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Jul 16, 2005 1:11 pmTool to Use.#

Sue T.
In my computer ... my extra brain :) I have so many programs with cool things. There is an option to remove unused items on my desk top. I never use it.

For the simple fact that I'll forget the exist, so as a reminder of all of them, I leave them all there.

Same with programs to develope things, I have a folder with them in it and a listing that I print out so it's available to me at any time that I want it, so I'll remember they exist.

Same with bills. I made a table, put all the creditors; rent; electric; etc., in a list with all the due dates and amounts due to pay off etc., the top part has "must do" expenses and the bottom half has credit cards and misc., expenses.

I break them up so I know exactly which is most important. Sounds strange right? Aren't all of our bills important?

Sure, but when you break them down, you not only don't accidentally forget something because it's in an envelope and you feel "compelled to distract yourself by opening them" BUT you have a running budget.

You can pay the priority things, and then the other things are broken down for you to pay a couple per week. If that's the case with finances. As opposed to writing out EVERYTHING all at one time when you don't feel like sitting still.

Another good thing is now that you have this running list complete with credit card numbers; due dates etc., you can look at your income and set up everything to be paid online.

That's even better. Thus, what have you accomplished? That compulsion to "have" to open your mail and freak out about paying your bills RIGHT NOW then feeling bad becuase you got distracted and costing yourself anxiety about not having paid something becuase you may have forgotten.

It may "sound" strange but it works. Also you can call your creditors and ask them to change your due date to suit your budget as well.

Say Rent is the 1st right? And you have say... hmmm 2 other cards or things you have to pay at that time, (this may not work with auto; electric; phone etc., but with credit cards it does) you can call and have those due dates changed to the middle of the month. :) So the pressure is off and you won't feel so overwhelmed too.

I can go on and on about this but for now I think you get the picture. I also have reminders set up. When I signed up for online payments, I also diaried it in my aol calendar to pop up and tell me exactly what I needed to pay that week.

It sure cuts down on thinking too much :)

It may seem time consuming but if you're building something like a business etc., and you want to just put your bills in a pile or a folder on a friday night because you don't want to ruin your weekend LOL :) it's very helpful.

Ok that's that about that, for now.

Sue T.

p.s. Really knowing yourself helps quite a bit. Start paying attention to the things that distract you and change them when possible.

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