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The WE CARE FOR CHENNAI Network is not currently active and cannot accept new posts
New Life. . .Views: 418
Apr 15, 2005 10:09 pmNew Life. . .#

H@r!$h Vittal

We want to breathe fresh air in our lives. We want to make WCFC a place for people to mingle the Madrasi way. Share that bond that we are able to do so easily build over hot steaming idlis and filter coffee.

This is a forum for each of us to build relationships, discover people, laugh a bellied laugh, champion Chennai into the wonderful place it can be.

Bring yourself over, meet other members here - say "Hi".

Lets start a new wave in Chennai... call ourselves WCFC'ites.

Private Reply to H@r!$h Vittal

Apr 16, 2005 3:41 amNew Life. . .#

Are we transferring the focus from improving the quality of life in Chennai and shifting to a socialising stance?

Appears so from the new front page.
I am sad to see one more network go the populist way.

I know that we are in a market. I know that we are looking at growth. Is numerical proliferation the only growth benchmark we seek Harish and Govind? Has the membership stopped believing that a few people can do a little good better than many people would do a big good?

Anticipating a heated defense I add - - - -

It is not correct to believe that a dilution today will bring strength through numbers tomorrow. It is wishful thinking that a little policy shift can be corrected and brought back to center stage in time. Dilution is a process which once begun, can never be stemmed without imposition measures which will then be interpreted as harsh and autocratic. I foresee a situation where the board will witness blatant self promotion, inane banter and back patting for every eyelash fluttered.

I do not PM this to the leaders because i want to stand and be counted.

Of course, I do remind myself that i am not a resident of Chennai, so . . . . . . . . . .

Private Reply to SOEB FATEHI

Apr 16, 2005 5:33 amre: New Life. . .#

Govind Srinivasan

Your doubts or apprehensions about the way WCFC is taking shape are quiet normal and definitely not out of focus.

My take is this.

1. Socialiasing by itself is not something we should abhor. In fact, CHENNAI badly requires a good lot of socialising. We require to do our best to make people from different walks of life see each other. There is a typical moving about of people in isolated circles, which is apparent in Chennai. WCFC can do its best to bridge the circles. If this requires socialialising, I say let's do that clearly and precisey and not on the sly. "Building relationships" between people is the one I think we should go about doing with a dogged pursuit and, of course, unobtrusively. Yes, we don't need to become "socialites" to make socialization enjoyable and purposeful.

2. There can certainly a camaraderie that WCFC can encourage assiduously, while keeping a strong-will to "make Chennai a better place to live in". Working together for a common cause need not mean that we should keep FUN aside. While we do one or other work to promote common cause, we can just enjoy the very work, a la the "play school" fun that the children enjoy.

3. In fact, with the increasing demands of life these days, socializing with a common cause can take care of time management. You socializise and at the same you work for common cause too.

4. We don't need to dilute anything. Enjoy the fun of knowing more people, as an individual, and do your best collectively for promoting common cause, which can "make Chennai a better place to live in".

The demands of life today are so nerve-racking that you seldom find time to satiate the dictates of your mind. There are so many clubs, channels, hubs and what not, which offers one or other opportunity to meet people. They may different formats to offer this opportunity. WCFC can have its own grammar to make its USP manifest. Nothing wrong in it.

We don't need to abhor or woo numbers. We have to make our presence felt. We should think that a person, who can prove to be a maverick, can always be available outside the confines of WCFC. We should reach 100 people to find out one maverick. And we require quiet a few mavericks and not just one. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS need not be an end-game, but just a means to "make Chennai a better place to live in".

Even much earlier, I said that we should follow "SINGAPORE DEMOCRACY". You have fun in Singapore in plenty, but it gets regulated most unobtrusively. Limits are drawn anywhere and in any civilized assembly of people, virtually and in real time. I think this a basic requisite in any circle of people.

Having said these, I still say that we require a whistle-blower like you, so that we know that somebody will blow the whistle to caution WCFC and not allow it to become a circus-show. We will enjoy Circus but will not end up as a Circus Group.

Govind Srinivasan

Private Reply to Govind Srinivasan

Apr 16, 2005 5:44 amre: re: New Life. . .#

Govind Srinivasan

This is a postscript to my earlier posting.

The service commitment scope of WCFC is probably missing in the way how Harish has coined his new look WCFC words. I think both of us definitely know that Harish loves to use the fun langauge wherever possible. But I don't think he is co-steering the boat away from the route of service-orientation to "make Chennai a better place to live in".

Harish is constantly tinkering the board format to make it cool and substanced. He is doing it in incremental way and not in a big bang approach. May be, he will take care of what all we have said in our posts, which we can see in the board, in the days to come.

Govind Srinivasan

Private Reply to Govind Srinivasan

Apr 16, 2005 12:30 pmre: re: re: New Life. . .#

Lavanya Karalkar

Mr.Soeb Fatehi & Mr. Govind..I really appreciate the concern you are showing for WCFC though in a very different mannger. Soeb Fatehi, you have also mentioned about you not being chennaikar but that is the fact we appreciate in you. though not a chennaikar but taking so much interest in WCFC and the words coined by Mr.Govind to defend Harish is wonderful. In my openion it is a welcome change and must attract some youngblood out there. someone said na 'change is the only constant function in the world'


Private Reply to Lavanya Karalkar

Apr 17, 2005 11:21 amre: New Life. . .#

Sujatha S
The New Look is very nice.
All The Very Best!

Private Reply to Sujatha S

Apr 17, 2005 3:58 pmre: re: New Life. . .#

Govind Srinivasan

So nice that you have started mingling in this small group that is raring to get people like you.

Expecting more and frequent participation from you to strengthen the WCFC's base. Young and accomplished people like you are required in large numbers in WCFC. Make us feel your presence here.

Govind Srinivasan

Private Reply to Govind Srinivasan

Apr 19, 2005 1:42 pmre: New Life. . .#

H@r!$h Vittal

Thank you Soeb.. and you Govind for the defence. No such need for bashing as yet. We, as i can see, all are aiming to make WCFC a more active board and as the name suggests, Chennai aka Madras a better place.

I have left the board's initial change the way it was because my initial discussion was just that... "Build relationships". I am hoping that this board will grow into its own based on a combination of frequently contributing members and equally caring members who will represent the face of WCFC....

I am sure time will tell whether WCFC will make a difference or just dying while crawling towards a populist regime.

Private Reply to H@r!$h Vittal

Apr 22, 2005 9:54 amre: re: New Life. . .#

Govind Srinivasan
I am in Mumbai now. Should be back at Chennai by Saturday / Sunday (23rd / 24th). Work here is tight almost from early morning till late night and not able to find time to make my postings in WCFC.

Nevertheless, I am surprised that WCFC is in deep slumber. Whassup?

Harish, Hope you are back in Chennai. Pl give a push from yr end to make WCFC get on running. LK(g)'s silence is more worrying. I think Soeb is much pre-occupied. Wondering if JN, Karthik, Gokul, Mukund, Anurag, Arthi and many others are tired of WCFC? Hmmm.... let me tap your doors, once I am back.


Private Reply to Govind Srinivasan

Apr 26, 2005 11:17 amre: re: New Life. . .#

N K nayak
I agree with almost all the points except the one on "Singapore Semocracy" .Thats a fallacy in itself -as it is widely recognised that Singapore is not a democracy -though it has some of the outward trappings of one. Its a "guided rule" at best

The pros & cons of that systems vs a democracy can be best left to debate in another forum I guess !!


Private Reply to N K nayak

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