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Advertising With A NewsletterViews: 1713
Mar 31, 2005 4:48 amAdvertising With A Newsletter#

Cathy Qazalbash
Thank you to everyone for giving me such a warm welcome
Here is a little piece on advertising with an ezine. How we can make money with our ezines lol

Advertising With A Newsletter

Advertising with a newsletter
different ads and how to use them

Once you have established your newsletter and have around 500-1000 subscribers you can begin to accept advertisers for your newsletter. You can either advertise your own products/services, affiliate programs, or sell advertising space. Advertising your own products is often more profitable than selling ad space.

However selling ad space has 2 functions.
It will introduce your newsletter to more people, when visitors purchase ads at your website they often sign up to ensure their ad has been sent and you have a chance to make them your loyal subscribers with your great content filled newsletter.
The second function, is the money you will receive from selling your ad space.

Here are some nice ways to over deliver to your advertisers:

Give them an unadvertised special - 3 for one first time customer special - always popular gives more exposure. You may get a repeat customer if you deliver better results for your advertiser. A win - win situation.
Or a special ad package when they get a solo ad, again more exposure better results. Be creative and always aim for customer satisfaction and more, over deliver and you will build good relationships with your customers.
If you have Spam check software it is nice to offer this service to your Solo advertisers. Again they will get more exposure and encouragement to be repeat customers.

Solos are the most popular, try not to send too many to your readers. I usually send 1-2 per week. You can also sell Top Sponsor and Classified Ad space. Again 2 Top Sponsor and 2-3 Classified are usually enough so that your newsletter does not get cluttered and there is better exposure for your advertisers. If you are a little conservative your readers will be less likely to unsubscribe and be more receptive to advertisements. If you are familiar with your advertiserís product and know it to be of high quality then you can add your recommendation, but do not do this without knowing the product. Always remember to add your disclaimer (you are receiving this because...) your contact information, and a remove link at the end of the email. In this way you are in compliance with the Can Spam laws.

If you publish a newsletter in HTML and publish it online you can include 1-2 banner ads
These are similar to Middle Sponsor ads and can be priced in this range.

When your reader count reaches 1000+ you can do ad swaps. with other publishers in the same market as you. This is free advertising and is often used for building subscriber lists. You put a recommendation in for a publisher in your newsletter and he will do the same for you. This is a great way to build your list with targeted subscribers.

Joint Ventures are another way to advertise with your newsletter. Again make sure your list is 1000+ for this so that there will be a chance of some sales for your partner. This is free advertising and can result in great sales and long term profit for both of you.

Article written by Cathy Qazalbash
Cathy is an experienced freelance writer/copywriter
and publisher of 2 newsletters on marketing
and Home Businesses.

Private Reply to Cathy Qazalbash

Mar 31, 2005 4:37 pmre: Advertising With A Newsletter#

Joyanne McDaniel
I found your posting helpful. Thank you. I'm wondering how one arrives at a value for sponsorship/banner ads with an html based e-zine. Do you charge by length of time or number of subs? Pray tell!

The Green Diva.com
Sharing the Secrets of 3-Dimensional Wealth

Private Reply to Joyanne McDaniel

Apr 01, 2005 2:41 pmre: re: Advertising With A Newsletter#

Cathy Qazalbash
Hi Joyanne,

I do not sell much 3rd party advertising I make more money with my own ads. However I like to simplify my life lol, so charge a flat fee. of $10 Of course this is just an average size banner, no large displays. I find it works well and does not annoy readers. I also charge a flat fee for all Sponsor and solo Ads. This price will vary according to your database size.If you have a large data base you may want to up your price.


Private Reply to Cathy Qazalbash

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