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Why more and more membership sites on the Internet?Views: 691
Dec 10, 2014 5:24 amWhy more and more membership sites on the Internet?#

John Tapia
The answer is simple: because having a website Membership is a good business idea online, it is a way of ensuring a more or less stable over the medium and long term income. And having a steady income is what we all want!

Having an internet business based on a site Memberships means do the hard work once and then just make small adjustments and maintenance updates.

At first glance it may seem very difficult to have a place Memberships, especially on the technical side. Because creating a membership site requires have a membership software or a special program and then find out handle ...

It may also seem difficult from the standpoint of content: to offer subscribers membership sites to maintain their constant interest and not reach the situation when the following month . Want to unsubscribe?

I'll try to give 1 + 3 solutions to these problems initially in relation to membership sites: 1 solution to the technical problem and 3 solutions to the problem of content.

Solution to the technical problem of membership sites: Harness the power of WordPress to create your site memberships!

Forget the technical problems to create your own membership site! We are in the era of technology and today is no need to be an expert in programming or computer to have a membership site.

For this we WordPress - the most widely used in recent years for Internet entrepreneurs to create their business websites platform!

I guess you already know that WordPress serves not only to create personal blogs - right?

Today WordPress has become a platform for managing complex content and allows you to create all kinds of sites for every need: from very simple Web sites and blogs, to corporate Web sites of companies!

And you can perfectly use WordPress to create your membership site (also known as site memberships or attachment site) automated: download the WordPress template or plugin WP appropriate, upload it to your hosting, activate and follow a few steps configuration - Ready and now you can manage your membership site running!

And as I mentioned, using WordPress no specific knowledge you need to manage your websites.

At the end of this article you'll find a list of needed to start your own membership site tools to sell digital downloads.

And now let's examine the solutions related to the problems of content, surely you wonder: "What the hell, might offer my subscribers to my site memberships to keep them month after month ..?"

Exactly - what you will give to your members of your membership site is content with the information that interests your target audience!

It's nothing new about the contents, because the Internet is based solely on content and people spend hours and hours in front of the screen of your computer or your mobile phone browsing the Internet for information.

Therefore you have to offer subscribers of your membership site the information they need, helping them solve their problems.

I suggest only some content solutions for your membership site, which could surely awaken in you your own creativity and innovative ideas

You'll probably have stored on your computer any informational (or several) product with resale rights in digital format, or perhaps have a product or more own information products: audio, video, or PDF.

Take this digital product and divide into 12 modules. Once a person subscribes to your membership site through your Autoresponder follow him you will send automated email invitations to access the corresponding module, entering the members area of your site membership.

This strategy could be applied to memberships paid your membership site: for a fee of $ 10 US, for example (which is the might allow anyone interested in the subject), your members have access to information products that do not could find elsewhere, or if bought elsewhere coup would have to spend a large amount of money (so that people are not willing to do).

And if you have 100 subscribers by a 12 month subscription, you'd be generating US $ 1,000 monthly recurring basis - not bad for having this revenue stably! - Right?

Do you realize the potential of the business membership sites?

Because you might have not 100 subscribers, but 500 or more and have established a fee not $ 10 US, but $ 50 US, for example ... It's up to make the numbers to you to know how much profit you could generate.

To develop an Internet business with membership sites the following tools:

1. A domain name and hosting service for your website.
2. A WordPress template created with technology sites Accession - ProfitsTheme recommend - one of the most professional and with a multitude of features!
3. A WordPress Plugin or membership site software that creates automated your site with any WordPress template - recommend 2 I've seen that have more power: WishList and InstantMembrs.
4. A Professional Autoresponder tracking to put your business on autopilot - Autoresponder Trafficwave.Net recommend one of the cheapest on the market and at the same time the most expensive category (see the article on TrafficWave here ...).
This is it. If you thought this article interesting, why not share it by clicking on one of the buttons below? Thank you.

I would also like to know your opinion about this topic and your own experience with membership sites if you've already had.

Hi, my name is John.Trackurly user education manager. Trackurly provides membership software. The main business is to give an exceptional membership site software experience to online users. To learn more click here.

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