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Entrepreneurs with ADD
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Why does coffee work so well?Views: 538
Jul 14, 2005 5:22 pmWhy does coffee work so well?#

Stephanie Frank
I've been reading the posts here with great respect and enthusiasm because it seems we all have had the same struggles through school, staying focused, etc.

Why does caffeine work so well on an ADD brain? Well, ADD is basically the result of a slow uptake on certain neurotransmitters in the brain. We can hyperfocus for hours or days without food or person care on something we are interested in, and lose interest quickly in subjects that we are not interested in. (and wander when we are writing sentences)...

But back to coffee - the caffeine acts as a stimulant, as do many ADD drugs, which in turn cause the neurotransmitters to work more efficiently. This in turn gives us a temporary ability to focus.

Sugar can be a killer. I know that if I have bowl of ice cream at night, my morning is shot. So watch your diet and your focus can improve.

Stephanie Frank
Author, The Accidental Millionaire

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Jul 16, 2005 12:00 pmre: Why does coffee work so well?#

Sue T.
Morning :) I can see how coffee would work well. I have it first thing in the a.m., I notice too if I eat too much pasta (carbs equals sugar when it breaks down right?) I'm a lethargic poo the next day.

Yet when I do watch my diet etc., I'm much more clear.

Another thing that I am quite positive that motivates me is music. If I'm lost at night (figuratively speaking) after a long day and put on a headset with music that will wake me up? Say dance music etc., and then listen to it for a while, something with a beat etc., in about ...hmmm ... 15-20 minutes I'm able to focus on what I'm doing ... .silence will put me out cold (sleep) because my brain is bored. SO true!

Hi everyone I'm Sue T. :) I probably know alot of you anyway.

Sue T.

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Jul 22, 2005 11:11 pmre: Why does coffee work so well?#

Rebecca Noles
I am a coffee addict. OK you caught me, I'll take caffeine just about any way that I can get it. It wasn't until a few months ago that I actually realized why I love caffeine and the reason was simply that it helped me to focus.

When I need to get into highly creative mode, say for a design piece, I make sure that I have plenty of coffee or Diet Pepsi and I start drinking it about 1 to 2 hours before I actually start. Not only does the caffeine help me to focus, but I believe that it sparks creativity as well.

Becki Noles

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Jul 25, 2005 2:55 pmre: re: Why does coffee work so well?#

Jennifer Lavender
Anyone have any baby-safe caffeine alternatives? When I look back on it now, the one cup of cola that I would have each day before I got pregnant would make a huge difference in my day. But when I got pregnant I cut back on the caffeine to the point that I now only have a glass of soda about once a month, if that. Does anyone know of anything that is a little more friendly to a fetus or nursing baby than caffeine that can still stimulate and get me motivated to work?

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