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Had to share an experienceViews: 377
Mar 09, 2011 8:44 pmHad to share an experience#

Walt Williams
Hi folks,

Last night someone who I vaguely know referred me to an online opportunity. (Bet that's never happened to you, huh?!)

Well, out of politeness I went and looked. By doing so I discovered that the chief guy is a convicted felon. (I knew that from a previous run-in with his operations.)

Three times before he has run this pre-designed, intentional scam. So when I saw him doing it again last night, I couldn't wait to tell my associate who referred me.

Guess what? Didn't bother her! She had just paid her money and she is going to get others involved now. Despite the links I showed her of his misdeeds and convictions, she is going ahead with it.

The lesson here is that sometimes we are too headstrong when we get excited about something. We're not changing -- no matter what. That's a suspect philosophy to say the least.

I'm not mentioning the name of the phony company publicly, buy willing to do so by private message. Hope everyone is having a productive, gratifying work week!


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Mar 21, 2011 3:46 pmre: Had to share an experience#

Heidi Caswell
You can lead a horse to water but not make him drink.

Year or so back I got an email from a lady down line excited about this gifting company. Everyone needed to join and we'd all get rich. No product. (As she said it is not a business but a "charitable organization") You donate money to those upline of you and get others to do the same, eventually the money will make its way down to you.

Wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. Told her why and she was like, no it is perfectly legal in fact so and so's (founder of a reputable company) lawyers say it is a good thing. I know that the lawyers so and so used would say no such thing. I sent a message to so and so along with what was being said and received a statement asap that their lawyers never approved said company and he never endorsed such, and an apology from the person making the claims.

I was stunned when I got a return email. She didn't care whether she was misinformed, nor whether we questioned the legality of said company. It was a great way to make money in a non-business and she was sticking to it.

Walt, great research on your part. Sad your friend didn't listen to your advice. Hopefully your words will sink in down the road.


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Apr 01, 2011 11:30 pmre: re: Had to share an experience#

Tamara Roe
I appreciate you sharing your story, Walt (and Heidi). I have to tell you that people contact me far too often with "red flag" type of companies/founders, which is very unfortunate, because there are far too many of those types of companies out there. And we wonder why network marketing often gets a bad rap! Research is THE most important thing we can do as well as knowing what red flags to look for, one of them being the backgrounds of the founder(s).

Thank goodness for the companies that don't have red flags. Just wish there were more of them.

WOW! I am amazed at people, although I have learned that most people have to learn the hard way.


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