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Hilarious !!! A last one ...Views: 621
Aug 30, 2013 9:13 pmHilarious !!! A last one ...#

anand sharma
Sitting alone in Mumbai worrying about a thousand woes and a call comes from the blue..
Telecaller (tc) Hello,am i speaking to Mr.AXXXXX ?
Me: Yup.
Tc: Is this 9845XXXXX ?
Me:I donno..yu called right ..anyways ...right..Go ahead..
Tc: Is this a right time to take 2 minutes of yout time ??
Me:Well..you already have taken almost abt it ,so go ahead.

Tc: we have noticed that you havent paid your Airtel bill for 9845XXXXX for the past two months !!
Me:Have you noticed anything else ??
Tc: Beg your pardon ??
Me: I have been promptly paying it for the past 8 years !!!
Tc: yes sir and we thank you for the continous service !!!
Me: HUH !! what..
Tc: we would like to know as to when you would be making the payment sir and your mode ??
Me:would Arabian dollars do !!
Tc: just a minute sir ..pls be on line while i talk to my senior manager.....

Tr ala la la la ..the jingle goes on...
Tc is back : Thank you for holding sir and my apologies for taking your time.that shouldnt be a problem !!
Me: Are you sure b'coz the last time i paid in biscuits and there was some issue !!
Tc: just a minute sir let me put you on hold .....
Tra la la la la jingle again...
Tc is back: Thank you for holding sir and we just wished to know at which outlet you had this problem...
Me: At domlur I think..
Tc: Just a minute sir...let me put you on hold...
Again tra la la la...
Tc: Thank you fo...
Me: I wish to pay in bourbon biscuits this time ..I hope that is ok !!!
Tc: Jus a minute si
Me:Let me do one thing I will send across the carton to your office directly ..that shouldnt be a problem right..
Tc: No Problem at all sir,Thank you for talking to us and wishing you a very nice day and we hope we havent disturbed you....

And trust me this is a true incident....
and the guy who spoke before this incident !!!! For a minute I really thought we had started outsourcing to America ...The guy was speaking like someone out of "THERMOMETER 3" The call of the machines !!!

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Sep 02, 2013 9:06 amre: Hilarious !!! A last one ...#

anand sharma
aaah !!! forget it ...this place has become like OLX and an advt panel,not a discussion board now....
Bye all....

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