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Success with the PepPar Team !Views: 446
Jan 11, 2013 5:57 pmSuccess with the PepPar Team !#

Roger Pepin

Come and Enjoy Success with the PepPar Team !

Once in awhile a great program comes along that is worth working. Such a program is here now.
It's called Triple Track 3 ( TT3 ) . The income potential is huge and it is built to help everyone.
That in itself is fantastic. But we know that some people will struggle with any program, no matter how simple they are.

So, after a careful study of the comp. plan I have decided to form a partnership with a long time friend and business partner. This partnership is for the sole purpose of working Triple Track 3 In a way that will benefit all members. The selected name was PEPPAR.

When you see how the program works you will understand that TT3 is a 3x2 matrix, which means 3 on the first level and 9 on the second level for a total of 12 positions. What we have done to make sure we have a constant flow of money and new positions, we purchased 13 peppar positions to fill the matrix completely. All revenue from those peppar positions will be used to repurchase positions under people that donít have their 3 yet to help everyone cycle.

This PepPar partnership is owned by Roger and Bill and we are members just like you and our income will depend upon the number of positions we have purchased in the program just like you.
Every member of our team will be purchasing a position at this rotator link http://freerotator.com/ro/?r=1&u=PepPar

Everyone promotes the same link.

There is one exception to the rule. If you purchase more than one position, then you just purchase it from your own back office.

The program is very affordable at only $12.00 to get started. It consists of a $2.00 membership fee and $10.00 for your first position.

Every time you cycle you have to PIF a certain number of people. With those, you can choose from the company list because those will land anywhere in the company matrix and not our team. If you want to PIF family and friends then you have to do it with your money and not PIF credits. Do not use credits to PIF your family and friends as they are lost in the company matrix.

If you, (or someone else you know) would like to join us but donít have the funds, do NOT sign here. Send us an email at peppar3@gmail.com and give us the following info:

In the subject put: Please add me to the PIF list
Your desired user name : _______________
Your name : _________________________
Email address : _______________________

Note : You will be put on the list in the order that we receive your email. Then as people feel generous and want to PIF someone, we will take from the top of the list going down.
If you want to PIF some people in let us know and we will match you. This is not for your required PIF every time you cycle.

This section is for people that are paying their own way.

Please read all the instructions so you don't make a mistake.

Sign up at: http://freerotator.com/ro/?r=1&u=PepPar

1. Pay $2 Lifetime Membership Fee - Everyone uses Solid Trust Pay to pay the $2 Lifetime Membership Fee.
* The $2 STP MUST BE PAID in order for you to login to perform any future task(s)

2. Make your initial $10 Product Point Package purchase.
* Everyone must fund their eWallet from STP and use their eWallet to fund their initial $10 Product Point Purchase.

3. Go to Back Office / eWallet / Transaction Password and set up your Transaction Password

4. Go to Back Office / Payment Processor and set up your Solid Trust Pay account name and save it using your Transaction Password you just set up.

5. Go to Back Office / eWallet / Add Funds and fund your eWallet with a minimum of $10 for your initial Product Point Package Purchase. (More if you want more positions)

6. Go to Back Office / Purchase Point Package and purchase your $10 Package.

7. Go to Back Office / Positions and view your 1st Platform with you in the top position.

8. Start Inviting your friends.
We all promote the team link which is: http://freerotator.com/ro/?r=1&u=PepPar

9. Immediately write down your username, the email address you used, your password and your transaction password where you can find them. You MUST HAVE your transaction password in order to complete any financial transaction.

10. Once you sign up send an email to peppar3@gmail.com so we have you on the list and can communicate with you. And most important give us your referral link to be added to the rotator.
Also the name of your referrer user name.

This is a fantastic opportunity for all of us. We are glad to have you part of our team.
We are building this PepPar Team on a solid track so board the train now for a great financial future.
Please direct any questions to peppar3@gmail.com

Thank you very much.
Roger and Bill

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