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This Emmunize Biz is Buzzzzing.... BIG TIME!Views: 281
Oct 01, 2011 4:44 amThis Emmunize Biz is Buzzzzing.... BIG TIME!#

Roger Pepin
Hi Emmunize Team Members,

This is it............Our Weekend...

This is very exciting!

Copy and paste this message and send it to EVERYONE you know.
Make sure you delete my name and website url and replace it with

This Emmunize Biz is Buzzzzing.... BIG TIME!

We are going to have 4 opportunity meetings on Saturday and Sunday

You can make a really good income with this if you............

You wouldn't believe how hard some people
are working at this - even before it launches on Monday.
Some big time marketers are working through the night while you
are sleeping.

Why? Because they know the potential income is staggering.
Take this Emmunize business and product REAL serious!
It launches Monday and then the pay week begins.

This is NOT the time to shrink from sharing with everyone
you know. Even if they don't want the business, they NEED the product.

Webinar with sound User_901/ZSRS8o4

Not near a computer?
Hop on the Conf Line 712-432-3100 pin 585131

English: 11AM – 3PM – 8PM (EST)

Spanish: 1:00PM (EST)

The 8PM will go right into Q and A.......

Marketing System
We have an awesome Marketing system coming.
It's fabulous. You've never seen anything like this before.
It will be available (EXCLUSIVELY) to our Team Members next week.
No other team in Emmunize has what we've got.

Stay tuned. I'll update you about it.

The Emmutec Pay Plan

The Pay Plan is simple: 4 ways to make money.

• Entrance cost $59
• Monthly is $12 (which protects up to 3 computers or tablets)
• It is a 3x9 matrix forced matrix
• Retail component with a residual attached
• Fast Start bonus $20…2nd tier is $10
• No sponsorship requirements to open pay plan to level 7
• To open up levels 8 and 9 you only have to personally sponsor 3 members
• Not only does it open the matrix to the max, you also will receive a 20% matching bonus on all your personals
• Sponsor 6 and you open another level of matching bonuses; you will receive 10% on your personal's personals
• Sponsor 9 and you open another level of matching bonuses; you will receive 10% on your personal's personal's personals.
• We will be able to sell this product to those who do not want to come into the business for $8.99 per month. This covers 3 computers and your commission is $2 per month for each customer
• They can also pay $6.99 for one computer and you will be paid $1.25 per month. Line up the non profits!!

Please listen to this short recorded call ASAP:
605-475-4099 pin 403573# then # to listen

We launch on Monday!
Join this weekend and you'll be in an awesome
spot in our matrix.

Emmunize is growing rapidly!
Everyone is going to know about this very fast.

skype: linnymarie

Private Reply to Roger Pepin

Oct 02, 2011 7:31 pmPlease look at this it will help you.#

Roger Pepin
Hi Friends,

I wish I could convey to you what we have with Emmutec
and JJ's Gang.

First off, let me explain who/what the "JJ Gang" is...

JJ stands for Jessie James.
Jessie James is Larry Lane's dad.
Larry Lane is our Emmutec team upline Master Distributor.

Jessie was a very big Network Marketer and well known
in the Internet Marketing circles.
Unfortunately he had a stroke and is not able to do the
work he used to do so the Team Build was named in his honour.

You wouldn't believe what the Team Build is planning to get
our members to in 45 days.... $1,600/monthly each!

Every Sunday night at 10 pm they are going to have a
meeting to discuss the weeks events/work.
Talk about what's working, what isn't.
Share marketing help/goal setting and encouragement.

Our upline leaders are Real Workers.
They are experienced marketers who have had great success
in other programs.

I wish you had all been on the training call tonight.
You'd have been amazed at what was shared and you would
have got a glimpse of what's in store as well as listening
to the "heart" of the many leaders who are serious about
their goal of helping you and not leaving anyone behind.

We have a real winner with Emmunize.

Great product.
Great Team Support.
Affordable for Everyone.
Needed by everyone.
Awesome training and marketing suite.

If you are real serious about getting out of that job
you hate, paying off those overdue bills, paying off
your mortage, buying your dream property, and helping others
in need, it WILL happen if you join us.

Please please please, believe me when I say, get in this.
Only $59 "one time" fee - NOT annual.
$12 monthly starting on your second month.
That covers 3 of your computers with the BEST anti-virus
protection on the market.

This fully launches on Monday.
Secure your spot now.
Sign up at: http://pepin.emmunize.com/

I have always wanted to find a program that would help
the passive people as well as the go-getters.
This is it if I ever saw one.

Spill over is happening already.
Some members have received 100 people just from spill over.
The average is 20-30 so far.

This is growing so fast and the best is yet to come.
They have a marketing system that is exclusive to our JJ Gang.
They said that this marketing system will generate 2-3
signups per person EVERY DAY.

The marketing system will be in place in about a week.
If you join Emmutec now and pay for your anti virus and membership

on Monday, you'll be in a position to start collecting commissions as

soon as the first person is placed under you.

If you do your own recruiting, you get $20 bonus for each one plus
commissions from the matrix and you sponsor gets $10.

Sunday conf. call and Webinar....

I know most of us will be in church but maybe you could make it to
the 8 pm Call.

Webinar with sound
Not near a computer? Then choose the Conf Line 712-432-3100 pin 585131

3PM and 8PM (EST)

I promise you, if you hop on this call, you WILL KNOW without a shadow
of a doubt if this is the right opportunity and team for you.

DON'T write this opportunity off until you've been on a call.
You'll be making a very big mistake.

(905) 357-0479
skype: linnymarie

The problem: http://tinyurl.com/6134nzv
The Solution: http://tinyurl.com/6292nzv

P.S. If you are already a member, share this email with everyone
you know. You can easily earn a full time income with Emmutec. Plus..
you'll be helping the people you care about protect themselves from
hackers, virus's, and identify theft!

Private Reply to Roger Pepin

Oct 03, 2011 5:01 amGet Emmunized on Monday!...#

Roger Pepin
Get Emmunized on Monday!...


You have your car and home protected, is your Identity?

We have home security systems & anti-theft devices on our cars.
We have insured both our homes and our cars.

Is your identity protected? Is your computer protected?

Just one virus or hacker can be devastating. We are all at risk every time we turn on our computers. Every time we order something online. Every time we download music.

Watch these videos and ask yourself--- how much is your peace of mind worth?


It’s time we protect ourselves. WE have the solution

Emmunize with Emmutec, Cutting Edge Technology
in the anti-virus world…Launching on Monday,October 4th.

Emmunize proactive PC protection provides you with complete protection from viruses and all other malicious software.

This outstanding product is going to be available Monday, Oct. 4th.
We have exclusive marketing rights for this product.

Listen to this recorded call:
605-475-4099 pin 403573# then # to listen

You can simply be a customer and enjoy the product and/or
join our team and earn a really good income from home like many of
doing right now.

Say good bye to that job you hate, those over due bills that cause
anxiety, that car that's rusting out, that fear and uncertainty for your financial

Get the Details and Join our team build Today! Don’t build your business
alone. Do it with a team that has a vested interest in seeing that you succeed.

Identity Theft Protection & Security Solutions To
Make Your World A Safer Place

Linda Pepin
(905) 357-0479

Private Reply to Roger Pepin

Oct 08, 2011 4:06 amAre you tired building over and over your home based business?#

Roger Pepin
Are you tired building over and over your home based business?

You are working so hard and getting nowhere.
Feel like you are on a hamster wheel?

STOP! get off, join us. We have a real product that no one else has
and everyone needs.

Build it once and build a true residual that will last
no matter what software you're currently using it cannot compare
with this new technology.

First watch this; you will be scared like I was...

Don’t worry I have the solution...

The bottom line is that the technology of the past was to wait
and see what viruses attacked your computer, and then it goes to
work to try and fix it!

Leaving the barn door open and then trying to get the horse back
in the barn no longer is the best we can do.

This new technology will keep the door closed, locked and sealed
tight at all times!

Read the reviews www.holycow.vpweb.com

Listen to a 5 minute sizzle call 24/7 605-475-4099 pin 403573# hit #
to hear recording.

Larry Lane is the speaker, a master dealer for Emmutec, and our direct upline.
We are the fastest growing team in Emmutec! Call me right away - Let us help you.

Linda Pepin
(905) 357-0479
skype: linnymarie

Private Reply to Roger Pepin

Oct 10, 2011 7:27 pmThe Affordable 3 Month Retirement Plan#

Roger Pepin

The Affordable 3 Month Retirement Plan


It is my sincere hope that you will read this message and
act on it. This is not fluff, exaggeration, or a pie in the
sky dream. It's real or can be for you as you will soon see.

If I told you I could show you a legitimate way to make over
$27,880.00 a month, every month, 3 months from now what's the
first thing that comes to your mind?

I'm going to stick my neck out there and guess what your
answer would be.

The first thing most people think is, "What's it going to
cost me? I probably can't afford it."

Your total out of pocket up front expense is $59. Then a
whopping $12 a month starting your second month. Probably
not at all what you were expecting.

The second thing most people think of is, "What do I have to
do to make that kind of money in 3 months?"

It's a very simple 2 step process. I know you probably don't
believe it can be this simple right now but after you try it
you will become a 100% believer within the first 48 hours.

Step 1: Send a copy of this email out to as many people as
you can or want to until you have 3 people who say yes.
Current statistics show people are currently getting an
average of 20% conversion rate. Based on that you can
expect 1 in 5 people to say yes.

Keep in mind the people you tell can make a big difference.
For example, if you're blasting out safelist messages you
wouldn't expect that kind of response because most of those
people never see your message. On the flip-side, if you
know 10 people online who have already been looking for
something like this, you would likely get 3 to 5 of them to
say yes.

You only need 3.

Step 2: Give those 3 people everything you used to get your
3 to help them duplicate what you did, just like I'm doing
for you right now. This email and these instructions. That's
the whole system.

Conservatively speaking, if it takes you, your 3, their 3,
and everyone below them a full 10 days to each get their 3,
then in 3 months from the day you get started you would
have a monthly residual income of more than $27,880.00.

1ST level to get your 3 in 10 days
2ND level to get their 3 - 20 days
3RD level to get their 3 - 30 days
4Th level to get their 3 - 40 days
5Th level to get their 3 - 50 days
6Th level to get their 3 - 60 days
7Th level to get their 3 - 70 days
8Th level to get their 3 - 80 days
9Th level to get their 3 - 90 days Total 3 months

At the end of 3 months you would have only spend 90 days or
less actually doing anything and you only ever got 3 people
to make all this happen.

Click on the link below to get started right now.


Save a copy of this email so you can send it out yourself.
You only need to change the link to yours and the signature
to your name. That's it.

Does this really work? The answer lies in your graceful
hands. This is not a complicated thing at all. If you can
follow these instructions and you really want it to work,
then yes, it will work for you.

Whatever you do, don't ride the fence. Indecision definitely
won't get you where you want to be.

If you have any questions or feel like you need any help at
all, please email me. Just reply to this email. I really
do enjoy helping people. Especially those who are obviously


Don’t let this opportunity explode without you.

We have the product that everyone needs.



Roger & Linda Pepin

905 357 0479

For those of you who want to look at the comp plan

3x9 Company Forced Matrix
3 ways of getting paid
Start up pack only $59.00 with a $12.00 a month auto ship

First way to earn commission fast start bonus is a two tier pay out. The sponsor will
earn a $20.00 fast start and $10.00 will be paid out to your sponsor.
Matrix pay- you will be paid on your first 7 levels with no sponsorship requirement
you need only to be on a $12.00 a month auto ship yourself.
To earn on your 8th and 9th level all you have to do is personally enroll 3 new reps
that are on a $12.00 a month auto ship and up grade your auto ship to one additional
product pack on auto ship and you are now qualified to get paid on your 8th and 9th
level and you will also start earning a 20% match on all your personals matrix pay!!!

3x9 potential payout!!!!!!!!!!!
1ST level pay-2.5%--- 3x10.00=$30.00 .75commission
2ND level pay-2.5%--- 9x10.00=$90.00 $2.25 commission
3RD level pay-5%--- 27x10.00=$270.00 $13.50 commission
4Th level pay-5%--- 81x10.00= $810.00 $40.50 commission
5Th level pay-5% --- 243x10.00=$2430.00 $121.50 commission
6Th level pay-5%--- 729x10.00=$7290.00 $364.50 commission
7Th level pay-5% --- 2187x10.00=$21870.00 $1093.50 commission
8Th level pay-10%--- 6561x10.00=$65,610.00 $6561.00 commission
9Th level pay-10%--- 19683x$10.00=$196,830.00 $19,683.00 commission

Potential pay out on a full matrix with everyone only doing a $12.00
monthly auto ship ---- $27,880.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. When we say you can make $27,880.00 in 3 months that is not even
counting the $20 fast start bonus in place till April 2012. Which will then revert
to $10 or the $10 on your personal and the $10 on their personal. So if you see the potential
in these fast start bonuses then you will sponsor 9 personal and you won't leave any money
on the table.

Private Reply to Roger Pepin

Oct 11, 2011 2:55 pmThe Affordable 3 Month Retirement Plan#

Roger Pepin
The Affordable 3 Month Retirement Plan

The Affordable 3 Month Retirement Plan

The Affordable 3 Month Retirement Plan

Private Reply to Roger Pepin

Oct 16, 2011 4:51 amVideo Links are working#

Roger Pepin
Sorry guys the previous video links don't work these do.

The Problem

The Solution

The Affordable 3 Month Retirement Plan

Private Reply to Roger Pepin

Oct 25, 2011 3:11 amThe Affordable 3 Month Retirement Plasn#

Roger Pepin
The Affordable 3 Months Retirement Plan

Private Reply to Roger Pepin

Oct 25, 2011 4:02 amWatch this video change your life.#

Roger Pepin



Its that simple
Roger Pepin

Private Reply to Roger Pepin

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