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Monday is the last day for Unstoppable EntrepreneurViews: 377
Feb 27, 2011 4:12 pmMonday is the last day for Unstoppable Entrepreneur#

Dennis Miller, Attraction Marketing
Hello friends,

I have fallen in love with this young man who is presenting the Unstoppable Entrepreneur. I hope you have watched the three movies he provided for no cost, and you will know what I mean.

If you have haven't watched the movies, they are still available until tomorrow. Watch them here:


I want to be sure you know that tomorrow, Monday, is the last day to get involved with the Unstoppable Entrepreneur, Jonathan Budd.

Tomorrow is the last day you're going to have the chance to secure your ticket for the biggest event happening in our industry all year. This is going to be a riot!!

The "Unstoppable Entrepreneur" Live Seminar Experience with Jonathan Budd.

In a nutshell, this event is literally unlike any our industry has seen before. And tickets are coming offline for sale soon! Check it...


We all know events are really the "Catalysts" to us having major breakthroughs in our finances, personal power, money skills, relationships, network, & so much else.

Yet I'm not kidding when I tell you that "Unstoppable" Is taking it to the next level.

Jonathan shared just a few of the key principles this amazing experience is going to be about with me, that I'm going to pass on to you.

Just trust me when I say that these events are SO important to your growth & success.

They make it more "real" for you. They really give you the BELIEF you need to succeed... while teaching you the skill sets on top of it.

Plus, "Unstoppable" is in a league of its own. Check this out...

#1. You're going to be surrounded by the BEST of the BEST in the online networking industry.

The affiliates & networkers in the field who are making it happen on a daily basis, and know how to make the kind of money you want too.

#2. You'll Expand your network methodically through the group exercises & partnership opportunities you'll have throughout the entire weekend.

You will never have felt as close to this community, & formed as many connections as you will at "Unstoppable Entrepreneur".

#3. You're going to put in touch with your inner power to create in life on an ENTIRELY new level.

You'll be given several extremely powerful techniques to remove any obstacles currently stopping you...

... and you'll replace them with an inner strength you DEVELOPED & exercised during your weekend of "Unstoppable" entrepreneur. Get ready to BECOME the type of person who can create the kind of money you really want in life!

#4. Be shown the next wave of marketing & advertising BEFORE the rest of our industry. You'll discover the traffic source 3x the size of the Internet...

... and how to get there before everyone else is. Jonathan's special presenter "Mr. X", one of the most prolific & little known traffic experts in the industry, will show you exactly how he generated 700+ leads his first week with this traffic source!

#5. I'm not kidding when I tell you, you'll have the time of your LIFE this weekend, in one of the funniest & "rock star" style environments you've ever been in.

If you love rock concerts, parties, and celebrating life to its MAX then you'll absolutely love this weekend.

#6. Escape to paradise in beautiful scenic San Diego. Located in the heart of the "Gas Lamp District" in downtown San Diego, the Unstoppable Entrepreneur event will take place in one of the most amazing & gorgeous venues in all of this city.

And these are just a tiny fraction of the reasons why you should be in attendance for this first ever event...


Time is running out for you to take action, & this is one of the most intelligent decisions you could make for your life & business right now.

Choose to be successful. Choose to surround yourself with success. Choose to get the coaching you need to take it to the NEXT LEVEL...

... and you'll be 100x more likely to create what you really want to create in life. It's just fact.

Try to do this alone. You will fail. Come experience being "Unstoppable" live, & you'll gain the tools, skillsets, belief, & power you need to succeed.

It's that simple...


Take action now while there is still time.

Many blessings for your prosperity and well being.

With sincere appreciation.

Linda Miller

P.S. Successful people make INTELLIGENT
decisions for their future preemptively.

Failures put off making decisions. They
avoid them, run from them, find excuses
why they can't.

Successful people make their decisions
FAST, and as such... speed up their
evolutionary process. They grow faster.
Learn faster. Evolve faster. And thus
make money faster.

You've got the chance to put yourself
in an environment that could 10x the
speed of your growth & success right
now. Make the intelligent decision...


I love my life!
I love you too!

I would love to connect with you here:

Facebook: http://Facebook.com/LindaSmithMiller
Twitter: http://Twitter.com/lindamiller
Unified Tribe: http://LindaMillerOnline.com/unified-tribe.php
IM Faceplate: http://LindaMillerOnline.com/imfaceplate.php
Powerful Intentions: http://powerfulintentions.org/profile/lindamiller

I am an open book with regard to my intentions and I am required by law to tell you that I may receive compensation for some products or services mentioned in my messages to you.

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