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The WE CARE FOR CHENNAI Network is not currently active and cannot accept new posts
SANCTITY of this NETWORKViews: 606
Jun 27, 2005 3:51 amSANCTITY of this NETWORK#

Dear Harish,

Govind is very involved with himself presently. You have been actively helping with the moderating function on this board.

Some months ago I had pointed out the increasing number of posts on subjects other than our focus to Govind and he had promptly acted on it too. He had deleted many advertisement and other messages with due respect and explanation to the posters.

In the last few days the SPAM has started again. I understand that SPAM has a legal definition. On any board or network the legal definition is further extended to include any and every message which does not fit within the purpose of the board.

It is considered commendable to help people to make billions of dollars by clicking mice or smiling in the face of adversity. Such Marketing, Self Help, and other Fantastic Never Before Never Again God's Gift Offers have their own place under the sun. Is this board the place?

To curl up in a warm quilt and read poetry or prose should be done only where it should be done. Don't you agree?

Surely, Harish, you will request the members of this board to constrain themselves to the purpose.

There is no dearth of subjects to write on - subjects actually connected with the Network Theme.

Have we done anything about the the Chennai foothpaths which the old and infirm cannot walk easily on?
How many trees have we planted in Chennai in the last three months?
Have any amongst us visited a Chennai hospital to find out if they have adequate autoclaves for sterilization installed in the last eight weeks?
Are Trade Associations in Chennai urging the government to adopt VAT?
Does Chennai have a documented set of learnings from the Tsunami to help Local Citizens Action Groups to fall into a larger framework of disaster management initiatives?
(I am glad we have stopped venting frustrations about CAS)

We've come a long way baby - but there are long miles to go before we sleep . . . . .

- Soeb

Private Reply to SOEB FATEHI

Jun 27, 2005 7:32 amre: SANCTITY of this NETWORK#

Govind Srinivasan
Hello Soeb,

Harish has probably taken a little time off, due to his personal time commitments. So, he may be adjusting with his time management issues.

I had found a spam msg that was posted a few days back by somebody, after you had raised about it. Promptly deleted. Well, at this point of time, I am not able to write to those who post it as to why I deleted it.

But I should thank you for doing the "whistle blower" job so meticuolously.

There are quiet a few issues crying for attention in WE CARE FOR CHENNAI. Since the post-demise issues of my father are keeping me out of anything else, I am not able to do justice to WCFC work. I hope I will spring back to action in the next 10-15 days.


Govind Srinivasan

Private Reply to Govind Srinivasan

Jun 27, 2005 3:46 pmre: SANCTITY of this NETWORK#

H@r!$h Vittal

Hi Soeb,

Thank you , as Govind pointed out. Yes, I do understand that we haven't spent enough time on this board. Life, it seems has taken our mouse tips to other pages and chennai seems to be the last on everyone's mind.

Let me assure that this is not the case. I still have hope that we can bring change. This period has many of our important members busy with their careers, personal lives, etc. I think we should respect some of those needs since it is so important.

I am sure that we'll bounce back.

P.S - Will look out for those spammy kind of messages on board...

Private Reply to H@r!$h Vittal

Jul 10, 2005 3:01 amre: re: SANCTITY of this NETWORK#

GOVIND wrote on his thread . . "I do understand that there is an apparent lull in the WCFC activities."

My take on this . . .

The board has two major deficiencies in need of addressing.

The announcement kind of SPAM continues. Announcement is a psuedo politically correct form of shamelessly blatant advertising (explained by me for the uninitiated). I don't approve because -
It shifts the focus of the whole board not merely the thread on which it resides.
It creates (spawns prolifically) new threads which make it difficult to search for relevant threads.
It creates agendas divergent from the declared intent of CARING FOR CHENNAI which I believe means creating, propagating, furthering, sponsoring, supporting - simply working for - any project which can mitigate if not eliminate basic difficulties of the man in the street with respect to Roti, Kapda, Makaan encompassing also amenities, ecology, infrastucture, education.

On account of various constraints this has got delayed by postponement.
My suggestion - everyone already works on three fronts -
for a living, at home for a family and socially for some pet cause. Therefore to start with do simple and inexpensive things together. On holidays mornings probably. Let it not become burdensome. Let it not get into the hair of the bureaucracies and the law. Very simple 'Beginners Program for Dummies' can include tree plantation. The go to the more advanced stuff where you can use the enthusiasm and the skillsets identified in the basic programs.

. . . . . . . . . remember Arjun and the eye of the bird! (bird? or was it fish LK(g)? - my old age problems include lapses of memory)

Private Reply to SOEB FATEHI

Jul 15, 2005 9:33 amre: re: re: SANCTITY of this NETWORK#

Lavanya Karalkar
Sometimes you do pretend of old age so nicely Soeb Fatehi. Yes I do feelthe necessity of some activity in this board but then when the time comes for action, some constraints just emerge out of the blue and hinder the happening. Govind Srinivasan..let us be little more serious now onwards.

Private Reply to Lavanya Karalkar

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