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Why price action trading is so popular among the expert tradersViews: 229
Jul 21, 2017 8:16 amWhy price action trading is so popular among the expert traders#

Sandy Smith

In the world of financial crisis, earning a decent amount of money at the end of the month is very difficult. Many people are still unemployed even after having the higher education from the recognized university. For this very reason, people all around the world are looking for an alternative source of income. After going through all the possible solution trading is considered to be the best way to secure your financial freedom. Though you can follow a number of different ways to trade the live assets the expert trader's always preferred price action trading. This system is extremely simple and reliable. But mastering the art of price action trading requires an extreme level of patience and a clear understanding of the basic of the forex market. Today we will discuss behind the rising popularity of price action trading.

Precise entry and exit point
When you trade the live assets itís very crucial that you enter the market at the right time. If you make a single second delay then you will have to use a much wider stop loss in most of the time. The expert traders in the Swiss trading community always give a great deal of importance to the perfect trade execution. But by executing the trades at the perfect place will not make you a profitable trader. You need to stay focused and concentrate on your exit point also. This is when price action trading comes very useful. Compared to other trading systems this is one of the best ways to identify the potential trading spot with a great level of precision. The expert uses the reliable candlestick pattern to trade the key support and resistance level in the financial industry. But when you use the price action confirmation signal make sure that you are not trading the lower time frame. Always try to execute your trade in the higher time frame for better accuracy.

High-risk reward ratio: The expert in the CFD trading industry always trade with high-risk reward ratio. They know very well that they will always have some losing trades. So instead of trading with a high lot they always trade with proper money management. If they risk 100 dollars in any single trade they made sure that they are going to win at least 200 dollars if the trade goes in favor of them. When it comes to risk reward ratio price action trading is one of the best ways to find high reward trades. Though it is extremely reliable you should always trade with proper money management to save your trading capital using the candlestick confirmation pattern.

Allows you trade the news
News trading is very much popular among the forex traders. The market becomes extremely volatile during the high impact news release, thus making a profit and losing both are extremely easy at that time. Most of the new traders lose money since they donít have enough knowledge to trade the high impact news data but the expert always makes a decent profit by trading the news. They simply use the reliable candlestick pattern and trade the key support and resistance level in favor of the existing trend. As a price action trader, you should never think that you will always win the market. Losing is inevitable in trading and you need to follow proper money management plan in every single trade. Also, try to do the multiple time frame analysis just like The Switzerlandís traders and you will see that find the quality trade is not at all difficult.

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