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Refuse to Give up on your dreamsViews: 285
Apr 03, 2014 7:14 pmRefuse to Give up on your dreams#

Paul Finkelstein,DTM @ OMGtalk.com Friday (Updated) 2/21/2020

Artist told to give up on her dream, but good thing she refused to listen....

Have a great day!
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Private Reply to Paul Finkelstein,DTM @ OMGtalk.com Friday (Updated) 2/21/2020

Apr 03, 2014 11:03 pmre: Refuse to Give up on your dreams#

Barbara Dorden
I agree that people should never give up on their dreams. However, sometimes it is much easier easy to set your mind to doing so, with some of the stumbling blocks that we cross. Such as, finances for promoting the business, sometimes it seems as the free promotions never really bring any business. Or, knowing the best way to promote the business.

How do you keep encouraging people to continue trying? When you know they are struggling with finances and it just does not seem possible.

Barbara Dorden

Private Reply to Barbara Dorden

Apr 04, 2014 1:02 pmre: re: Refuse to Give up on your dreams#

Walter Paul Bebirian
the dream - the vision the means of how and what a person or team of people are going to achieve what it is that they set out to do - these are elements that must come from within either the individual or from all of the individuals as a collective - how - why - where and what for are the factors that all come together to allow people to do what might otherwise seem impossible to outside viewers - but there are always ways to make things work -

as far as promotions - I gave my business card to a worker at Barnes and Noble yesterday who in turn gave me his business card for him as a graphic designer and I asked him if he is on Facebook or LinkedIn - and he said no and I asked him about marketing his business - he smiled at me and was happy to let me know that one on one persona connections and then word of mouth is what he used and is what worked best in our world today - which makes great sense and is exactly what I have been doing officially since 1992 - with my "Doubling Project" - (handing out my business cards) - and to promote yourself the way that I do and that this fellow recommends requires only a business card and your presence in the world off line -


Private Reply to Walter Paul Bebirian

Apr 04, 2014 1:34 pmre: re: Refuse to Give up on your dreams#

Gordon Martin
I think you are right Barbara, if one does get the right opportunity, very often it is just a matter of persistence, I know there are other factors, but persistence to my mind is a good one to begin with

Best to you


Private Reply to Gordon Martin

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