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Business or Job?Views: 414
Mar 08, 2005 9:05 pmBusiness or Job?#

Ashish & Ruchita
Hello friends,

As we all know that OpenSource is the future, it is now becoming so popular that bigwigs like Microsoft, Solaris, IBM among others are giving it a priority among their plans.

What I would like to know from you colleagues, is what do you perceive the future to be?

A Job or a Business.

What I mean is given your technical and logical skills, and given a choice, please do let me know what you would prefer to do and why?

If you chose a job, why do you choose a job?

If you chose a business, why do you choose a business?

One request: When you post your answers, do mention the city you are from and your age group (to protect privacy) i.e. 18-25, 25-35, 35-45, 45+

I hope you can help me in my quest for planning the best future for myself and others who will read this in future. :)


Private Reply to Ashish & Ruchita

Mar 11, 2005 5:07 pmre: Business or Job?#

Paul Alapatt
Dear Aashish,

This is definitely an innovative approach, much like the Opensource.

Well here is my take:

City: Mumbai
Age: 18-25yrs

Business: I beleive that its part of the movement in the value chain.

You get to learn the process at job, gear up to challenges, and one fine day you realise, that you know a hundred different ways to do it better, and satisfy the clients than your current role allows you too.

Its the freedom of creativity, and the endless possibilities that running a business gives, that entices me to take it up as my path forward. There is definitely a risk, but the beauty of open source is, that the risk is as deep as your skills.

I hope I said something constructive.

Take care,
Paul Alapatt

Private Reply to Paul Alapatt

Mar 30, 2005 6:54 amre: Business or Job?#

purushartha saini
hello dear ashish
well even i am on my was to plan my future
graduating from IIT mumbai this year
i personally believe that initially you need to be more open and energetic
take up a job and start planning your own business
test run and run your system
if it works and you see future in the real time market
quit your job (only if you have time management problems)
and give your whole heart and soul to your business
for more info and exchange of thoughts you can send me a PM
i have some great ideas to share
but space here and given that this message goes to many people who may not want to know details i defer it to PM
wishing you a gud and bright future
urs truly

Private Reply to purushartha saini

Mar 30, 2005 6:55 amre: Business or Job?#

purushartha saini
I am extremely sorry but i missed out a part of info
City: Mumbai
Age: 22-25

Private Reply to purushartha saini

Mar 30, 2005 7:53 amre: re: Business or Job?#

Ashish & Ruchita
Thank you for your posts, as I see it people want to go into business but need a job or something in case they fail.

That begs the questions:

If you plan for failure, will you succeed?
Do anyone of you plan for success?

Waiting to hear more...

Private Reply to Ashish & Ruchita

Mar 30, 2005 9:00 amre: re: re: Business or Job?#

purushartha saini
Well i agree with you totally on that point dear
that it is always said that you plan for success
but tell me one thing you are ready to sail out on a voyage and i come and tell you that there is going to be a sea storm so it's better to delay your voyage
you say no i have planned for success and it will come my way
do'nt tell me about failure.
planning for success does'nt mean closing your eyes
as the saying goes:
" it's better to wait at shore then to sail in storm and sink"
we all plan out for success only
there is difference between plannig for success and taking precautions.
the difference is between mindset
hope this resolves your problem
if not
ask more precisely and you will get more precise answers
urs truly

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