humans."
"So,Mark,you mean to say that human love is all fake?"
"To a very great extent."
Suddenly,Mark interrupted.............
"Now,Loveena,you tell me,what is your take on love?"
"Well,Mark,I am a very simple girl;If I find the chemistry working,I love that person without any conditions."
"What,if your partner turns out to be fake?"......Mark
"Then God have mercy on that person!" ........Loveena
"Yes,I might annihilate that person."......Loveena
Mark's heart began to beat faster than a racing car and his mind went into a spin!All this while,Mark was also observing Loveena's face and trying to read her thoughts.Mark was also thinking about himself..........
"What if.............."
But,Mark did not give away his emotion to her; rather he made a poker face,trying to be brave.Mark could sense Loveena's chemistry working with his,with her attitude and body language revealing quite a bit.Mark finished his coffee and Loveena her sandwich and were ready to leave the coffee bar.Loveena stretched her rightr hand for a hand-shake;Mark wished her good-night,kissing her on her right cheek;Loveena just blushing away!

Mark reached home and took out his keys to open his door.Mark found his hands trembling a bit,struggling to find the key-hole.Once inside, Mark sank into his bed.Mark wanted to sleep,but he could not,tossing himself from right side to the left.The,Mark laid straight on his back and let his eyes wander on the ceiling.His haunted mind introspected.........

"Am I doing the right thing by this experiment?Will Loveena accept me after my job is over?What will Loveena think of me,if I tell her the truth?How to execute this experiment successfully without any heartburns?" Meditation helped him to sleep over these questions for the time being.When morning broke,Mark was up from his bed and ready to go about his job.

"Mark,this Loveena,How are you?"
"Fine,just fine as can be...."
"I am sure,You are coming for your dance lessons to-day,Mark?"
"Of course,at 6.00 p.m.on the dot and......" Mark hung up.

His second day at the Dance School........
"Hi,Lovena,how is everything here?"
"Mark,I was waiting for you."
"Why Loveena?"
"Well,just for the heck of it."
"What do you mean just for the heck of it?"
"Mark,I find something special in you."
"What's that something special?"
"I mean I like you as a person."
"Only like me? Or something more than that?"

As Mark gathered from her talk,Loveena was biggining to get certain special feelings from him.May be,those feelings are of 'love' or something else,Mark could not say for certain.Mark's power of love as beggining to work on Loveena and she was slowly and slowly coming close to him.Time will only tell when she will be totally in Mark.

The dance starts.To-day's lesson was ball-room dancing.Now,ball-room dance is an English dance,where the partners dance in steps in an almost tight embrace.Loveena asks Mark to come on the floor;Mark comes and the music is on.Loveena puts her left hand on Mark's right shoulder with his right arm over her slim waist and her right hand and his left hand in a tight clasp!Both are close to each other and Mark can almost hear her breathing,notwithstanding her chest going up and down.Loveena teaches Mark the four steps of ball room dancing,although his attention was focussed on other places and his mind whirring and spining like a top!

"Are you comfortable?"......whispers Loveena into Mark's ears.
"I am too comfortable,Loveena."........replies Mark hesitantly.
Mark could feel her interest in her,revealing so much of her skin,much to his embarasment and enticing him to respond.But,Mark is as cool as a cat,knowing fully well that he is on a mission to write a book,experimenting the true power of love.They danced to-gather for close to an hour and then the bell rings for a break!
"Nope,just adjusting my mood."
Mark had always known the importance of feelings.He reasons that feelings are the life-line of a person's mental make up.Absense of feelings causes death in a person.Feelings have no form,but they can be expressed by way of laughter,smile,anger,body language,etc.Love is dormant in every living entity;but it can ignite by a wave of powerful feelings!.If there are no feelings,then there is no love.

To create a power of love,Mark had to put his feelings in the fore front.He has to be very honest with his feelings in whatever relationships he happens to be in.With Loveena,Mark's feelings are true in content as far as the experiment is concerned.Mark knew he is playing with fire,but he has to undestand the power of love for the greater good of his writng his novel.May be,Mark will be able to explain this power of love to his friends better and thus prepare him how to go about it with his girl.Or may be power of love will teach Mark some extra-ordinary human aspect after he is done with the experiment;he does not know at this juncture.
After the break,Loveena comes forward towards him.........
"Mark,are you ready for the final session?"
"Absolutely,"..says Matrk confidently.
The music is on.This is a soft roamantic tune from the film Dr.Zhivago.
Mark comes forward towards Loveena and holds her waist in a loving embrace and both of them dance to the delight of the music lovers,who had gathered to watch the dancers.
Then,Loveena looking straight into Mark's eyes,wispers in his right ear........
"Mark,you are looking so sexy.Why don't you hold me a little tighter?"
"Why Loveena?"
"Because, you can put more power into your dance,which you are learning at present."
But,Mark thought the reason will be the other than what Loveena is saying.....
"o.k., o.k.,I will do as you say."

Now,Mark was holding Loveena in a tight embrace and both of them were dancing to the delight of the audience.The audience were going into ruptures whenever Mark would plant a kiss on Loveena's cheek or show a jerk.It looked as if a romantic scene was been shot by the cameraman.Loveena was an expert dance teacher and Mark was just her student.Mark was on an experiment to probe on an emotion called 'Love'; while Loveena was the girl involved in this experiencing this emotion!It was a blending of opposite personalities at play.Who will gain and who will lose,no one knew the answer.

The dance lessons went on for a good 15 days and Mark felt that Lovena was quite close to him in her emotions.Her face had taken a dramatic change for the better.There was more glow on her face,more sparkle in her eyes and a bigger smile on her lips.Mark could clarly see the change in her,happening entirely due to the power of love that he was experimenting on her.

One day,at the dance sessions..........
"Mark,why not drop me at my house and have a dinner with me?"
Mark was stunned?
"Yeah,sure,I would love to,but........."
"No iffs and butts,Mark?"
"Yes,Loveena,but I have to reach early to-night for an important meeting with an associate for business."
"Oh,come on Mark,you can always ring up your friend to call the meeting on the morrow."
"Let me see,Loveena."
Mark rings up his friend on his cell.Its a fake call,no meeting is scheduled between Mark and his friend.After a few minutes of talk,Mark hungs up.
"So,Mark is it yes or no for the dinner to-night at my place.?"
"o.k.I will come.".....responds mark reluctantly.

In the by lanes of fashionable location of Colaba,stood Bell View Apartment.Its was an English style structure,covered entirely on the outside with red bricks,4-storeyed with large balconies jutting out of each apartment.Loveena lived on the 3rd.floor of this building.

At the Bell View Apartment..........
Loveena opens the door graciously.Mark extends his right hand for a formal greeting to Loveena,but suddenly she draws Mark forward for almost like an embrace.
"Mark, its so nice to see you in person at my house.I hope,you have left all your emotional baggage behind."......Loveena.
"Emotional baggage?"......Mark
"Mark, you are a real tube-light;I mean,your disturbing thoughts behind."..Loveena.
"Oh yes,I have come in one piece to be in company with a beautiful girl to enjoy this precious moment."
"Good boy,Mark,it makes me happy to hear that sentence."..Loveena.

Once inside the room,Mark and Loveena are in total embrace and Mark kisses Loveena passionately on her sexy lips.Loveena responds by just closing her eyes with a moan.
For dinner,Loveena had set out a lavish spread for her love Mark.There was Danish Bread,Roasted Chicken in Indian tanduri style,Briyani Rice in four varieties,exotic salad,Mashed Potato curd,and a sweet dish comprising of fruit desert,ice-cream and a swiss chocolate cake.To complete the menu,a large bottle of porta wine from Goa was placed in an ice-bowl in the centre of the table.

Mark and Loveena prepare themselves to sit near the table,which is full of yummy eatings.Mark starts off with the chicken and Loveena observes him lovingly.There is a peaceful and happy atmosphere at Loveena's Bell View Apartment.Love seems to flaot in the air!And Mark is very much aware of this experience.He is careful not to get carried away by this powerful emotion and do something stupid so as to regret later on his failed experiment.But Loveena is on cloud nine!She is sure that Mark is blindly in love with her and she is ready to go to 2.0 level in this relationship!And,its fortunate that Mark is aware of Loveena's advances.

But,now Mark is in a dilemma.He has to project himself as Loveena's lady love totally,so that she does not doubt anything at this stage.And, at the same time,he has to hold his emotion in reserve to finish his mission.How to go about this knotty problem is a big question mark running in Mark's mind.Dinner is over and both Mark and Loveena walk up to sit on the sofa placed in the far corner of the room.

"Mark,how was the dinner?"........inquires Loveena.
"Ah,Loveena,my stomach is dancing with joy with all those lovlies inside.....Mark
"What did you like most?"......Loveena
"Roasted chicken prepared in indian tandoori style.".....Mark
"Good for you Mark,it brings me happiness.".....Loveena
As Mark was looking at his watch and Loveena was observing him and.........
"Mark,why are you looking at your watch?"......Loveena
"Oh,just to see if the time is right?"....Mark
Then,Loveena suddenly barges in and...........
"Mark,why don't you put off here for the night?"
Now,Mark thought that it was time for him to be on guard and bid this naughty little girl a long good-bye.But all this behaviour has to look authentic to Loveena.
Then Mark interrupts...........
"Loveena dear,I have much paper work to do at my place and I think its time for me to leave,notwithstanding all due respects to you."
And Mark leaves Bell View Apartment and heads straight for his home,heaving a sigh of relief........."Oh,that was some experience!"
Mark was so much exhausted by spending so much time with Loveena,that opening the lock on his door was quite a task.Mark walked inside his room,running almost breathlessly and sinking into a black leathered sofa effortlessly.Soon,he went into a dozzing sleep.

When morning sun was rising and the golden rays falling on Mark's face,he opened his eyes with a big yawn and full stretched arms and legs.He could not beleve that he had fallen asleep for a good seven hours at the stretch!
And, then the bell on the door...."Tring,tring,tring........"
He was shocked!
"Good morning Mark.".....says a mysterious voice,
Barely able to recover his shock.........
"Er,er,madam,I don't recognise you."
"Oh,are you silly,Mark;I am Loveena."
"Ouch,so sorry Loveena,I am still on a hangover."
"Good,you didn't go to the other extreme!"
"What do you mean?"
"I mean,I mean..............xyz"
"You are embarassing me."
"I am only joking."
"O.K, you may say whatever you want,if it makes you happy."
Mark welcomes Loveena into his home.
"Want to drink some coffee?"
"Hmmm,if you are not troubled?"
"What's the trouble?I make coffee for myself every morning."
Mark and Loveena sat over a cup of coffee,chatting for over 2 hours.Loveena was very pleased to be at Mark's place,but he was not.He had a fear of being trapped in love by Loveena's bold advances.When it was time to leave,Loveena gave a passionate kiss on Mark's right cheek which left him all red over his face!
Loveena was reluctant to leave Mark's place,as was revealed by her body language;but Mark also wanted Loveena to leave him and return to her house.
"Good night,Loveena.".......Mark
Loveena just smiled between her lips,clearly showing a painful separation from Mark.At last,Loveena leaves Mark's place and he heaves a sign of relief.Mark knows in his heart that he is faking this love drama in order to write a book,but at the same time,he is a confused soul.Why?Because, the Power of Love is awesome,dangerous,captivating,trapping the victim in its fold.Although,Mark is made of sterner stuff,he is still a human being with flesh,bones and blood.He is fighting his emotions to keep himself in balance,sensibility and order.

Switching off all his lights in his room,he sinks into his bed and dozzes off immediately.On the other side,Loveena has reached Bell View Apartment and rushed inside to quickly attend to small chores,like checking the fridge,cupboards,doors and windows,before closing her eyes for 40 winks.But,in all these times,Loveena's behaviour shows restlessness.She is constantlt thinking about Mark and by now is sure that he loves her genuinely.

Next day,at the dance class........
"Hi Mark,did you sleep well?"
"Well,yes,no trouble at all."
"What about you,Loveena?"
Loveena becoming nervous and fidgety gestures mysteriously for Mark to understand anything about what's going on in Loveena's pretty head.It was during one of these dance sessions,a bold Loveena blurts out..........
"Mark,I am in love with you and I would like to marry you."
Mark fears the worst has happened and more trouble will follow from now on.He was perplexed and in a fix!
What to answer Loveena now was the big question running in his mind!(?)
He danced with her for a while,thinking about the response to be given to her.Then,Mark thought of a brainwave!He started dancing at a very fast pace with Loveena by his side.And,then it happened..........
Mark tripped over and a 'cracking'sound was heard from his foot.He did this act to fake a real injury to himself by tripping over his foot.
"Ah,my little foot,it really is painful..........." moaned Mark.
Loveena was shocked!So was the audience.An abulance was called for and Mark was picked up from the dance floor and rushed straight to the hospital.When various x-rays and tests were performed on Mark,it was revealed that he had a broken bone in his right ankle.The doctors recommended an urgent operation,with Mark remaining in the hospital for over month!

Mark was releaved emotionally so far as his relationship with Loveena was concerned.But Mark's trouble were far from over.Every morning and evening,Loveena would be at the hospital to be at Mark's bedside;and Mark did not like all this drama.In a frustation,Mark told his doctors,that he would not like to meet any visitors till his total recovery and discharge from the hospital;the doctors agreed.For Mark,time passed painfully slow at the hospital.What could he do in such a situation;he blamed himself for landing in such a mess.But,he also consoled himself that he was writing a book and he has to have a few mishaps happening to him.Once in a while,the face of Loveena flashed in his mind,but he preferred to brush this thought and move on.It was a full 30 days'stay at the hospital for Mark.Then one day,a nurse was seen running towards Mark's room,with a mobile in her hand.She breathlesly rushed in and.............
"Mark,someone is on the line for you."
"What?,who's that?"
"Its a female voice saying her name is Loveena."
Mark,showing concern accepts the mobile from her.
"Hello,who's on the line?"
"Oh,Mark,its me,your sweetheart Loveena."
"I am speaking straight from the dance academy.I am missing you as my student.How are you progressing in your treatment?"
"Loveena,to be frank with you,I am not too well!(pun intended)The pain is still there and my right ankle is till in plaster upto my knee.The docs are not sure when my plaster will be cut off;hope this sooner than later."
"Oh,Mark I miss you!"
Mark trying to be diplomatic..........
"I miss you too,Loveena;I am sure everything ends well."

Another 10 days at the hospital passed off quietly for Mark.Now, the docs had not removed the plaster and though Mark was on his feet.His ankle had healed about 95% and the physiotherapist was explaining to Mark the various exercises which he had to do in his house after his discharge from the hospital.Mark felt fine,comfortable and raring to be on the move again.He walked out of the hospital,hailed a cab and reached home.Once inside,he sank into his huge bed.His eyes probed the ceiling of his bedroom and his mind began to think of the complex anaylsis of his relationship with Loveena.He had gone through the full experience of his relationship with Loveena and was contemplating on his next move.Some disturbing questions were running in his head...........
"What if Loveena pushes this relationship to 2.0 level?"
"How was he to procceed next?"
"What if Loveena was to ask him point-blank of marriage?"
Bravely,brushing aside these questions,Mark tried to steady himself and finding ways and means to procceed to his gaol of completing his novel.Another 10 days passed and he rang his doctor and called him at his house for the removal of the plaster.

"So,Mark how are you feeling?"
"Thanks doc, the worst seems to be over,but more trouble is on my way."
"What are you muttering Mark?"
Mark,trying to be evasive...........
"Oh,no,doc,its to do with my maid?"
"Any problem?"
"No issue,I am worried that she has not reported here for the last 2 days."
"So,how do you manage?"
"Well,through trials and tribulations."
"Must be having a tough time on the home front?"
"Well doc,everything passes off and........."
"Are you married?"
"Do I look like one?"
"I don't know,but I did see a smart lady named Loveena calling in at the hospital,when you checked in."
"Oh,Loveena,she is my dance teacher,that's all."
"Now, here you are Mark;your plaster is removed completely and now show me your walk."
Mark got up from his bed and slowly put his legs down,being very careful with his right leg.
"Now,tell me Mark,how's your ankle?"
Mark,feeling the floor for the first time in 30 days.........
"Doc,its fine,it looks fine and............."
"Any pain?"
"No pain anywhere in the leg."
"Good boy,Mark;it sure is a sign of fast healing."
"I have to thank you,Doc for the recovery."
"Its all Nature working and bring everything in order;we are just servants obeying the orders."
Saying this piece of advice, the Doctor left Mark,reminding him to exercise and take his pills regularly.By now, Mark feeling fit and fine,gets ready to go his office.He shaves his stuble of 7 days,takes a shower and rushed to the kitchen to prepare for himself an omlette.Finding no onions or tomatoes in the fridge,he settles for a half-fry egg with 2 slices of bread on top.Munching quickly this hastily prepared breakfast,he finishes off with a mouthful of cold milk!
He rushes to his office in an auto.At his office..........
"Hi Mark,where in heaven's world have you been?"......asked his collegue Ruskin.
"And here's your mail."
Amongst the letters,was a pink coloured envelop,which arouses Mark's curiousity.
"Hey,what's this?".........he mutters.
Keeping aside all the letters,he lovingly looked at this pink coloured envelope.He read the address and the writing looked familiar.Turning over the back of this letter,he noticed the sender as Loveena.He was pleasantly shocked!
He quickly slipped the envelop into his shirt pocket and began reading all other mails received at his office.
Meanwhile his boss called him...he was for another shock!
"Mark,a few days back,a lady by name Loveena had called over here inquiring about you."

Now, Mark was in a tizzy.One the one side,the pink envelop in his shirt pocket was dancing to be opened quickly by Mark and on the other hand,he gets suspence news from his boss about Loveena calling in at the office.For Mark,everything had gone right according to his plan................he had fallen in love with Loveena,had changed Loveena's personality,looks and attitude.In short,he had tasted the power of love!
Now, he should prepare himself to wriggle out of this ugly situation.He knew the story of Adam and Eve;forbidden fruit is always sweet at first,but the results are always poisonous.

In the Bell View Apartment,Loveena had buried herslf in a sunk-in luxurious sofa.She is reading a novel titled:::::::::"The Love Machine" by some popular author.Her eyes are rivetted on a chapter named.....How love can turn into lust.In between these pages,her eyes wonder on the ceiling of the room.What must be she thinking?Maybe,she might having her attention on Mark introspecting.............
"Does Mark really love me?"
"Are his feelings deep for me?"
"How should I procceed further into this relationship with Mark and perhaps marry him?"

Meanwhile,Mark in his office is thinking of the pink coloured envelop.He is nervous as well as confused about the contents of the letter.He bravely puts his left hand into his left shirt pocket and pulls off Loveena's letter but only to put it back!He feels a fear run down his spine!Again, he tries and now he is succesful.He opens it and is shocked beyond words..........The letter runs thus.............
[My dear Mark,
I am sure my letter finds you in the best of everything that life offers to you.By now,you must be attending your office and completely healed in your right ankle.

Mark,I was dying to meet you to discuss something very important for both of us.I wish to tell you,that I love you passionately and want to marry you.

Mark,you might be having a number of questions,which we can discuss on meeting personally.If this letter reaches you,please be kind to call me any time.

With deepest love,

Yours one and only,


Now, Mark is worried as he knows he is in deep trouble.His mind is racing against time and various options are running in his head.He knows very well that he is merely writing a book and is not at all interested in marrying Loveena.He folds the letter and slips it back into his shirt pocket and gets on with his office routine.By evening he gets over his office and reached home to find another surprise waiting for him...........
"Oh,Loveena,when did you come here?"
"Just a few minutes back."
"Its a pleasant surprise,what brings you here?"
Mark ushers her in his house and both of them settle down on a brightly coloured red leathered couch.Loveena and Mark look at each other and then.........
"Mark did you get my letter?"
"Oh yes,there were many letters in my box,as I was attending office after many days and your letter was also there among the heap."
Then, there was an uneasy silence in the room.At this moment,both of them wanted to talk........"Mark......Loveena....."
And, Mark giving way to Loveena........"Yes Loveena,you wanted to say something and......"
"Mark,I was just introspecting on that letter penned by me and thinking whether you had read the contents?"
"Loveena,to be frank,I just glanced at the matter quickly,as I was busy in attending to other office works."
"So,what did you make of it by glancing? Are you not serious about my marriage proporsal?"
Mark,taken aback by Loveena's boldness.........
"Loveena,I cannot answer this question straight away now,as I need time."
"How much of it? You know Mark,I am in love with you and I want an allaince of marriage."
Mark is shocked;he is thinking of shooing her away from his house.But he is careful and not want to give away this game so soon.He is calm,composed and does not show any emotion to Loveena.Then...............
"But,Loveena,what's the hurry?"
And,Loveena,looking at Mark pensively...........
"I can understand Mark,what you mean.Even,I am in no hurry;but I want a word of assurance from you."
Mark is a perplexed and a confused soul!How can he say 'yes' to Loveena at this point to time is the explosive thought running in his head.However,Mark gathers strength and talks..........
"Look,my dear,marriage is a very serious business,what's the rush rush?And,you know something Loveena?Hasty decisions are always dangerous."
Loveena,somewhat convinced by Mark's clever talk.........
"O.K. Mark,take your time."

Once more,Mark had wriggled out of a complicated and knotty situation,but only just!He will have to come up with a solution fast with Loveena at his neck.Before parting,Loveena plants a loving kiss on Mark's left cheek and bids him good-bye and Mark responds by bringing her face and gently placing it on his chest as a sign of affection.

Mark and Loveena continue their love affair for more than 5 months.Mark had come to the Dancing School for 2 reasons........experience love and learn to dance.Now, having achieved both objectives,he was contemplating of closing the chapter of his book.He has also succeedd in turning an ugly duckling like Loveena into a beautiful girl.She has poise,look,confidence,dress sense and attitude to keep a relationship.As of now,Mark's biggest problem is ending the story.Everything looks real........love,relationship,friendship,but now,only Loveena is his biggest headache.If he tells Loveena that he was only experimenting with love,then Loveena would cut his tongure to small pieces.And if he were to say to Loveena that he was researching on an emotion 'Love' and writing a book,then she would tear his book to shreads and feed the pieces to the cows!
And,finally if he were to spell out that he was only faking the love drama with her, then she would not hesitate to kill him on the spot!

Poor Mark Anthony is in a mess,dirtier than all the dirt of the world.What should he do?He thinks of a master plan to save himself.What's the plan?Well,he will frankly tell her about the full plot of the story and then offer her half of the profits of the book sold after its publication."Will this ploy succeed?".....he asks himself.
He switches off the lights in his room and sinks into his bed for a good night's snozze.

When dawn breaks out,Mark sees a new day in his life.He brushes his teeth,shaves and puts on his attire and rushes to his office.Sitting in his plush office,Mark's eyes probe the ceiling..........
"How can I bring this plan in bringing Loveena to my fold?Can I write a letter to her explaining in detail everything to her or should I talk to her on my cell or for that matter SMS her to meet me in a cafe or a restaurant for a pow-wow!I am totally confused.Mark,old boy,think hard and fast......"
Will these random thoughts solve the problems faced by Mark.

And then Mark decides to call Loveena at a restaurant and talk this matter over dinner.He dailes......9811122555 and Loveena responds......
"Yes Mark,how's everything at your end?"
"hi,Loveena.Good to hear your musical voice after a long time.I was thinking that to-day,there is not much work in my office.....Loveena interrupting......"So Mark,what's up?"
"No,no Loveena,nothing serious.I was feeling lonely;so why not we meet to-night over dinner at the Taj?"
"You mean,at the Taj Palace Hotel?"
"Yeah that's right."
"What time you want me to come?"
"At 9.30 p.m. on the dot?"
"Where at the Taj?"
"At the Thai Pavillion."
"O.K done and Mark......"concludes Loveena.

At 9.30.m. on the dot,Mark and Loveena are seen at the Taj Palace Hotel.Loveena is the first to rush forward with an extended right hand;while Mark looks lost in thought seeing Loveena.
"Hi,Mark my lover boy."
"Oh,hello Loveena.Thanks for coming over my invitation for dinner."

As both of them walk past the many tourists filling up the Taj Palace,Mark looks over his shoulder and sees Loveena excitedly following him.Once at the Thai Pavillion,Mark escorts Loveena inside the dining room.They select a corner table with a semi-circulat sofa behind,enough for seating at least 6 persons.The dining room is dimly lighted conciously to throw an aura of romance and expensive embossed candlestand is fixed in the centre of the table.
"Mark,why the sudden dinner to-night?"....asks Loveena.
"Oh,Loveena,I have brought you here to talk something very important."
"Mark,I do hope the news is not shocking?"
Mark,smiling between his lips...........
Loveena,I don't know how to start this damn topic;its so personal and intimate and I shudder to think of the consequences."
"Come on,Mark,its not as if the time clock is going to stop and the heavens will fall."
"Well, the news is unabasedly horrible and I don't know how you are going to react to it?"
"You mean,its that bad?"
"It can be bad,if you take it that way.But,if you take it philosophically and knowing life's unpredictable nature,then its nothing!"
"Now Mark,you are going into riddles and poetry.Please explain to me what is the news?"
"Loveena I had a friend,Gordon Green and......Loveena interrupting Mark...."So,what happened to the poor soul?"
"Yeah,I was beggining his story and you rushed in......Gordon was a jolly good fellow and he was in love with Joan,a teacher is a downtown school for kids.He was also writing a book on love but he did not reveal this interest to his girl friend."
"So,what's the big issue?"
"No big issue,but he wanted to get a real experience of love,that he was incorporating into his book."
"Mark,I think I get your point.So it seems,he was faking his love for Joan."

Mark,surprisingly quiet presents a picture of uneasiness.There is something in his eyes which Loveena cannot comprehend.His ears turn beetroot red in colour and as he begins to pick up a fork or a spoon,his hands tremble........Loveena noticing all this behaviour.
"Mark,what's happening to you? and why are you shivering?"
"Oh,Loveena,its nothing."
"Mark,come out clean,because sooner or later, the cat will be out of your bag and I will know everything."
"O.K.Loveena,suppose I tell you that Gordon Green is a replica of my personality and Loveena is replaced by Joan,what's your reaction?"
Loveena's eyes narrow into a dangerous frown and her mouth takes the shape of an English alphabate 'O'.She gets up from her seat and begins to walk out slowly....and Mark runs after her quickly.He stops her near the entrance,trying to regain his composure.Loveena looks at him menacingly with a lot of anger in he eyes and........
"What's the problem,Loveena?".....asks Mark sheepishly.
"Problem,problem? You have the guts to ask me about the problem,when you already know the damn problem.Mark,I am not so dumfounded or downright stupid as to not analyse this 'tamasha' meaning drama enacted before me."
"Allright,allright,dear,let me explain honestly...."pleads Mark.
"O.K,come out of it totally."
"Yeah,yeah,O.K. o.k. Loveena,I will,of course I will.You see,dear,I wanted to write a book on "Power of Love" and............."
"I will explain,I will explain.This book should look authentic in the story line,content,language etc.And the only way to do it,I thought was to experience this 'power' by making an experiment."
"And you thought,you can play your emotions on any girl and screw her?"
"No,no,.I did not mean any harm physically coming to the girl."
"Mark you have made a mess of me;I am ruined totally.I really grudge you for being so real in your emotions,but at the back of your mind,you were a fu**ing scoundrel!It was all fake,right Mark?"
Mark,seeing through Loveena,lost in deep thought..........
"Er,err,Loveena.I thought so at first,but now I am coming to my senses."
"Mark you are still lucky,becasue I am a different girl and would not rebel;because you have come out clean of your intentions,your motive was noble,your approach real,but the ending horrible!So,what's the next step?"
"Loveena,I am extremely sorry for my actions,but I am prepared to compensate you in some way."
"Now, what's that?"
"Loveena,I will share half the profits of the book,which I have written when published and sold."
"O.K,Mark,I forgive you............"

_________The End________

copyright@ ManoharBhatia
All rights are reserved by the author.

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