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Take control of your future income, TODAY !Views: 222
Jan 02, 2013 5:11 pmTake control of your future income, TODAY !#

David Hulse
More than 380,000 paid members

More than 100 countries

I have been involved in this activity for some time now, and have only invited a handful of close friends. I wanted to be sure it worked..... It does!

Forget paying out every month, you only pay ONCE.

Forget trying to recruit dozens/hundreds, you'll break even when you invite one who invites one!

Give1Get4 has perfected the art of giving and made it a worthy and rewarding cause. It is the world's FIRST and ONLY, 100% Legal, Absolutely Flawless, Totally Automated and Completely Private Member to Member Activity. Nowhere else on the planet can you give so little and receive so much. Since 2002, hundreds of thousands of lives have continually been blessed by this activity, and since Give1Get4 is run solely by it's participants, it is YOU who takes complete control of your experience. You will also receive state of the art software and tools to help you manage your activity. Take action now so you can get started in the rewarding Give1Get4 activity!

How It Works
System G is the first TOTALLY FLAWLESS, COMPLETELY AUTOMATED, MEMBER-TO-MEMBER GLOBAL ACTIVITY and is based on a very easy to understand 2x2 Recycling Forced Matrix.
Watch Presentation http://give1get4.net/800569

System G consists of a TOTAL OF ONLY SIX POSITIONS two on your first (1 and 2) and four on your second level (3, 4, 5, and 6). The pledges on your first level go to the person directly above you, The Second Level Is Your Beneficiary Level and those four pledges go to you.
The Simple Explanation to complete your System G is this: INVITE TWO WHO INVITE TWO. The two participants you invite will complete your first level and the two participants they each invite completes your second level. This completes your matrix.
The Pledge Levels and Your Benefits
Without a doubt Give1Get4 is the MOST REWARDING activity on the planet. 100% of ALL pledges go to the participants! System G has THREE INDEPENDENT LEVELS: $100, $250 and $500.
Every time you cycle in $100 you receive $400
Every time you cycle in $250 you receive $1,000
Every time you cycle in $500 you receive $2,000

Here's a brief Initial Steps Illustration
1. REGISTER YOURSELF at http://give1get4.net/800569
Pay the Software Fee to MatrixSDG for the right to license your tools and Management software and Immediately Send Your Pledge

The pledges from your first two enrollees go to the person DIRECTLY ABOVE you and complete your first level. The more people you personally enroll, THE MORE REWARDING it is FOR YOU!

The four pledges from the people your enrollees enroll GO TO YOU! This completes your matrix.

YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY REENTERED TO RECEIVE AGAIN and AGAIN - without having any additional requirements! You don't even have to wait until your matrix is filled to become a beneficiary. YOU ARE EVEN after enrolling only one who enrolls one! And, there is only one time you ever make an out-of-pocket pledge! No matter how many times you receive, you will not have another out-of-pocket pledge!

YES! System G is a remarkable system designed to maximize YOUR BENEFITS!
There are four ways that your matrix can be filled over and over again:
Personal Enrollment
Your Personal Enrollees
Help From Above (Spillover)
Help From Below (The Mobius Loop)
System G is truly a TEAM orientated activity that provides HELP to the masses over and over again. Get in, get busy and change your future for the better TODAY.

Private Reply to David Hulse

Jan 03, 2013 6:13 pmre: Take control of your future income, TODAY !#

David Hulse
Silly me .... must have been the New Year celebratory drink that caused me to goof on 3 numbers!

The link should read http://g1g4.net/?800659

My apologies


Private Reply to David Hulse

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